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Sunday March 11, 2012   

Last month I received this Elli’s Cabinet sweater courtesy of Yesstyle. It’s a creamy beige color in a slightly lighter knit for spring so I’ve been wearing it out a lot lately. Wore it today with a UNIQLO button up. :deco2:

I’ve been so, so into beauty items in recent months. :deco13:
I was thinking about it the other day. I used to be too paranoid to change my routine and try new beauty items. But it hasn’t all been fueled by my need to find a new night cream. I realized when things got hard at New Year’s I had a lot of new beauty products to try received as Christmas presents. :deco15: It was one of the few enjoyable activities I had at the time. Researching and reviewing new items for myself. And now that things are getting better I’m still enjoying it. Though I do know I’ll settle back into a routine, eventually, with just favorite items again.

Not to mention as my skin matures I’m able to see actual results. A few years ago I couldn’t really tell if a face mask was good because my only issues were dark under eyes and acne. Now I have a few new issues that could use extra care, haha! lolol So seeing (or not seeing) results makes trying stuff more interesting and useful. :deco3:

This one particular Sephora I visit always has amazing customer service (compared to the others I visit) and I always buy more there than I anticipate! Blessing & a curse. I went for the polish and a sample of Dior night cream & ended up repurchasing a few items I always love plus 1 new item. Picked up two 100-point perks too. :deco3:


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75 Responses to “Sunday Sweater”

  1. Sami says:

    Love your outfit!

  2. Elisa says:

    how is the benefit foundation? ps. like the outfit ^^ !

    • jenny says:

      Not sure yet, just bought it today. I tried it in stores twice. Blends well with light coverage. It’s oil-free and the oxygen is supposed to be good for acne-prone skin. Decided to jump in and buy it because it’s a higher SPF than my moisturizer or primer which will be good for summer! Sort of thinking of it as being a bb cream alternative for myself :D

      • Fuuka says:

        Bare Minerals is great for acne-prone skin. You just have to learn how to buff really well to get full coverage.

        • jenny says:

          Unfortunately Bare Minerals broke me out :(. I got one of those deluxe samples of the kit last summer and after a few days I had under the skin bumps all over my cheeks. My skin is so picky. =Y

  3. Erin says:

    I’ve been using up a sample of the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation, and so far I really like it!

    Also, your hair always looks so lovely and smooth. I’m jealous D:

    • jenny says:

      Ah my hair is so frizzy lately from damage I gotta give credit to my hair products xD

      It’s great to hear you’re liking your sample!! I tried it on in stores and decided to give it a real try!!

  4. Chani says:

    I really love the sweater, it’s simple but it looks comfortable. Love your outfit too. I’m also paranoid to change my routine but mostly because my skin is too sensible. You’re lucky!

    • jenny says:

      Nah mine usually flips out with change too! I’ve just been in a risk-taking mood lately. Got a few break outs from it now & then but I figured that’s what concealer is for anyway~~

  5. I like that outfit! So comfy and laid back :3

  6. Sam says:

    Love your outfit! The wheat-beige sweater paired with the dotted collared shirt (LOVE) and the black skinnies looks so sophisticated and stylish :) And your hair is up in a ponytail! :O I’ve barely ever seen any pics of you with your hair up haha

    -squint- what Boscia product did you get? I’ve never really been interested in them (so expensive) but I got a free sample of their eye treatment Enlivening Amino-AG something and it was just fabulous *0* Totally wanted to buy it but turns out while it’s $38 in the US, it’s like $50 in Canada for only 0.5fl oz -cries-

    • jenny says:

      Oh really? I’ve been wearing it up a lot lately bc I’m sort of bored with my haircut now. But I don’t post as much as I’d like to, honestly. I’m getting it chopped soon though :3

      Yep that’s the Boscia stuff I got. I used to use in a lot but /tried/ some other things lately instead from Burt’s Bees to Skin Food bc I needed extra moisture. But I’m returning back to using Boscia despite its somewhat hefty price for eye cream.

  7. Ivy says:

    The ones I usually go to has poor customer service. I have yet to visit one that has good customer service! :( I like the UD Primer Potion. I have the sample-sized of it. Is the Benefit beauty item any good? What’s the product in the little baggy? :)

    • jenny says:

      I know what you mean. The one closest to me once was so rude I contacted the manager. Honestly if I get good customer service I am at least 3 times as likely to buy something I didn’t even plan buying. And the opposite is true. I’ve walked away from purchases before is the service is rude. Sadly this Sephora isn’t that close so I rarely make it out to it on weekdays. Crap parking too lol! Ok but I’m rambling…

      I’ve tried other shadow primers. Each are good in their own way but I always come back to UD’s. It’s just perfect for my needs.

      I picked up Benefit’s new oil free oxygen foundation. I’ve only tried it on in stores so I can’t say for sure how great it is just yet. I was looking for maybe a bb cream alternative. I’ve gotten too pale for my Missha bb creams lol. This is supposed to be good for acne-prone skin so here’s hoping! I liked that it had a higher SPF than my moisturizer and primer. In the store it gave me good light coverage and looked natural. We’ll see how it holds up!

      Oh and the bag is a tester of Dior hydro cream ;)

  8. Sara says:

    Hello Jenny! see this
    Is the official facebook page
    I think you would be part of it! and win, Your make up and outfits are amazing, the prize is cute ♥

  9. Michelle says:

    I am loving the color of your sweater! I’ve been wanting to get into neutrals lately. I seriously need to start cleaning out my closet, but with school/work/health issues I just can’t get a grip on anything ;__;

    I also should start figuring out what skin products work on my skin. I feel like I’m so late in the game with my skin regimen :/

    • jenny says:

      Don’t! Honestly I couldn’t get much together during school either. I had my certain items & just kept on chugging along because school takes up your primary focus. I only have time to think about this now, because, well, I have time now :P I say as long as you moisturize and don’t go walking around naked you’re good to go right now!

  10. Margo says:

    Would love to read a review on the Hello Flawless foundation…? I’ve had it on my “maybe” list for a while now. And I love the sweater. You always feature such lovely stuff from Yesstyle, alas their one-size does not always fit me. :( But fantastic inspo just the same!

    • jenny says:

      Well I just used it for the first time today. Tis alright thus far. Good light coverage, feels pretty light on the skin. The finish is OK. We’ll see. I tend to venture out into “foundation land” every once in a while but often return back to BB cream :( I’m cautious to jump up and scream holy grail but I did need a lighter base makeup since my bb creams no longer match as I become paler & paler in winter.

  11. Brittney says:

    I’ve had some bad service from my Sephora as well, but usually its really good. I went in there today to pick a few items up and to check to see if they had stock on the Anastasia brow powder. One of the girls approached me and helped me decide on a color and even put it on for me and she was so helpful I ended up buying that and the brush to go with it even though I had no intentions of buying it in the first place, haha. Definitely know exactly what you mean when you say you’re more likely to buy if the service is good.

    I love love the UD shadow primer, and just ordered the lip primer with high hopes. Has anyone tried that?

    Is that Bumble and Bumble thickening hairspray? Their stuff looks so nice, but I have a really sensitive scalp and can only use natural things, with no sulfates and parabens. I’m thinking about trying the Alterna volumizing products from Sephora.

    I’ve heard lots of good things about Benefit’s new oxygen foundation, I hope it works well for you :)

    • jenny says:

      Oh I haven’t tried the lip primer! I’ve only tried Japanese brands of those but I’m sure they’ll have sample sizes out soon. UD stuff often gets sampled out (love it!.)

      Yea this is BB. I actually got a 100-point-perk sample of it a while ago and really liked it but my scalp doesn’t seem very sensitive so I couldn’t really say. I suppose try in store? It can go on damp or dry hair. I love it as my “rushed” product. I use it a lot on days I can’t blow dry because it plumps my naturally dried hair up a bit!

  12. mei says:

    love the outfit :D

  13. Thuy An says:

    The sweater looks so cozy and I love it paired with the polka dot button-up!

  14. ★Momo☆ says:

    Remember one time I commented about how Japanese customer service is better than one’s in North America? Well the Sephora I go to helps my statement (=_=) not to get into detail, but I totally agree about 3 times likely buying from a store because of good customer service.

    Anyway, the sweater looks very relaxing and cute. There’s always something amazing on Yesstyle! (^_^)

  15. cin says:

    Your outfit looks so cute! Do I see that you got the Dior polish in the end? :D What does the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow do?

    • jenny says:

      Yea it was the one I decided on since the Chanel was only available online through their official site and I rather buy stuff in person if possible. I love my other Dior polish anyway. Dries quickly and doesn’t chip \:D/

      The Hello Flawless is a foundation. Here’s the description lol:

      “Hello Flawless!” Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation
      What it is:
      A brightening, oil-free liquid foundation with SPF 25 PA+++ protection.

      What it does:
      This natural-finish foundation builds from light to medium coverage for a natural complexion and features light-diffusing properties and hydrating benefits. Its nourishing formula contains Benefit’s exclusive Oxygen Wow Hydrating Complex, which helps boost cellular respiration for a “plumping up” effect, protects against environmental stresses, and contains vitamin C and E derivatives known to prevent the signs of aging.

  16. Honeydew says:

    Very casual cute outfit!

    I have a question and I hope you can answer this. I was wondering what website did you purchase your olympus pen e-pl2 from and how much was it when you bought it? (If you don’t mind me asking) Or if you could kindly direct me to some sites where I could order the camera online, I’d really appreciate the help! I’m thinking of finally purchasing the camera in June as a birthday gift to myself. I have quite a bit of money from my tax return this year so I’m hoping to buy this camera.

    Also, I’ve noticed your outfit snaps do come out quite clear and bright in your photos. Do they naturally come out like that when you take pictures with it in front of a mirror or do you edit them afterwards? I just wanted to know cuz my sony cyber shot has a face detecting option where it detects my face as I take a photo in front of the mirror and it makes the setting a whole lot brighter viewed on screen and it helps to brighten my pictures a lot more when I take mirror outfit snaps. I just wanted to know if the pen e-pl2 has something similar~

    • jenny says:

      If I recall I ordered it off Amazon for $550 but I want to say $450 because I got it on a Black Friday sale but I really can’t remember it was so long ago. I remember it was a total biotch to track down a white one and I ordered it on a back order stock but thankfully it restocked within a few days :D I play around with all the camera’s settings (there’s a super control panel setting where you can change every tiny detail.) I tend to use my camera on the aperture mode. For my closet photos I jack up the exposure and tone and do custom white balance plus play with saturation and contrast. This reaaaaally helps me in not having to do any post editing. I just resize to 500px and save. The epl2 has face detection but the camera is as limited as your knowledge of it. To say, the more you understand the settings the more dslr pro an epl can become.

      • Honeydew says:

        I’ve been trying to search for the white one too and it’s been extremely hard to find online. They mostly have the black one in stock. :( I might try to see if I can find the camera at a local Asian mall that sells cameras though.

        I guess just like all other cameras, learning the settings is the key to more pro and better quality photos. Thanks for the tips though. I’ll definitely keep that in mind. :)

  17. Lolo says:

    The color of the sweater is really nice~ and the pockets too

  18. Miya says:

    ooooooh I remember LOVING the bumble and bumble thickening spray the two times I have tried it. And of course UDPP is like a holy grail product for anyone who wears eye make up. I am definitely most intrigued by the hello flawless benefit product on the left!

  19. YY says:

    Oooh this look looks great on you. I really like your style. Drawing inspiration for my Japan trip in April! Hope it’s still cold enough for winter dressing. Though I think in Japan, girls don’t seem that scared of cold.

    • jenny says:

      LOL I’m going in April toooooooooo~ Depending on exactly where you’re visiting it should be late winter dressing. No heavy coat but a sweater or light coat is OK.

  20. karme says:


  21. Miyanko says:

    Hi Jenny, can you please recommend a good eyecream for starting wrinkles? ;_; (or maybe more because I’m from Europe so it’s not sure that I’ll find the one that you’d recommend?) Thanks in advance!

    • jenny says:

      Awe I wish I had a good one to suggest but I’ve only been focusing on dark under eyes and firming eye creams. I did hear L’Oreal (which I think is int’l) has good anti-wrinkle eye creams. And moisturizing in general helps!

  22. Lotti ☆ says:

    oooh I love your outfit *_* you look so good

  23. Bianca says:

    oooh some yesstyle in your lyfe! i was expecting this to be a madewell numbah!

    anyways I’m tempted to get some samples of some bb creams if they have them! FINALLY a bb cream in BROWN..YAYAYAYAYA…hopefully they work as well as their asian counterparts versus a cheap imitation :T

    • jenny says:

      Surprisingly no Madewell on me that day even though 1/2 my closet is Madewell now. Though my spring & summer stuff is currently mostly throwback to last season so H&M & Zara mostly huhuhu :(

      I haven’t had any luck with the new state-side bb creams. Can’t find any to match my pink-peach-yellow tone. Hope you have better luck than I!!

  24. L says:

    I like trying new products in my beauty routine! I don’t think I’ve bought the same moisturisers twice. It’s fun to try new stuff but I always have a little break out every time I switch something heheh :P

    Sephora sounds interesting. What is it like? It is just like a huge cosmetic store?

    • Brittney says:

      Yup it is. It’s glorious. And shiny. If you like make up at all you can get lost in there for hours :P haha

    • jenny says:

      Haha my muse then! This makes my current breakout from experimenting not feel so … pointless? LOL

      Sephora is like a makeup candy store! Basically they sell mid-range to high end brand cosmetics, perfumes, skincare, hair care, etc. The best part is that every single item (even hair care and tools) have testers you are free to use at will. They keep around disinfecting goods and sponges and gloss sticks to keep everything clean. And they’ll also make you up a sample to take home and try. They also get exclusive releases and collaborations plus have fantastic themed gift sets which are great at Christmas. And they do this points card thing where with every 100 points you get a deluxe sample of choice or for 500 points you get an extra large sample gift set that changes fairly often. They do deluxe or full size free birthday gifts too & other promotions :)

  25. Mary says:

    I love your combo! It’s girly, but a little boyish!

  26. fai says:

    I haven’t visited your blog for ages. I love your Uniqlo shirt. Little dots patten is so cute!

  27. I also love the way you have combined it :)

  28. Ria says:

    Love a good Sephora splurge. Cute sweater.

  29. Tori says:

    Such a cute & simple sweater! ♥ Neutral colours are always the best, haha.
    & random, but I do love how you label all your Sephora samples! Such a good idea XD

  30. Joey says:

    Nice sweater. Haha I’ve really gotten into skincare the past few years as well. I know I can’t always be forever21

  31. Becca says:

    Who thinks there needs to be more unique in the world? *raises hands*

    I am always in the same routine for my face.. I have 2 lotions and one face wash :x

    Maybe I’ll switch it up after all your reviews! :D

    • jenny says:

      Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s wrong!! I say stick to what works for you! I was forced to try new stuff as my usual things got canceled :(

  32. susy says:

    oohhh!! i really like that sweater :) it would probably match anything!!
    it looks kind of thin though.. it would go well with layering of clothes right? not just wearing it on its own..

    im actually scared to buy new things for my face because i tend to get pimples :( i’ve actually only tried about three different brands of facial products… tried one called clearasil that did nothing for me.. dove worked for me for a while but then it did nothing to prevent pimples after a while and not im with a brand called nivea..

    do you think its better to stick to one brand for cleanser/toner/moisturiser or do you tend to use different brands for everything?

    i want to try clinique next.. have you used their facial products before?

    • jenny says:

      Yeah it’s thin, it’s why I’m wearing it now in spring but still layered. I’ll wear it solo as it warms up.

      I think some people can switch and try as many as they want but I’m not one of those people. For me finding a “holy grail” item is my goal. But there’s a downside and that’s why I’m having to try a bunch of new stuff. The downside… what if your HG item gets discontinued!!!???? Yeah so that’s where I am. My night cream is NO MORE and I can’t find a suitable replacement thus trying new things and getting acne break outs because my skin is extremely picky.

      It sounds like you might not have found your HG items yet though. I tried a ton of stuff years ago when my acne was at its WORST. Finally I found that Clinique’s acne kit worked for me acne-wise but their lotions trash my face so I /was/ using Aveeno day & night moisturizers but now they discontinued my night cream which I need or my face gets crazy dry. I’ve been using Clinique acne line for about 2~3 years now. I rarely get break outs now (but I HAVE to stick to a strict regimen or else I will break out.) It’s very high-maintenance but worth it for me to be clear.

  33. Amelia says:

    How is the benefit foundation? The Sephora ladies were running after me with it but I am iffy to try it. I only use bb cream since I find most/ if not all foundations very heavy.

    Your sweater is so cute and that that outfit looks awesome.

    • jenny says:

      I think it’s on par with like a heavy BB Cream. It was supposed to be lightweight but I didn’t feel it was. I returned it for a few various reasons~~ Maybe you could get a sample!?

  34. Mika says:

    I seriously can’t wait until you review all those products especially the Benefit’s Hello Flawless! :3 I love how dainty you make your clothes look. Nice pair-up!

    • jenny says:

      Well I LOVED the Benefit foundation but ended up returning it because it really wasn’t a good color match (I had the lightest & it was still too dark) plus I think it aggravated my acne I got from the Dior Hydra :( But you know, my skin is sorta always in the minority of results and everyone’s is different so I wouldn’t slag off giving it a try!

  35. Courtney says:

    sweater looks so comfy, i love it ^^

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