It Rained All Weekend

Tuesday March 27, 2012   

It rained all weekend. I didn’t get much of what I had planned done but I still ended up being pretty productive around the house. Late Sunday afternoon the rain ended and I went out for a walk by the cherry trees. The petals have nearly all fallen by now.

Friday night I finally picked up new luggage on sale. I had been wanting to buy something new for a few years now. My other bag is twice as small and 3 times heavier. Oh… and I’ve had it for 12 years! :x I decided Instead of buying a set I just wanted 1 oversized checked bag and I wanted it to be extremely light. This one comes in at only 9 lbs and is a 360 spinner.

Originally I wanted some sexy trunk-like suitcase but thinking realistically I knew I’d rather have something I wouldn’t loathe dragging around. So freakin tired of dragging multiple suitcases and bags through the airport for long trips. I just want 1 large checked bag now. So, I’m gonna donate all my old luggage. Oh except for my stripe one, it’s extremely light and extra small and perfect for carry-on only trips!

That’s all really. I’ll end with what I wore to work today. I know I’ve been bad about not listing where things are from, I’ll try to get in the habit of doing it again! :deco3:

:deco2: Navy Sweater – UNIQLO
:deco2: Blouse, Skirt – Madewell
:deco2: Belt – H&M
:deco2: Pumps – Aldo
:deco2: Earrings – Marc by Marc Jacobs, Nordstroms


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61 Responses to “It Rained All Weekend”

  1. The outfit on the bottom is nice :) I like navy and brown together ^^

  2. ★Momo☆ says:

    Such beautiful pictures of the Cherry trees. I wanted to go Cherry blossom viewing this year, but I just don’t have the time. :/

    When it comes to a luggage bag I HATE carrying mine around! It feels like I’m carrying 20 pounds, I seriously need to get a new one….

    I really like the dressy skirt you have on, looks classic and relaxing. ( ´ ▽ ` )

    • jenny says:

      Ditto. My usual luggage it’s soooooo heavy even empty I can’t even lift it! I couldn’t believe how light the new ones were! I can lift this huge thing over my head even! Not that I’d ever need to :P

  3. Jenii says:

    The awesome thing about luggage – you buy replacements once every decade if you’re lucky (hopefully it’ll last longer!!). Cute outfits!! Love the lighting!!

  4. kmmy says:

    I’ve been meaning to buy a luggage for myself. I’m planning to travel a lot. However.. I’m torn between hardcase or softcase :( Which one do you think I should buy?

    • jenny says:

      Whichever one you think would fit your lifestyle best. I wanted a hard case but switching to soft I was able to get one 3 lbs lighter which felt like a big enough difference for me to let the hard case go. I was torn between this one & it’s 12 lbs hard case version. I also decided that I preferred the zipper placement on the soft case. All the hard cases I was looking into getting zip down the middle separating the luggage in two and made me think back to all the times I had to go into my luggage while already at the airport and I worried everything would spill out because I’d over pack it. I’m rambling. But to summarize, yeah… it was a hard choice for me too.

  5. Hannah♡ says:

    Oooh, trunk suitcases are so romantic~ They make you feel like you’re going to a romantic getaway even if you’re just swinging by the next city! Very nice new luggage, though! AND You got it on sale. :) Sugoi!

    • jenny says:

      In theory life is total romance \:D/ In reality it’s me holding up the security line with an uncontrollably heavy trunk that exhausts me xD

  6. chocoNIKKI says:

    Oooh~ luggage means vacation~~ I might be going with my family on vacation to Washington at the end of April/beginning of May~ I should read some of your old posts and see whats cool to check out!! =D

  7. Margo says:

    I had a suitcase break on me during my first trip to Japan–right after getting off the shinkansen in Kyoto and before walking the 1.5mi trek to the ryokan. (>.

    • Margo says:

      (Oops.) So I had to replace it before heading back to Tokyo. Unfortunately the red, hardcase set I bought in Isetan finally gave out on me last week and I had to bid them farewell. Nearly got choked up! We’d been through so much together! LOL. (Ramble-ramble.) Though I love hardcase luggage, weight is SUCH a deciding factor. There’s nothing worse than being on your travels–especially abroad or somewhere unfamiliar–and feeling like you’re shoulder’s going to pop off.

  8. pichii says:

    i like how simple your new luggage looks! and those cherry trees looks so lovely! i need to take a trip to washington in spring sometime :) and like always, lovely girly casual outfits from you! i like how you mix colors and patterns.

  9. Maye says:

    Nice coordinate!
    I would be wary about the double stripes, but I’m really bad at clashing prints, when everybody else does it without worry and look great. XD;;

    Guess running around airports must be difficult over there, right? And being a big but light suitcase, it must be a great deal!

  10. Eliz says:

    dreamy cherry blossoms~~*

  11. Mary says:

    Omg those are gorgeous!!! I wish there was some here. It’s actually snowing here haha

    I love the photograph of the fallen blossoms. Absolutely beautiful!

  13. L says:

    I love how trees actually blossom in the northern hemisphere in spring lol.

    360 degree wheels! Thats soooo much better than normal wheels. My bf wanted to get a new suitcase with 360 wheels but I was like ‘noooo, theres nowhere to keep it at home’ :P Just wondering, where do you keep all your suitcases? I suppose your home isnt as small as mine though. :3 I need a globetrotter truck so its aesthetically pleasing no matter where I put it hehe

    • L says:

      ahhhhh typo…. I meant trunk :)

    • jenny says:

      Brilliant idea!! Yeah if you have to see it all the time definitely aesthetics trump anything else! I have a storage closet underneath my stairwell where I keep my luggage + christmas decorations. Luckily, even tough this piece is bigger than any other bag I have, I can fit my carry-on into it for storage and getting rid of the duffle bags and old rolling cases will save me run! I couldn’t imagine having to stare at such a function over form suticase like this 24/7.

  14. M says:

    good luggage is important
    im always scared about it falling apart on trips..though yet to have happened

  15. Sam says:

    Ahh it’s amazing the weight difference between old and new suitcases! I remember when I bought my new set a few years back just holding the medium one in one hand and walking around the floor in shock at how light it was haha (so I looked a little crazy…it’s ok XD) One thing to keep in mind about the 360 rollers though is that you really need to pack evenly. By that I mean if one side (ex the left) was heavier than the right, when you are pushing/pulling, the suitcase will keep listing or whipping around to one side due to the uneven weight. Some people also claim that the exposed wheels have a bigger chance of breaking/being damaged compared to traditional embedded wheels since the joints are more exposed to damage (ie being tossed around in transit, bumping into people and things, etc) – but I think that mostly depends on how sturdy the brand makes their suitcases to start with.

    Luggage comments aside, LOVE the OOTD! Ahhh the brown skirt and sweater/shirt mix looks amazing~~

    • jenny says:

      I know airlines are super restrictive these days so it makes sense they’ve worked to make them lighter but seriously! Me too! I couldn’t believe it when I picked some of these new “lightweight” series pieces up!

  16. rae says:

    gosh that is the most annoying part about suitcases, new and old! even though your new one is beautiful and light, isn’t 9 lbs still heavy for JUST the suitcase?! makes packing or shopping during your vacation and then having to fly back such a hassle :P i wish airplanes did not have such tight regulations! it is really kind of you to donate your old suitcases to someone else who may be able to find them useful! also i really love the first photos of the cherry blossoms, especially the ones with all the petals on the ground! so romantic and pretty. i was at a japanese cafe earlier this week and had cherry blossom tea for the first time! it is amazing! super cute outfit as well!

    • jenny says:

      Surprisingly it’s not (this is a 29″ suitcase and it has a depth of around 12″,) most other “lightweight” at the same size were instead 12 lbs and non-lightweight versions can easily weigh 15lbs or greater. It’s a check bag size so I won’t have to board with it. But agreed. The new restrictions really suck. I remember never even having to CARE how much your bag weighed or the dimensions or paying just to check it in domestically! Thank god international flights still allow at least 2 checked bags without fee.

  17. Kate says:

    Very pretty cherry blossom photos (:

  18. Lolo says:

    having good luggage (for long trips especially) is so essential~ It should be sturdy and light and functional~ For India we could only take a carryon with us~ My luggage and I became best friends over the course of the trip~

    It’s rained here all weekend as well! Today is the first day that the sun has decided to say hello…still a little bit cloudy but yayyyy sun~

  19. Twinkle says:

    I know what you mean about whimsical/cute (but oh so impractical) suitcases – I had to get rid of my Swimmer cases for the same reasons. You’ll just have to get some cute luggage tags to personalize your luggage!

    • jenny says:

      Yeah it’s hard seeing these amazingly cute or cool ones and resisting them! I thought about it a lot and really decided the #1 thing I cared about was weight and dimension. And for personalizing I always tie scarves onto my luggage so that I can tell which one is mine at pick up!

  20. Chloe says:

    Hi there — Long time follower/fan of your website! I’ve had a similar case with luggage and just when I thought I found the perfect one during a trip to Japan — it was ruined on a trip to the West Coast via the airline I flew on! Weh! Anyway, off the subject of your post, but I’ve always been so curious about the room you take your pictures in. I mentioned the luggage because it’s the first time (in a pic) I can recall seeing your magazine collection clearly! Any chance you’d do a post about that room? And maybe your favorite areas of the room? ;D

  21. Tori says:

    Your work outfits are just too perfect. & those photos of the cherry blossoms are lovely~
    I know what you mean about functional vs. frivolous with the luggage though, haha… I’d be so crushed if I had a pretty suitcase that got killed from all the travel wear!

    • jenny says:

      And you KNOW it just would unless you only used it for road trips or something. The moment you hand it over at the counter it becomes a punching bag! ;_;

  22. anna says:

    Love this entry ♥ I’d like to see cherry blossoms in real
    Oh jenny, where do you get your laytou for blog?
    do you pay for this??


    • Satori says:

      I think Jenny does her layouts and graphics herself ^^ I love all the layout that she comes up with, too!

      @Jenny, I really love how your photos turn out. You’re really good at photography, and the cherry blossoms look so beautiful (:

      • jenny says:

        TOO KIND but I’m really not, I’m such a novice I wouldn’t even say “photography” is a hobby, but I appreciate you saying that so much!! :) Thank you!

    • jenny says:

      Like Satori said, I make them myself graphics, code, everything. I’ve actually been working on a new one recently but I’m so busy lately I haven’t finished. It’s got way more white space and less texture so it feels more spring/summer to me :)

  23. I have a gigantic suitcase, the maximum allowed, which is great:) It’s pink and for once that’s a bad thing since you can spot all the dirt:/

  24. anastasia says:

    Love the shirt and sweater combination pretty lady!

    isn’t luggage the most fun to buy?? i think so. but im always suckered by the aesthetics of THE most impractical ones.

    • jenny says:

      Yeah I really have to sit myself down and go “NOW REALLY, which would matter most on a train to the airport? Lightweight 360 spinner or the fact it has a photo of Big Ben on it but weighs 3 times as much???” xD

  25. cin says:

    360 spinners are the best! I’m soo glad I bought the new suitcase for coming here! If I had my old one my arm would’ve came off!

    • jenny says:

      Same. I had this one blue piece since I was 16 and I just have these memories of lugging it around and it being too small and too heavy blah blah.

  26. Sidney says:

    YES! I have to have a big bag. Even then, my carry-on luggage is pretty big because I put my computer stuff in it. Derp, then again, I’ve never really been on a trip where I DON’T also take my computer. Need to fix that?!?! Anyway, your outfit is SO cute! *3*

    • jenny says:

      Eh don’t fix that, I bring my netbook every trip now too b/c even my damn parents have wifi now! It’s the 21st century all right!!

      I already feel extremely attached to my new luggage. Unlike my old one where I would groan as I pulled it out of the closet.

  27. Courtney says:

    LOVE this cord!! Will definitely try to find something like this! I love the brown and blue done nicely and boldness of double stripes :)

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