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Thursday April 05, 2012   

Big post of short reviews for some various Japanese bath salts!

Ishizawa Lab Viva Body

More Hot Fat-Splitting Enzyme
Blood orange

“MORE HOT!!” From Ishizawa Lab. Ok, the package sucked me into purchasing this. Not because it’s cute or sexy, but instead it’s incredibly realistic! Those days your skinny jeans make you feel anything but skinny! It has an intense citrus scent that’s really more zesty orange meets grapefruit. And the water turns a beautiful milky peach-orange. Blood orange is spot on :)

The salt itself is mildly effective but I wasn’t impressed. Smelled great but hardly broke a sweat and I had the bathwater crazy hot with this one.

Rated 5.0 at cosme.net.

Ishizawa Lab Viva Body

More Hot Fat-Splitting Enzyme

“MORE HOT!!” From Ishizawa Lab. The bright red salt surprised me at first but when the whiff of grapefruit got me it fit together. When added to the water the salt turns it a milky yellow. The scent changes some too. Actually the grapefruit scent turns a bit too bitter smelling for my liking. Just something about it I really ended up not enjoying. I felt the sweat bath is only mildly effective as well.

Rated 3.8 at cosme.net.

Bison Bakkantou Hot Bath Salt

Dreamy Floral

Creamy bath salt! Meant to both tighten and soften skin while delivering a bath fit for a princess! Contains pepper extract, ginger extract, collagen, shea butter and more. A very fruity floral scent in hot magenta colored salts. Turns the water a beautiful milky lilac shade with a layer of white bubble foam on top. The bathwater feels moisturizing and luxurious. Definitely a princess bath experience!

Rated 5.0 at cosme.net.

Rosefull – Bulgarian Wild Rose

ローズフル(ブルガリア風) – From Bison’s Rosefull line, this is the Bulgarian Rose version. It reminds me of a US type bath salt. Fine powder like granules with a heavy powdery-rose scent. Has ingredients such as yogurt to help smooth the skin. The bath salt turns the water a milky white color and the scent lasts throughout the entire bath.

Rated 4.7 at cosme.net

Princess Rose Bath

お姫様風呂 薔薇しずく
A pearl powder blend of rose essence bath salt. When I first opened the pouch the rose scent was super strong and close to a true rose blossom scent. The salt is coral in color. A nice change from the usual white or bright pink. It turns the bath water into a milky coral color as well. The scent remains strong even after being mixed into the water. A great bath for enjoying the aromatherapy if rose!

Dynabody Massage Lotion Bath


This is actually a series made by Bison some time ago. A blend of grapefruit and caffeine extracts to tighten the skin. It’s a massage salt meets bath additive. You can wet your body a bit and take some of the salt and massage it in. Then sit in the water and it dissolves into a sweat bath. Amazing grapefruit scent!! Turns the water yellow. Fairly effective but nothing spectacular. Nice for making your skin both smooth & tight.

A few reviews but no overall rating at cosme.net.

TBC Exotic Luxury Dubai SPA

Produced by beauty brand TBC with, this is a line of exotic luxury bath salts. Boasting premium ingredients like royal jelly and silk extract as well as glitter with an aroma and color meant to reflect an atmosphere of mature luxury. If ever there was a series of ultimate luxury gimmick bath salt, this would be it! And I LOVED it. The packaging is so gorgeous and everything about this salt just screams “I’m not your typical bath time.”

The salt itself is so pretty and chocked full of glitter!! Gold and silver. With an intense floral scent. The bath water turns a beautiful and sparkling shade of clear wine (or bordeaux.) Intense floral scent stays even after adding the salt to the water. It definitely has that exotic feel they were going for. From the strong perfumed fragrance to the unique rich color bathing you in shiny glitter. Though I’m not a huge fan of floral and this one was a bit on the strong-side I’d still recommend it. I think it’s perfect for a relaxing soak to wash away a bad day.

Word of advice. When you use deep colored salts like this it’s best to rinse your tub after draining. Though I scrub my tub once a week with a Mr. Clean magic eraser to keep it looking like new, it’s better to be safe than sorry with these darker salts. Don’t want to get yourself into more hardcore tub scrubbing than you possibly have to. :)

TBC Exotic Luxury New Zealand SPA

Another TBC produced exotic luxury SPA bath salt. This one focuses on luxurious honey from the manuka flower found in New Zealand. Includes shea butter, moisturizing oils, royal jelly extract, and beeswax as well.

Man oh man is this golden honey packaging something! Drew me in instantly! The moment I opened the packet I could smell a honey fragrance. The scent sorta fades after adding it to the bath which turns a milky orange color. You do see little orange balls of lotion floating about; clinging to the sides of the tub as they dissolve. The bath water feels moisturizing and my skin had a slight lotion’y feel to it while in the tub. I must admit my whole body was crazy silky smooth after using this salt! I love this series :)

Chocolate Bath Salt

Sweet Bath Time Series

A body dessert bath salt series that specializes in sweet smelling dessert themed salts. Contains collagen and cacao butter for skin moisturizing effects. Chocolate scent with chocolate color this is a salt that’s mostly for fun. The scent is a very artificial chocolate that reminded me of those old chocolate flavored lip smackers. It becomes more subtle after mixing it into the water. Nothing spectacular. Though I was craving sweets the night I used it which was a fun way to sorta get my “fix!” Probably wouldn’t purchase it again though.

Rated 2.0 at cosme.net.

Matcha & Milk Bath Salt

Sweet Bath Time Series

ボディデザート バスソルト 抹茶&ミルク

It smells so sweetly!!! I love this one. It’s a bit unusual and a fun change of pace for bath salts. It’s from the Sweets Bath Time series and isn’t as sickeningly sweet as the chocolate version. The scent reminded me of the incredibly sweet matcha tea served up at a stall in Asakusa. I don’t care to drink such a sweet version of matcha tea, but bathing in the scent is fine by me! The water turns a milky green and the froth on top is rich and white. No special after effects really. It’s supposed to be moisturizing and skin tightening but I didn’t notice much change. Just a fun relaxing tea bath.

Rated 5.5 at cosme.net.

Tohato Bean Bath Salt

ビーノ お風呂用

Hot water will be the color of pea green. Yes. It’s a bean themed bath salt! The salt itself is made up of pebble rocks covered in green salt. Okinawa sea salt has been included for moisturizing. The scent is a crisp smelling “marine sea breeze.”

The bath water turns to a clear bright pea green color :)

Romantic Fruit Bath Parlor

Bought this at Loft just because it was cute as hell! They had all sorts of fruit choices but I went with apple. It’s a plastic little apple container with apple scented bath salts inside. Aside from being packaged like drugs (lol Ziploc bag wtf,) they were nice smelling salts and the apple is sitting on my desk at work as decoration now.


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26 Responses to “Japanese Bath Salt Reviews”

  1. Maye says:

    Wow! Too many choices!!
    But it must have been a lot of fun to try them!
    Thanks for the review!

    (I don’t have a bathtub at home anyway XD;;;)

  2. Tiffany says:

    AHH I’m glad you’ve posted up a new review, I love ’em :)
    The Dreamy Floral and Matcha ones sound good to me, tempted to go look for them online haha

    I heard on twitter it’s your birthday ? Happy Birthday :D!

  3. Kim-Mari says:

    Happy Birthday!

    OMG didn’t realize there was a New Zealand themed salt… I must try it!

  4. kmmy says:

    I want to try the DUBAI pack!!
    It looks amazing!!!

    and Happy Birthday Jenny!!!!!
    Hope you had a good one

  5. Sasha says:

    Do you have a jetted tub or a regular one? I want to try these but I’m scared of it getting into the jets in my tub and building up.

    • jenny says:

      I have a regular soaking tub. I used to have a jet one though and remember bubble baths were OK as long as you don’t run the jets. Definitely don’t use it then run the jets. It will totally gunk it up.

  6. Oct says:

    i love bath salts. i picked up a ton when i went to japan last year. but sadly, i’ve used them all now. my all-time favorite is the bison one.

  7. Im so frustrated I don’t have a bathtub to use all these funny and kawaii salts that lots of bloggers use. I could smell the scents and feel my skin soft as I was reading T_T The day I have a bathtub, I’ll look for this post and test one by one! I swear! LOL

  8. B.♥ says:

    I haven’t had a bath in ages, but now you are really making me want to try again with one of those salts!

  9. Miho-chan says:

    Yay, bath time :D
    By the way, how many times a week do you take a bath?? xD

    • jenny says:

      LOL a bit of a TMI question maybe? Well I shower every morning so when I soak it’s purely for relaxing. My tub is separate from my shower. I rarely wash my hair in the tub or use it instead of a shower. I probably soak on average about 4 times a week. But sometimes I get too busy and have gone a few weeks without soaking in my tub.

  10. Mako-tan says:

    Nnng, I would so try bath salts like these… Jenny, do you know about any online shop selling bath salts that ships internationally? :S

  11. Alisa says:

    When I’m reading your reviews about bath salt, I’m always jealous because I don’t have a bathtub!! >o

  12. Hannah♡ says:

    I’m a fan of Bison bath salts, so I’m really excited to see one on this post. :) Great reviews, Jenny.

  13. Sami says:

    Fantastic post!
    Super want these salts now :O

  14. Twinkle says:

    Manuka honey is SOOOOO good for your skin. It’s actually good to have around for any cuts, scrapes, and some blemishes due to its high natural antibacterial properties. I’m not a bath girl but now I really want to try that TBC Manuka bath!

  15. Kei says:

    Now I want to take a bath. I’ve got to try these, the “hot” ones particularly look interesting to me!

    The matcha and Dubai ones also look amazing~

  16. cin says:

    Thanks for the review~~ The Exotic Luxury Spa series does look luxurious!

  17. Kate says:

    Nice! I love that Princess Fruit salt myself… it’s definitely a girly bath experience when you use it. Since I love rose stuff I’ve also liked all the Rosefull Bison salts, too!

    I’m really interested in “luxury dubai” and “dynabody” ones now. Thanks for your reviews!

  18. Fuu says:

    I LOVE the princess bath salts. I have the milk, rose and cherry blossom.

  19. Courtney says:

    aw i always love the hell out of these posts! I make notes of my favorites and add them to my grossly huge to-try-bath-salt list !!

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