SANA Esteny Peel Tight Gel

Thursday May 31, 2012 comments   

Recently I finished up a tube of SANA’s Esteny Peel Tight Gel that I got in an order from Yesstyle. I liked it. I felt it was a little more effective at firming up skin than the two other SANA firming gels I’ve tried. And as apposed to them as well, instead of a warming-up effect, this gel has a cool effect. So I think it’s better for the summer months!

The scent reminds me of summer as well. Though it’s listed as “apple citrus” it’s a bit like pina colada smelling to me. Not my favorite scent but definitely has a tropical summer feeling to it that conjurers up thoughts of swimsuit season.

Body firming gel is specially formulated with seaweed extract to improve skin elasticity and help reduce cellulite formation on hips and thighs. AHA and kiwi extracts exfoliate rough and dry dead skin cells for softer and smoother legs. After bathing, towel-dry skin and gently massage a generous amount of Peel Tight Gel on legs starting from the ankles and working up to the thighs. Do not rinse off. By SANA.


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Magazines and Books

Wednesday May 30, 2012 comments   

The magazines, books, and mooks (magazine books) I picked up while on vacation.

Tried to keep it limited since just a few magazines can add so much extra weight to luggage.

I bought choki choki girls at Book Off for about 100 yen. They are small in size and full of fun makeup and hair ideas. I bought them early on as something to read while at the hotel.

The Magazine Books I got & their freebies. Usually I picked totes but also makeup bags, socks, hair accessories, small clothing, etc.


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