Pancake Days

Wednesday May 02, 2012 comments   

Pancake Days in Harajuku.
A rainy day retreat with warm foods both sweet and savory. I watched the pancakes being made as we waited for a table and there’s a guest book in the powder room welcoming you to sign… so I did :P :deco3: Every day had pages worth of little messages :)

I ordered the Tomato & Avocado Oven-roasted Hamburger
Mike ordered their Beef Stew
We shared a dessert of Vitamin Fruits Pancake Sandwich

Everything, including the small salads, was absolutely delicious. The Tomato & Avocado Hamburger was simple but still very rich in flavor. The pancakes are light and fluffy and taste like home. The Vitamin Dessert was more tart than sweet which was a nice surprise and didn’t leave me feeling heavy.

There’s a small display of Pancake Days gift items you can purchase.
I went with the simple drawstring pouch.


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