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Saturday May 19, 2012   

Did the clothes; now the makeup.

For quite a number of months now I’ve been really obsessed with brown makeup shades. Brown mascara, brown liner, brown shadow. And right now it’s very easy to find brown makeup in Japan. Even brown liquid eyeliners. So .. this is pretty evident in what I picked up.

I know these palettes mostly all look the same. lolol
Pink and brown. But they’re all actually pretty different. Different pigments and mostly different level of “sparkle.” All the palettes I purchased were shimmer or glitter. I avoided glitter for a while but I want them again after being surrounded by so many while there!

All brown except Lash King and the mascara base. The mascara base is serious business! Takes a bit of extra time to remove. Lash King is REALLY good at long & thick lashes.

Finally I have liquid brown eye liners!
Surprisingly no two are exactly alike. Different shades, different pen width. I really love the Love Switch one because it’s a very soft brown. But the deep browns are good for stronger (but not deep black strong) looks.

The size of the COFFRET D’OR surprised me. I had seen them rated highly online & in magazines so I wanted to pick up one or two but the size … the case is like the size of a moonpie! So I settled for peach :) It’s an incredibly shimmery blush + highlighter.

I regret not buying all 4 KISS blush palettes. Great pigment and wonderful matching highlighter. The brush is a good useful shape that compliments the palettes design.

I’m really happy I got the lash curler after seeing a CM for it while there. I got a limited version that has hearts on it. It takes longer to curl my lashes than the usual metal curler but the curl is more voluminous, noticeable and lasts all day (and night) long.

Even the lashes I bought were brown :)

Various polishes I got including Ettusais’s Gel Top Coat which was everywhere. I’ve used it a few times already and it’s pretty good! I think it’s slightly better than Majolica Majorca’s gel top coat. Lasts just a little longer and doesn’t scuff as badly. I like gel top coats, not only for the look, but they tend to “crease” rather than chip which is far less noticeable.

Being there really got me in the mood for pink sheer polish…

This is from the brand Bison who also makes the popular sweat bath salts amongst other things. Popular in RanKING RanQUEEN.

OK these feet peeling type masks REALLY WORK. My feet are so, so soft now. Softer than any pedicure spa has ever gotten them.

A few photos while still in the hotel.
I was going to take snaps of all the packaging because I ditched nearly everything in order to save room. But then … I forgot to/didn’t care. As much as it was hard to ditch the pretty packaging for the ride home it really helped conserve space.


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54 Responses to “Japan Makeup Haul”

  1. Hannah♡ says:

    Oooh, these look wonderful! I’m especially curious about the Majolica Majorca – Jeweling Eyes, and the brand Love Switch. The mascaras look adorable.

  2. NathaliKitty says:

    I loved all the makeup * – *
    Do you like BB Cream? I bought but not yet arrived ^ _ ^ “

    • jenny says:

      I like bb cream more than any foundation I’ve ever tried. Sometimes I’ll switch & give a new foundation a try but they always, always break me out and the color match is never as good as it is with bb creams. Though some bb creams do break me out, I’ve found 2 brands that don’t and they offer good color match. So, yea :)

  3. Michelle says:

    Oh my gosh! I absolutely love all the eyeshadows that you got! I actually love anything shades of brown as far as make up is concerned. Brown mascara, brown eyeliner, brown eyeshadows. Love!

    • jenny says:

      Hope hope hope this becomes a bigger US trend. Would be nice to have some brown fiber mascaras or liquid pearly brown liners :D

  4. Honeydew says:

    Oh my gosh, can you please do review with pictures of the Lash King macara? I’m really curious to see what it looks like on your eyes and how good it is.

  5. Amy says:

    Not only with Lash King, but I’ve been using Majolica Majorca’s Volume On mascara and it takes forever to remove.

    EYEMAZING LASHES. (L) I’ve been trying to find Ayamo’s lashes in that series, but no where sells them. ;____; I regret not splurging more on Jpns cosmetics while I was in Hong Kong.

    • jenny says:

      Seriously Japanese mascaras are such serious business! I find using Japanese makeup removers (or this Korean one I have too) works better than US ones on their mascara.

  6. M says:

    wow your one make up buy is more than all of my make up combined!

  7. Mika says:

    Oh my! I want everything! *u* I hope you do a review on everything especially the Majo Majo products.

  8. nicuron says:

    Pink-brown has always been my favourite for makeup!

  9. 3lin says:

    I plan to try the germanium roller. Seems like amazing. I usually you the normal face roller. Hope is effective. Have you use it yet?

    • jenny says:

      Yes I’ve used it a bit. I like to use it around my eyes for de-puffing :) The changes are subtle but I can tell when I apply makeup.

  10. Mary says:

    Wow why does even the Japanese cosmetics look appealing??

    • jenny says:

      I know. I think it just has to do with the overall social collective of Japanese women and the aesthetics they prefer. In the US .. I sometimes can’t imagine similar packaging for many items. It makes me think about Fairy Drops when it hit Sephora and was sold out month after month. :P

  11. Tori says:

    The brown Fiberwig looks amaze! I’ve been starting to get heavy into brown liner/mascara myself lately… It just feels a bit more ‘undone’ than black, if that makes any sense! XD lol

    • jenny says:

      Yeah that’s what drew me in too. Suddenly I got very tired of such harsh eyes. Once there was a time I didn’t even recognize myself with black eyeliner, now I look so different WITH it! I’m sure I’ll go back to black eventually when I become bored with brown.

  12. Kanon says:

    haven’t commented for a while :( sorry!

    omg i just loved all the things you posted about japan!!
    haven’t been back to japan for loong time and i miss it so
    your posts makes me remember them… :)

    i seriously don’t understand how japanese people makes
    such a nice packaged and designed affordable cosmetics.
    even drugstore cosmetics looks nice in japan compared to US. lol

    about the brown liquid liner…
    if you ever use up your brown liner you have (i know it will take a long time though) try the Milani’s liquid liner.
    they have nice brown and actually nicely packaged ^^

    • jenny says:

      AGREED on the drugstore makeup!!

      Oh thank you, I hadn’t realized Milani made a liquid brown liner! “EYE TECH EXTREME?” *has been googling for it now xD

  13. Sachie says:

    Asian cosmetics always have the most beautiful packaging. The Coffret D’or blush looks so pretty!
    All of these cosmetics look so gorgeous, so jelly hehe! :}

  14. Fuu says:

    The Rose of Versailles Marie Antoinette liquid liner is my HG liner. I have been using it for two years now. I also have the gel type(I buy the Marie Antoinette versions. I have never been a fan of the Oscar/black line. Too harsh.) which is great too. My local Mituwa now has the pencil version too, but I’m not a fan of pencil liners… The liquid stays on all day perfectly, yet comes right off with warm water. They also make a mascara, but I don’t know if that is brown or not…

  15. Emelie says:

    Germanium roller! I always bring mine with me, it’s the perfect size to have in the makeup pouch! :D

    Ahaha, those foot masks! I used one once together with a friend, and we didn’t really read the packaging so we had no idea that the skin on the feet would start falling off after about a week, so we both panicked and was super confused why both our feet acted like they did.. 3 months later I read a blogpost about that type of foot mask, and it all made sense.. ^^;

    • jenny says:

      Ahaha that would be totally traumatizing!!

      I followed the directions word for word but thought maybe I did it wrong because for 1 week nothing happened! THEN … it finally showed effect and for 3 days I had gross skin-flake covered feet. I was REALLY happy because I worried I did it wrong b/c it took so long. Now my feet are crazy soft. Though walking for long hours make my heels sore now *whoops, guess rough heels serve some purpose*

  16. kmmy says:

    There’s a lot of things to buy in Japan!
    And your haul is sooooo good.
    I want to try them all! :p

  17. Thanh Thao says:

    Japanese make up produts are the best! I always oick up a lot ehrn Im there to stock up XD You did great buys!

  18. Sofia says:

    I own a Majolica Majorca mascara as well, I love it so much! It really lengthens your lashes perfectly. It’s so precious to me, I only use it on special occasions hah :) Mine is called “Lash Expander Frame Plus”, but I bought it a year ago (or maybe two, can’t remember) so maybe your “Lash King” is even better!
    Also, what does a mascara base do exactly? :)

    • jenny says:

      It adds length and curl usually. It goes on white, clear, and I’ve also seen a grey version and you then add any mascara on over it :)

  19. Sidney says:


    Which one of the brown mascaras is your favorite?? I actually need a new version of both black & brown…Clinique is too expensive here for being a good-but-not-amazing mascara X(

    UGH MAKEUP. The area I live now doesn’t have very many makeup shops/place I can browse makeup so I have to go out of my way to find stuff…I’m not use to it!

    And those falsies!!! OMG so cute and whispy and perfect!! I love ones like that~~

    • jenny says:

      Hands down the Love Switch x SWEET version. Huge brush, pearly pink color, and adds a ton of length and volume. I regret not buying 2.

      I saw a Skin Food shop while there that made me think of you :P

  20. L says:

    Wow brown liquid eye liner! I dont even think ive noticed it existed before and you bought 5 different ones XD Do you have a photo wearing it? Im curious about what it looks like :3

  21. […] Japan Make Up Haul par Sushi-Cat. Ce blog est une vraie torture. J’avais déjà posté un des hauls de la demoiselle dans le BB News #09, et voilà qu’elle en refait un en maquillage japonais : des palettes de fards à paupières, des eyeliners, des mascaras, des BB crèmes, des blushs, des vernis, des gloss, des faux-cils… Heureusement que j’ai trouvé un travail pour cet été car je compte me lâcher en maquillage japonais (attendez la wishlist de juin pour voir tout ça !). […]

  22. laura says:

    Everything is so pretty *0*. The Coffret D’or blush packaging is so lovely.
    I’ve always been curious about the way those Amo lashes look as I have never seen brown false lashes before

    • jenny says:

      They stand out a bit but also give a really soft look from what I’ve seen. Haven’t had a chance to wear them just yet. :) I noticed the US actually sells brown lashes and brown&black mix lashes too now!

  23. Kei says:

    Love the brown liquid eyeliner, Puff de Cheek, and the Coffret D’or blush! How well does the mini roller work?

    • jenny says:

      Pretty well if you often experience puffiness. I use it where I get puffy around my eyes and lower cheeks. Makes a difference when I remember to use it~

  24. Ai says:

    ooh awesome buys. I have the Rose de Versailles brown liner too, I love it. When I was in Japan last winter, I couldn’t get enough of pink-brown makeup! Such a Japanese shade. I bought Rimmel Japan’s “chocolat eyes”. I’d love to know how the Pana lash curler is! Looove Panasonic beauty tools.

    • jenny says:

      Mmmm the chocolate eyes palettes were lovely :)

      I love the heated lash curler. It takes a little extra time than a metal version but the curl is higher and lasts all day long. Also this one rotates and that adds volume through separation. Supposed to worked great with falsies but I haven’t tried yet.

  25. It’s so cute that you’re suddenly into all things brown, even brown false eyelashes! Nice haul! I went to Okinawa, Japan, a month ago and makeup shopping there was great even though I only had 2 hours to shop!

  26. Maye says:

    Lots of gorgeous make up!
    Thanks for sharing your haul!
    I’m amazed at that Panasonic curler :O

  27. cin says:

    Does the foot peeling hurt? or feel weird? I`ve been scared by the pictures from the packaging to wanna give it a try but my foot is all crusty lol

  28. ashlyne says:

    lovely items you have got! i’m lusting over the brown lashes, so difficult to find in Singapore. oh oh, and looking at your photos reminded me that I’ve got the lip peeling from ranking queen when I was in Tokyo and I’ve yet to use it! =/

  29. Loli says:

    Nice haul :D ! loving the eye shadows & blushes! earthy-natural tones are so gorgeous ^_^

  30. Tomoko says:

    all of the products’ packages are super cute ! these packages always make me buy them so much ! haha
    Do you have any other BB creams that you wear ? if so, could you tell me what BB creams you like the most ? :D

  31. Kate says:

    Ooh, I have that Lavshuca quad and the Kate one as well! I love them, the Lavshuca especially — the eyeshadow has such a nice texture! I like brown for eyeliner and eyeshadow because black looks sooooo harsh for redheads. I need a good liquid brown liner! And the pink/brown mascara looks so pretty, too.

  32. Becky says:

    Awesome haul here!!! I love all the brown palettes. I also have the Majolica Majorca brown palette and it’s my favourite one of all my browns. I especially love the top left beige glitter colour.

  33. Miamy says:

    I especially love the packaging of that Kate eyeshadow pallete! Soooo prettty!

  34. Xin says:

    Everything you bought is lovely! I love how organized your picture looks. When I look at them I feel happy. Thank you for sharing. I’m going to try “brown” makeup things too now ^^

  35. Xin says:

    Everything you bought looks lovely! I really like looking at your pics cos they look so clean and happy. Thank you for sharing! I will try “brown” make up too.

  36. Courtney says:

    I always try to use brown shades for eye make because I’m not used to such drastic looks on myself yet… :) I like brown for a really neutral look and it’s really cute with soft pink, too…of course you’ve posted lots of scans like that so :P

  37. kyoko says:

    hi, i m Kyoko living in Japan.

    This is beauty paper of a brand made in Kyoto Japan.
    “youjiya” it was very good!!

    plz look!


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