AloAlo Peach and Rose Hip Tea

Saturday June 23, 2012   

AloAlo has a peach and rose tea hip. TWAS GOOD. Your mouth feels strangely aromatic with the scent of rose. It’s like a more fragrant rose infused tea but the flavor was mostly sweet peach. :deco1:

:arrow: peach juice, rooibos, rose hips, hibiscus

I usually dislike anything with rooibos tea in the mix, but this was very mild… AND pretty :)


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15 Responses to “AloAlo Peach and Rose Hip Tea”

  1. Nizer says:

    I love the photos and i’d like to buy it too! ;)

    Flights and Dreams

  2. Michelle says:

    Ahh~ that sounds like something I need! My throats been very dry…must be from traveling T_T

  3. Etienne says:

    Sounds really nice!

  4. 3lin says:

    You love rose so much. I finally found a nice rose tea at Purple Cane. I am very eager to try out since all the review that you wrote about rose seems to be very pleasant. Indeed, the rose tea smell so great. =)

  5. Mika says:

    AHHHH Rose products are gorgeous~ *u* I want to buy it, too! ^__^

  6. Mommo says:

    How pink! This looks nice, more important 0 karori-!

  7. Fai says:

    I love this drink! Its so refreshing for humid and sunny days and its not so sweet too!

  8. Tomoko says:

    aw I wanna try this drink !! XD
    just random question.. do you use sun block umbrella in Japan ?? and in US ??
    I always use it in Japan, but I can’t use it in US..caz it looks weird and nobody use it …

    • jenny says:

      It’s not very common in the US at all, even in my super diverse and touristy area! It’s a bit heartbreaking, isn’t it!? For me, I’m not used to the parasol so I don’t know what I’m missing. But I do love the breathing masks and use them while in Japan for allergies and colds! Wish I could wear them in the US without being treated like I have a crazy disease.

  9. genlethu says:

    i bought the bigger bottle(500ml?) but have yet to try it!! By the way i also bought the eyelash curler from big camera!! Thanks dear!!

  10. shar says:

    Gah! I wish I could find that here, it sounds delicious!!

  11. rene says:

    How pretty! Did you keep the bottle?
    Japan just never fail to disappoint when it comes to packaging!

    You dont like rooibos tea? I love them. Haha!

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