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Sunday June 24, 2012   

Random food outing snaps~

Starting off with my favorite indulgent dessert, HONEY TOAST.

This honey toasts was great because it was already cubed toast on the inside of the crust! Easy to eat! Got it at a cafe Pianeta in Yokohama’s World Porters

Though by the way this place looked freaking awesome but I was too full. [Tai-parfait]

Shrimp donburi from a place called Tontake [とん竹] in Shinjuku. Absolutely loved this tiny place. Low lighting, limited seating, amazing food. :deco10:

Rosu Katsu Curry from Go Go Curry. Hahaha, had to. We were near it, hungry, and it’s so hyped since there’s a NYC store. It was OK. I liked the shredded cabbage and the fact you can get your own refills.

Fruit mitsumame I got while in Kamakura.

Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki meal at a Family Restaurant. I can’t ever remember the name. I just enjoy the fact that a friend of mine’s family is sweet enough to schedule time with us in order to take us out for a big family dinner with them. Honestly this has been a grand highlight of my two recent trips. It feels special like I’m visiting my own family over a big dinner out. We all overeat and waddle out into the parking lot and drive away in separate cars. :deco3:

Salted Caramel Latte drink. Why do I buy these? I never finish these sort of drinks because they are too sweet! But they do taste so, so indulgent for the first few sips!

My “last hurrah” so to say. I got this at a cafe in Narita because, basically, I don’t eat so many sweet desserts when I’m home! :cry: This DID NOT DISAPPOINT. It was filled with krispies and cornflakes with the soft serve ice cream. I love cereal in my ice cream. :deco2:


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20 Responses to “Another Japan Food Post”

  1. Mary says:


  2. omg too tummy for words!! how do u always find the best cafes/restaurants when ur traveling!!

  3. M says:

    i dont eat much sweets either but that looks so good

  4. Michelle says:

    Holy moly, everything looks absolutely delicious. I haven’t had brick toast, yet. This post makes me want to try some now! :)

  5. rene says:

    I have yet to try those thick toast when I visit Tokyo. Some how, I always stay full after a full lunch or dinner that I just can’t squeeze big desserts or tea time treat!

  6. Mommo says:

    I love those food, you made me hungry. It’s lunch time but I haven’t yet gone anywhere. Those are my favorite all time food :)

    How cruel! I should go for Donkatsu somehow LOL

  7. 3lin says:

    nice food… love love love…yum yum yum

  8. Rai says:

    OMG all the food is making me hungry.
    I especially love the honey toast!

  9. mikey kun says:

    the honey toast looks amazing i keep hearing about it, guess that means it’s time to try

  10. Denny says:

    I just need to go to Japan and gain all the additional weight I can. It’s weird, how they have ALL of this and are still so tiny and slim, how do they do it ?__?

  11. Jess says:

    onwww great food :)

  12. Magda says:

    The photos you take are so beautiful, you make even the simplest things look delicious and/or stylish :DDD
    I also don`t eat sweets at all, but in Japan they all look so yummy. XD I still don`t buy them though, because I can`t finish and it`s a waste of good food and money :/

  13. Maye says:

    Everything looks so delicious!!
    Guess that over there you can only indulge, because you can’t get many of thise dishes back home.
    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Laura P. says:

    Love this food post! I definitely want to try the honey toast if I ever get the chance to go to Japan.

  15. Nizer says:

    OMG! *-*
    This photos are amazing!
    So delicious and beautiful…
    I simply loved this post!

    ♥ Flights and Dreams ♥

  16. Everything looks ridiculously delicious!!

  17. Sidney says:

    HNG honey toast!! Did they have cheese toast, too? I rarely get the toast because even though it looks good…DIET DIET. But the cheese toast is delicious and cheesey (duh) but never cut up like that! how nice!

  18. Miho-chan says:

    Katsu Curry!!! You’re driving me crazy with that picture xD I could eat every day Katsu (when I wouldn’t gain weight…) *lol* ohhh yummy >o

  19. Miya says:

    drooooooool! I have been to Go Go Katsu Curry in NYC several times and I quite like it, but then again its not like there are a ton of options for quick and tasty kastu curry. The next time you come to to NYC Jenny you have to try Totto Ramen. I live in the apartment building above the restaurant and its constantly packed and SUPER delicious! Just like you said: low lighting and limited seating.

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