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Saturday June 30, 2012   

Over a month ago I received Ettusais BB Mineral Cream from Yesstyle (link) and have been using it at least 5 times a week ever since!

“A BB cream that gives you coverage while treating your skin at the same time.

Love it because it covers, spreads easily and is so lightweight yet it works hard to keep to your skin baby soft. Made up of 79% skincare ingredients, Ettusais’ first BB Cream hides pores, evens out skin tone and controls oil. It also contains 6 different kinds of moisturizing ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin, while also preventing acne with our star ingredient, AC-Control Oil. Contains SPF 30 PA ++.”

I ordered it in #10 Light. It’s also available in 2 darker shades.

An extremely popular BB cream ranked 3rd best overall BB cream on for 2011.

I wanted to give it a good try before sharing my thoughts because of my extremely acne-prone skin. Most foundations/BB creams break me out. Before this I was religiously using MISSHA brand for years trying new things in between & always gong back.

I love this Ettusais BB cream!
Mostly because it does not break me out whatsoever.
That’s my most crucial test.
Also the color match is flawless! As I apply it the cream sort of melts seamlessly blending into my own shade.

The coverage is light, but not translucent. It’ll cover dark spots like acne scares pretty evenly without extra concealer. But for dark under eye circles I still apply a concealer on top of the BB Cream.

The finish is smooth and lightweight. It also does a decent job at filling in larger pores without clogging them. I usually finish with a setting powder but sometimes I don’t. It doesn’t necessarily need it. Oh yeah and the SPF 30 is great for summer sun!

My only complaint is that it gets a bit oily throughout the day. So by 2:00 I have to use an blotting paper around my nose, chin, and forehead. I have combination skin so I get the dreaded oily T-zone. It’s also summer so I think the Ettusais BB cream will be wonderful for the dry winter months because it has that sort of dewy finish.

I happened to pick up a different Ettusais product while in Japan. Their gel top coat. I couldn’t go anywhere without seeing it.

Though I was enjoying Majolica Majorca’s Glass Drop, I think Ettusais is ever so slightly longer lasting. It doesn’t scuff up as much either. It’s the only top coat I use now. I should really just toss all of my old non-gel-look top coats so I never use them any more.

And since I mentioned still using a concealer with the Ettusais BB cream, here’s the concealer I’m currently using for dark under eye circles.

SANA Make Essence Concealer
I received this from Yesstyle as well. (link) It’s a creamy light pink concealer.

I really like using this for a few reasons. My skin is a bit dry around my eyes even with using eye cream, so a creamy finish concealer works best for me. Also the light pink color blends nicely over the BB cream already placed around my eyes, brightening them up a bit. So I use it more as a final step for base eye makeup. I will say though, this concealer breaks me out when used elsewhere such as around my nose which was a bit disappointing because it’s a nice light concealer. But like I always say, my skin is extremely acne-prone.


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31 Responses to “Ettusais BB Mineral Cream”

  1. Genie says:

    Great review! I’m curious to see what finish gel top coat has. Think I’ll try it out ^^

  2. Berriquita says:

    Oh my god! I SO wish I could go to Japan and buy all these pretty stuff you show on your blog :(

  3. Jasmine says:

    I’ve been using ettusais bb cream for about 8 months now and just love it! Even though the tube is pretty small, a little goes a long way. I use it with ettusais powder, and I just love how flawless it makes my skin look!

  4. Mika says:

    Oooh! Interesting.

  5. Jenna says:

    Ooh! :) I noticed Ettusais a week ago at Loft and bought something from their acne prevention line since I’ve been breaking out like crazy after arriving in Japan. *sad* I’m hoping it makes a difference for my skin… I also have acne prone skin and have been sticking to Missha BB Cream because I know it’s safe. I was very surprised to read that products containing collagen and hyaluronic acid break out your skin! Those two ingredients seem to be the most popular ones in Japanese skincare products nowadays. I never thought it could be potentially bad for the skin…! Maybe I have to steer away from that too~ good to know.

    • jenny says:

      Yeah they’re REALLY popular in facial products. They don’t always break me out but masks, creams, and washes that seem to boast them as main ingredients I haven’t had many good outcomes with them.

  6. 3lin says:

    what is the first and second best bb cream?

  7. Kate says:

    Oh, nice! Thanks for showing the colour of the liquid/cream. (:

  8. Jing says:

    I happened to be at Mitsuwa today and saw that they sold the SANA concealer. It totally reminded me of this post. They had it for around $13.

  9. rene says:

    I’m loving mine too! It’s my off work ‘foundation’. Maybe because I have dry skin, I don’t need to blot.

    I got the gel top coat as well, after reading your reviews! But I haven’t try it yet.

  10. Grace says:

    thanks for the review~~! ^^ I’ve been wanting to get the Ettusais BB cream for awhile now, but was unsure because I have crazy sensitive skin that pretty much reacts to anything. I actually broke out a little from their liquid foundation, which is supposed to be great for (most) acne prone people. Not sure if I’ll get it now, since it sounds like the coverage is not enough for me….OTH I really wanna try the gel topcoat now! ^^

  11. Mimi says:

    Thanks for the great review on the Ettusais BB cream! I’ve been using Missha’s Perfect Cover BB cream for the past 3 months and it doesn’t break me out either. But I have a really oily t-zone so the dewy finish is a little put down for me. Can I ask what do you think are the differences between the two products? Which one has a better advantage towards a certain area? And which BB cream would you recommend that’s great for the summertime? Something that is light-weight with a matte finish? But I just remembered, maybe because I never use a primer before using my bb cream… I’m not too big on primers too but what do you use? Thanks a bunchies! (I know I asked a lot but I can’t help but love your advice and opinions ^^) I love what you do so keep it up. I’ll always be a proud supporter of yours. :)

    • jenny says:

      I use Hourglass Veil Mineral primer & wrote a bit about it here:
      I wear it without fail each & every time I wear makeup.

      Honestly for me in my mind MISSHA Perfect Cover and Ettusais are both “my favorite.” I haven’t been able to decide which I’ll restock with next.

      These are the difference I’ve been comparing:

      1) better oil control
      2) heavier coverage

      1) perfect color match
      2) much more lightweight

      Neither has a matte finish. I use a setting powder with both for a more matte finish. I used to use MISSHA M which is more matte but it’s heavier and the color stopped matching me when I stopped tanning last summer –

      • Mimi says:

        Did the Missha M Vita BB cream break you out? And I was wondering, by “heavier” you mean it has more coverage right? I like Missha products so I might consider trying the Missha M Vita one, but too bad they only have one shade. With the Perfect Cover one I’m a #23 or #21 depending on which season, so I hope it’ll match.

        Thank-you very much! I’ll remember to check out the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer next time I visit Sephora! :D I was also wondering, which type of brushes do you use to apply the bb creams? I usually go for your typical foundation brush but it’s hard to stipple the product in to create an airbrushed look. So I’m saving up for that Shiseido Foundation brush. Any suggestions?

        • jenny says:

          Nah the Missha M never broke me out. I used it for around 2 years and yeah that’s what I meant with “heavier.” In Missha Perfect Cover I’m now #13 mixed with #21 (to shade match.)

  12. Denny says:

    The BB cream sounds like a really nice product! But the best I think is that it doesn’t break you out! I also have an oily prone skin and I know what a disaster it can be :(

  13. Reiko says:

    Wow! This Ettusais BB cream is really that good? I must buy and try it for myself.
    I love BB cream too but they always make me look so pale. =X

  14. Miya says:

    Oooh good to know! I am still loving my clinique bb cream. Do you know if there are any gel top coats in the us market yet? I would love to try this!!

  15. Mary says:

    Thanks for the reviews! I been considering changing my cream for a while. I’ll consider this when I buy a new one. Thanks!

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  17. ShuShu ♥ says:

    that bb cream seems to be very great! but at yesstyle a little bit expensive i think ._.
    ♥ ♥

  18. Mareni says:

    I’ve heard horror stories about gel manicures (the damage it does to your nails when you remove them, the fact that salons use UV lamps to dry them), so I’m now skeptical of even gel top coats, orz. How has the top coat worked for you? Is there a safe way to remove it?

    • jenny says:

      Oh no, it just mimics the look! It’s just like any other at home top coat. Nothing special just a glossier finish. Not actually a “gel nail” polish.

  19. Sally says:

    Thanks for the review! I really want to try this but I live in the States so its sooo hard to get my hands on all these great products. Do you know of any trustworthy online sites where I can purchase the Ettusais bb cream?

  20. Sally says:

    oh never mind I just realized you have it up there.

    Yesstyle here i come!

  21. Kaily says:

    I’m not sure if you still have this BB cream since it’s been a super long time but do you happen to know what ingredients it contains? I would appreciate it as I’ve been searching all over for an answer, haha.

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