A Little Makeup Talk

Tuesday July 31, 2012 comments   

Wonder Honey

Stumbled upon this makeup line called Wonder Honey while browsing Cosme.com’s purchase ranking. The packaging is lovely and reminds me of the illustrations from Peter Rabbit and other stories alike. I’m also drawn to anything “honey” related. The makeup line is limited in products but I would love to get my hands on some; someday maybe. :deco3:

I don’t have any personal photos of them but a few blogs turned up when searching google.jp.

Dolly Wink

Recently released is Dolly Wink’s infamous mascara in a fiber brown shade. Dolly Wink’s “Long” mascara has always been my favorite for using on my bottom lashes. However, I slowly stopped wearing black mascara back in Spring. I wear brown almost exclusively now. So I was really excited to see this release. :deco2: Hopefully imomoko or sasa or shops like that will get a few in by Christmas (there’s always a lag between release and foreign sales. ) I would probably buy the brown liquid liner as well. Though I have about 6 brown liquid liners already (facepalm.) My 1 black liquid liner is nearly out and I don’t plan on replacing it anytime soon. :deco13:

Majolica Majorca

Lastly, Majolica Majorca released two very pop-color eyeshadow palettes recently extending their Psychedelicious line. They’re so candy-colored! So attractive! :deco14: However, I just never wear colors like these anymore, so I know I’d waste them. So I’m just admiring seeing them pop up online and in blogs. :deco3: :deco5:






Lotion Haul

Monday July 30, 2012 comments   

A set of three lotions I received from Yesstyle that I want to spotlight.

First, the Dreamy Rose body lotion from Kracie Aroma Resort series. I absolutely love this lotion. :deco3:

The scent is a very fruity rose type perfect for summer. The lotion absorbs cleanly and moisturizes pretty well too. So no complaints. The bottle is pretty big too so it’ll last a while. I’m tempted to try the other Aroma Resort scents now. :)

Next is CANMAKE’s hand and nail cream in Venus Rose scent. This is a thicker lotion type because it’s for rougher skin around the nails. These extra moisturizing lotions do a great job on softening cuticles and healing dry hands. The scent is a bit refreshing clean rose. Very similar to Paul Smith’s Rose fragrance. As if you can smell English roses from stem to petal. Nice small purse size as well which is essential for me especially come winter.

Lastly Dariya’s hand & body apple ginger essence. I was interested in this one after loving the apple ginger scent of SANA’s Esteny Body Hot Massage Gel. This one turned out to be a bit sweeter though. It smells more like apple candy with maybe a faint hint of ginger. The lotion is instantly moisturizing!


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