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Samuji Fall Winter 2012 from Samu-Jussi Koski on Vimeo.

Cin introduced me to a brand she thought I might like called “Samuji.”

Samuji is a creative studio and design house based in Helsinki, Finland.

Absolutely loved the brand at first sight. Minimalistic and timeless pieces really resonate with much of my current wardrobe. I also like the stark contrast of colors between the seasonals and classics collections. It reminds me of a less casual A.P.C. or MUJI.

Here are my favorite pieces. First from fall/winter 2012 then followed by warmer seasons.

One of Those Mornings from Samu-Jussi Koski on Vimeo.






My Autumn Wardrobe

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Miia asked what I’m wearing this autumn and recalled the coordinates entry I posted while packing for Tokyo this spring. Asked if I could do a similar wardrobe post again for autumn. So this is for you Miia :P :deco3:

Since this isn’t a “trip” coordinates post, I’m not limited by luggage size and vacation duration. I didn’t come up with any “theme” beforehand either but instead am just showing exactly which pieces I go for from my closet right now.

It’s on average 50°F~75°F out each day and will continue probably until October ends. I went through my clothes last Friday and packed away a few more things while pulling out a nice big donation-sized bag of cardigans and tops not worn much in the past year.

– Madewell denim boyshirt
– Comme des Garcons PLAY long tee
– Rinka x Sweet t-shirt
– Uniqlo white & black dot oxford
– Madewell silk gingham boyshirt

– Madewell Honeycomb sweater
– Madewell Sheepmeadow sweater

– Urban Outfitters shorts
– Banana Republic pencil skirt
– Old Navy Rockstar super skinny jeans

– Madewell Artdot Novelist shirtdress

– H&M peacoat

– Payless black flats
– Target printed loafers

– Barneys New York beret
– Yesstyle fold over tote bag
– Madewell denim dot tote
– Estee Lauder pure red polish
– Chanel Frenzy polish

It’s a little winter and still a little summer with the printed Rinka tee and loose shorts. Thinner fabrics overall as well. I often pair tights with these on cooler days or at night. The rest of my clothes are either too summer or too winter to wear right now. :)

So these are the pieces for my favorite coordinates right now. Of course it excludes office attire but I do often use many of these pieces for work. Like pairing the denim boyshirt with a black wool work skirt or adding a cardigan and black heels to the dot dress! I often wear the pencil skirt to work as well.

12 clothing items 36 looks suitable for autumn weather.
Adding or removing the jacket or sweaters not counting shoes, tights, or hat & bag.

I could layer up even more outfits but the temperatures rarely drop below 50°F :) Kept the shorts and tee around for the warmer days too. We have a random 80°F days about once a week still.

That’s it! The packing entry was a little more helpful maybe.

But this was fun to see my autumn wardrobe and realize the color palette at play!


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