A Few Chanel Things

Tuesday October 16, 2012   

I got a few questions about the Chanel lipsticks from my previous post so I thought I’d do a follow up with a closer look at 3 Chanel items I received courtesy of Yesstyle.

I’m currently a Chanel Rouge Coco convert. I purged my past lipsticks after purchasing Mademoiselle last year. It was the first lipstick I really wore continuously without a second thought and it was hydrating enough to wear alone even during the coldest months.

The lipsticks are also lightly perfumed with rose and the cases are a cool, sturdy metal making them easy to find blindly within a purse. I also mentioned offhand before that the customer service I’ve personally experienced during each Chanel counter visit was impeccable. Customer service is extremely important to me.

Onto the lipstick!

While Mademoiselle is close to my natural lip color just better, I wanted to dive into a richer pink when going with Charme. Rich and rosy pink toned with a punch of frosted shimmer. The addition of the shimmer does change the texture slightly. It doesn’t apply quite as creamy as my other Rouge Coco. The color payoff is nice. It’s bright and opaque but not so overpowering that it looks garish or needs to be applied with a light hand. It’s pretty easy to wear and has a few good hours of lasting power.

A quick photo of Charme after getting home from the office today

The Rouge Coco Shine is even easier to wear. Evasion is one of the more nude choices being a peachy beige shade. It’s extremely sheer and goes on smoothly. It gives my lips a beautiful, slightly nude-tone, wet shine! I love it because I can apply it without a mirror, no problem. Requires more touch ups than the Rouge Coco but like I said it’s so easy to touch up on the go it’s almost like a luxurious lip balm. It’s very hydrating even if it’s been awhile between touch-ups.

Lastly a non-lip product, Chanel nail polish in Frenzy. I mentioned seeing this come out in Fall in my nail polish collection post. I got mine here on Yesstyle. More than a nude, this taupe-like shade is warm without being too bright.

I love the understated shade and have never worn anything similar. I picked it as a focus color I’m wearing for fall. Chanel polish is pretty durable. I do two coats of this color for an opaque look. With a nourishing base coat and gel-style top coat from Ettusais I can go chip-free for about 5 days.


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22 Responses to “A Few Chanel Things”

  1. jimbo says:

    I love frenzy & ur face

  2. Jesslyn says:

    I love your hair!!!!!! :)

  3. Sewon says:

    Evasion is so pretty and I love that photo of you! I definitely got really into shopping at dutyfree during my last few years abroad and picking up nice cosmetics. :P

  4. Cassandra says:

    Really loving you hair colour and cut, makes me want to cut my own! Or at least dye it…lovely lipsticks as well, I love a good pink lipstick that doesn’t look comical.

  5. sienny says:

    COCO SHINE!! i’ve always wanted to buy one!! but it’s too much difference if i buy them in australia rather than online : (

  6. ashlyne says:

    hey jenny i am curious if you ever look back on your previous collection makeup posts and regret ‘purging’ any of the items? sometimes i hoard on to some items because i am afraid i will regret throwing it away!

    • jenny says:

      You know what I always regret? Not purging sooner! I know it sounds crazy but when I’m “holding on” to items I just don’t love anymore and I’m forcing myself to use it (out of guilt) I could also be passing up new items I put off buying that often become holy grail items. Like my Chanel lipstick. I waited forever because I had all these MAC ones already in my collection. And now my Mademoiselle chanel lipstick is my #1 never fail item.

      I understand where you’re coming from though. Purging makes me feel good and teaches me how to be less wasteful next time. But not everyone needs or wants that in their lives. So it’s a personal choice.

      But in short, no, I never regret letting go of items I feel guilty about never using anymore.

  7. Jess says:

    hey jenny, i love this nail polish color!
    at the moment i´m using the black satin of chanel, is very good the quality of nail polish.

    But i don´t have any lipstick :(
    it seems me pretty :)


  8. Laura says:

    I have same kind of experience with Chanel nail polishes. They really are durable! :) I can wear their nail polishes for the whole week without pieces falling off. And that’s without any base or top coats :o The quality is the best I’ve seen among nail polishes♥

  9. heather says:

    i adore frenzy. its one I’ve wanted to pick up but I keep impulse buying other polishes & then can’t justify spending the money on yet another color.

    also I’m clearly late to the party BUT I have never noticed yesstyle’s Chanel selection until now – thanks!

    • jenny says:

      I sorta do that. If the 1 item I really want is too expensive to justify I find I end up spending the same amount and often more making it for it with little “sorta like it” impulse buys. I’ve had to stop doing that. If I really want something it’s become cheaper for me to just spend all that cash on that 1 item.

  10. Reiko says:

    Now I see why girls invest in Chanel stuff. Maybe I should too =X

  11. Bianca says:

    alright…dammit, you’ve convinced me!!!

    I’LL BUY THE NAILPOLISH!!! these knock offs just aren’t cutting it! Is it more fun to buy through yesstyle, versus going in store?? :/

    plus plus, I love these simple tones…nail art is cute..but I’m over it :P

    • jenny says:

      It’s not necessarily more fun but a lot of times the counters will be sold out of popular shades so when I saw it on YS I pounced. They’re a sponsor so receiving it courtesy of them is lovely :)

      Ditto on the nail art. I’ve been doing solid color for so long now… =Y Anything else I find annoying on my own nails.

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