MSN 2003-2011

Monday November 05, 2012   

Karme wanted me to post this image I sent her last night…

omg dat evolution

I wish I had more 2011~2012

you should post that! haha

Remember MSN?

Well it is still around but I never use it anymore.
I stopped using it in early 2011.

But recently I found the folder where all my MSN icons were saved! I used to really love making them and thought it was funny to see the progression over the years. You can even see the background change between my various college apartments.

Top left starts at 2003 while bottom right ends in January 2011.

Hmmmmm I wish I had more of 2011 and into 2012 but I guess my blog archives are around for that.

I guess now when people ask I ever had my hair “long” or “short” I can just link to this entry :deco6: :ok:


27 Responses to “MSN 2003-2011”

  1. jimbo says:

    Jimbo likeys!!

  2. winn says:

    lol when I think of you I either think short hair / jen w bob :D

  3. Sidney says:

    these are amazing. i love it, i love seeing ‘transformations’ of people!!! i think you must’ve had some of these on your website as well, because i remember most of the ones from the 1st one on the 3rd row on. AAAH!!

    • jenny says:

      Yeah definitely some of these are made from photos I would also post on the blog! But having them all in 1 folder really was funny to see! I like seeing transform posts too though doing my own is a little cringe-worthy :x

  4. Jane says:

    Oh my, you seem to have gotten YOUNGER over the years! I particularly love your hair on the right side fourth up from the bottom! I’m totally styling my hair like that tomorrow =p

  5. Kim-Mari says:

    Wow what a change1

    I agree with Jane above, you seem to be aging in reverse LOL

  6. Honeydew says:

    What a amazing transformation. And I agree that you seem to be looking younger over the years, lol. I remember the bottom half of the photos starting the one where you’re holding a camera taking a picture. You used to have that as your profile picture on twitter!

  7. Chaudie says:

    How do you feel about MSN being shut down soon?

  8. M says:

    haha i dont have any of mine left but i knew since original jen w/ pixie cut!! :D :D *proud*

  9. Céline says:

    You’re funny and beautiful!

  10. Mew says:

    Cute! Fascinating, kinda like those a pic a day videos :D You have great avatars!

  11. Marta says:

    4th row from the top, the one to the far right: omg, be still my heart!

  12. cin says:

    wowwwww i remember some of these too!!

  13. Denny says:

    Very nice! Unfortunately I also stopped using MSN because instead of becoming better and better they made some changes that were very annoying!

  14. karme says:


  15. Kmmyp says:

    Short hair looks so cute on you!
    I vote for the short hair.
    And why are you so cute?

  16. Bianca says:

    Its funny to look back and see HOW CERTAIN we were about lovin gyaru FOREVER..


  17. Miho-chan says:

    oh thank you for sharing these cool pics :)
    it is so funny how people change from year to year – I can see your hair growing ^^

  18. Lokkita says:

    oh my god, that’s 8 straight years of cool haircuts!

    funny to look back at the early 2000s little “pixel text” trend that was so common in every girl’s icons!

  19. tiff says:

    It’s crazy that I still remember visiting your site many years ago and looking at these old icons of your’s definitely sparked my memory of how you use to look back then. Every year you become more beautiful! Keep on blogging. :D

  20. Miya says:

    Ahhhhh you are too cute! I love seeing pictures of you from college! The short hair suits you really really well!

  21. Kettuk says:

    Oh my.. some of these photos… I would not had thought it is the same person ! :D Different lenses, makeup and hairstyle really change that much!?

    Beautiful as always :)

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