Happy New Year!

Monday December 31, 2012 comments   

happy 2013

  1. 1. New Year’s Eve outfit.

    I was thinking & thinking even considering wearing a sheer dress I haven’t worn in over a year. Then this came to mind. Much more “me.” Much more weather appropriate since I’ll be outside the pub often tonight. Oxford, tuxedo blazer, black skinnies, silver oink flats.

  2. 2. MARTINI Asti champagne
  3. 3. Champagne gives me tremendous hangovers. Hangover cure.
  4. 4. Happy New Year!

happy 2013


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What I’m Wearing – Winter

Saturday December 29, 2012 comments   

It’s nearly mid-winter now and it seemed like a good time to do a “current wardrobe” post. Anna asked about a month ago if I could post what I’m wearing for winter like I did in Autumn. Everything I’m wearing lately is a bit subconsciously chosen. These just turned out to be what I grabbed for day after day. :deco2: It’s the height of winter cold now and everything I’m wearing now is warm & cozy.

– Madewell dotted pinstripe boyshirt
– Madewell colorfleck boyshirt
– Madewell denim boyshirt
– black & white striped tee
– oversized cream sweater

– Old Navy skinnies
– Madewell metallic skirt
– Madewell tux skirt

– Madewell knit sweater dress

– Madewell sweater coat
– H&M parka

– H&M scarf
– foldover tote
– Payless flats
– Old Navy Boots in “sand”

I’m excluding a few items I only wear to work. Like a wool skirt and my black Artdot dress. Though I do wear most of these items to work too; just not all of them. Like my sweater dress. I wear my Artdot dress at the office more because my sweater dress is more “casual Friday.” So I don’t tend to wear my Artdot dress outside of the office much. OK that sounds more confusing than I meant it to be. I also have a black long wool coat I wear every day but only wear “out” sometimes.

11 clothing items 25+ looks not counting coats
Adding or removing layers or sweaters not counting shoes, tights, or hat & bag.

I got a few new things for Christmas that I’m looking forward to mixing into these pieces.

Also it’s very cold so many people ask how I stay warm. Besides the usual scarf, mittens, knit hats, I also double up on tights if I’m going to be walking around outside. Like Christmas day in the city. I wore 120den tights (the ginger tights) underneath my fleece tights! Perfectly warm. I also always wear my HEATTECH knit shorts under skirts/dresses. They make a huge difference. All the difference in the world. I’m actually warmer in my tights & HEATTECH shorts than the skinny jeans with socks!

Double up with wool tights or 2 pairs of 120den tights works about the same.
Also invest in some WICKED GOOD toe warmers! Good for days you’re outdoors for an extended period of time!

Twas random and you know I’ll use ’em!! :) :ok:


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