Some Pretty Japanese Shampoos

Wednesday December 05, 2012   

So a few months ago I came across all these gorgeous Japanese shampoos & body washes while looking into the Reveur line. Then just recently imomoko started getting them in, one-by-one!!! I’m most interested in the “Playback” line. It seems the most helpful. “Gift” is basically just roses in a bottle, so I’m cool with that too! Though nonetheless they all have such great aesthetics.


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La Puduer

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Salon Deapres

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Dear Jungle

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Nudy Aura

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“Classic” Herbal Essences

And on the subject of hair care, I keep seeing the ads for “Classic” Herbal Essences rose hip shampoo in Japanese magazines.

This line is really nostalgic to me. I used to get it sometimes when I was young as a sort of luxurious treat. It was much more expensive than my usual shampoo & conditioner. I think it was $4.99 a bottle? And we were a 99¢ bottle household. So now whenever I do smell it, that heavy sense of nostalgia comes rushing back. Though I do recall it being pretty crummy on my limp, volume-lacking hair. It still smelled amazing.

I don’t think the “Classic” line is available in the US but their “Color Me Happy” uses Moroccan rose. I’ve never bothered to look for it though. I’ll do that next time I’m out!


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13 Responses to “Some Pretty Japanese Shampoos”

  1. L says:

    So many pretty shampoos! Even Herbal Essences looks more interesting in Japanese hehe

  2. karme says:

    f son that herbal essences bottle brings me back


  3. Thea says:

    Wow! They all have very pretty packaging. So far the only Japanese shampoo I have tried is Shiseido Tsubaki in the Red variant. While it says it’s for shinier hair, I think it doesn’t do much to achieve that. The noticeable improvement it brought is that it flattened/limped my hair so it appears neater and a bit straighter. My hair have thick, black strands that can get very frizzy due to static and humidity in my country, and usually ends up with unwanted volume at the tips.

  4. Kate says:

    Ah man, I think many young women of certain ages feel that nostalgia for that Herbal Essences! I certainly do!

    I like the Shiseido Tsubaki Shining shampoo/conditioner — but I have really specific ways of washing my hair and I dilute the shampoo! But it’s currently in my shower and I love it. More than I liked that Shiseido Ma Cherie moisture feel type. That was too heavy for fine/thin hair like mine!

    These are all such pretty things!

  5. M says:

    i will pretty much buy anything that has a pump, so much easier to use in the shower!

  6. lissy says:

    I just wanna buy some of the above shampoos just for their cute packaging! :)

  7. Willa says:

    Those shampoos are gorgeous! I like how they tell you what they use for some of the shampoos.

  8. Fai says:

    I tried Mellsavon soap recently and love it! They smell lovely!

  9. Xin says:

    LOVELY packagings !! I don’t even care if these work better or not… Just enjoying the bottles haha They look SO much more fun than the usual ones we have here ! Ah, I want them all… especially the nudy aura…

  10. […] Tsubaki et je n’ai rien contre Tsubaki, mais il y a aussi tellement d’autres marques de soins capillaires ! Si vous avez les cheveux fins / manquant de volume / gras, fuyez les shampoings japonais qui […]

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