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Thursday December 06, 2012   

Recently I used Cin’s Japan Shopping Service to add to my collection of fleece-lined tights! TRAIN put out the Onna no Yokubou tights last year. I have two pairs already, available in black-only.

I’m so in love with them. Imomoko carries the originals still. They go OOS but come back quite often.

I was so happy to see that TRAIN expanded on their fleece-offerings by adding a few colored and patterned fleece-lined tights to their SF Style series.

They fit as comfortably as the Onna no Yokubou ones. The only difference, besides more color options, is they seem to be slightly thinner. This might prove beneficial since the original Onna no Yokubou tights were so thick they easily developed pressure point holes. It’s hard to explain unless you own a pair.

The SF Style ones are just as warm though. So luxurious. So comfortable! Honestly I could wear them around the house they are so comfy and don’t pinch at the waist like most tights.

I picked up the lame, bordeaux, and dark gray.

I also got a pair of the “Ginger Tights” in 120 denier.

They claim to heat your body up by 1.1°C (2.0°F) degrees after 30 minutes of wear using a mixture of ginger, chamomile, and capsaicin. Also soothes and “moisturizes” dry winter skin. I haven’t tried them yet but they looked too gimmicky to pass up lolol :deco3: They’re also shape-up style so they’ll at least keep my legs looking slender.

Cin also included an early Christmas gift! Thank you :)


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18 Responses to “New Tights”

  1. Kmmyp says:

    I actually just bought a black tights for myself.
    But now I want to get other colors as well.
    Perfect for this season! Though the price’s not bad.
    Just right for what it’s worth :)

    Oooh and I visited Cin’s site, the bear moving
    on the right side is so cute. Haha! :p

    Thanks for sharing again!

  2. tiff says:

    Dude, WHAT–“‘Also soothes and ‘moisturizes’ dry winter skin”…if this was the case, then I am very much sold on these tights. I really hate how easily dried my skin can become. Before I put on my tights, I ALWAYS lotion up my legs first, but somehow, after taking them off at the end of the day, there are flakes flying out of my tights left and right (sorry for those who have to read that disgusting description).

    And the fact that they warm you up is a huge plus.

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. M says:

    i sometimes like wearing skirts but it’s way too cold, but not nearly as cold as where you are but even still…..

    they look awesome
    do you use heattech? is that good, does it actually maintain heat?

    but the moisturizing thing is important …

    • jenny says:

      Yeah I just mostly hate wearing pants tbh. I have some heattech things. I especially wear knitted heattech shorts under dresses and skirts. It works. It’s not instant warmth but after about 30 minutes you can feel the warmth “not escaping” or whatever. Makes a huge difference!

  4. Sia says:

    Ooo. Looks good. Does it last a long time? Number one reason why I hate wearing cheap tights from America. T T

    • jenny says:

      The black pair lasted a full season of wear but formed tiny holes like on the toes/heel from wear. These a slightly thinner which I think will make them last a bit longer actually. More nylon, less fleece for a stronger hold. We’ll see~~ they’re the same company but different series.

  5. Honeydew says:

    The rink key chain and the hair accessories are so cute!

  6. cin says:

    Yay! No problem! :D Thank you too~~~

  7. Kate says:

    GAH! I want these!

  8. Sarita says:

    those little lion socks are too cute!

  9. Xin says:

    Wow these thights look great! I love to wear tights in winter days. What is the difference between “fleece-lined tights” and “wool tights”? Which one of them is more “warm”? Are the sizes of japanese tights smaller actually? Did you already wear one of them? Sorry for so many questions… but I’m really interested you know xD

    • jenny says:

      The difference between fleece-lined and wool is that wool tights are just made from, well, wool. So the fabric used is thicker than nylon tights which makes them warmer than regular nylon tights.

      Fleece lined are just that. They’re woven tights that also having an inner lining of fleece, so they are basically two-layered tights and much, MUCH warmer than just wool tights! I used to have wool tights too, I got rid of them I don’t even use them anymore.

      Japanese sizes are definitely smaller than American sizes. Basically they run a size smaller so like “M” is more like US “S.”

      Yes I’ve worn them already :) I love them :)

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