Sweet Home Decor

Saturday December 22, 2012   

I picked up a few zakka inspired home decorations from iswas on Yesstyle as well. I want to add these to the area with my new Anthrolopolgie hooks!

I just finished putting up the wall stickers. I really loved the look of them though I don’t read a lick of Korean. lolol I started learning once so I understand how the Hangul are formed but my vocabulary is at nill because I focused more on Japanese. :deco13: So mostly I just find these Korean stickers aesthetically “cute.” :P

I will say one of the stickers was missing the adhesive on a single “n” when I transferred it to the wall so I suppose it’s lucky I can’t read Korean because that would probably bug me seeing something misspelled, haha!

update – Mike fixed the adhesive-missing letter with some double-sided tape!

But all in all I love these and am really happy with them! You’ll probably be seeing them a lot in upcoming posts :)



8 Responses to “Sweet Home Decor”

  1. Cindii says:

    I love garlands/buntings!

  2. MH. says:

    That’s absolutely cute!

  3. chocoNIKKI says:

    The one that says “Bon voyage” on the front says “The vacation is going to start. ‘Depart’ (can also kind of mean “let’s go”!)” ^^ They look so cute, there really are a lot of Korean zakka themed items out there~ =D

    • jenny says:

      Thanks!!! That one came off perfectly when I transferred which I’m glad bc it was my favorite. The top one the final N wasn’t printed with adhesive so it’s misspelled on my wall lol

  4. Eliz says:

    Love these! very summer-like :3

  5. 3lin says:

    Love this type of deco

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