Sushi Cat Sales Post

Friday January 11, 2013   

Sunday 5:35pm: Thank you everyone so, so much!!! Finding new homes for these items has been truly enjoyable!
I’ll be sending everyone’s purchases out Monday. Thank you again!

I put a few things up for sale :)

I haven’t done a blog sale in over a year but I was feeling really motivated recently to do another. I’ve been slowly going through my wardrobe and I have similar favorite dresses, blouses and denim shorts, etc. etc. So I’m trying avoid so much redundancy in my closet.

How to buy?
There is a drop down menu above the “Buy Now” Paypal buttons. Choose which applies to you. One is for those living within the United States, therefore domestic shipping. The other is for international buyers who live outside the US thus higher shipping costs.

I will be shipping everything USPS Priority-Mail/First-Class without insurance or tracking. If you’d prefer express mail, tracking, or insurance, please feel free to let me know! Simply add the request to your paypal purchase comment and we’ll work out the extra cost ;).
12oz package within US = $5
12oz package to Australia = $10

I will be shipping orders from this weekend on Monday Jan 14. If you purchase by 5:00pm EST Sunday night it’ll be shipped on Monday. My office hours coincide with USPS’s so it’s hard to get to a post office before weekday close. So safe bet is orders after Sunday will be shipped roughly 24~48hrs later.

Feel free to comment on this post with any questions or email me directly ;)

All items are sold out…

Pixie Market
Blush Tier Dress


Sheer Cream Ribbon Blouse


Sheer Mint Ruffle Blouse


Dolman Striped Sweater


UNIQLO Navy Dot Oxford


Fuzzy Sweater in Navy


South Moon Under
Black Lace Dress


W♥C Distressed Denim Shorts


W♥C Black クマタン Scarf


Tsumori Chisato
Cat’s Tote + Book


Urban Decay Naked2 Palette


Thank you everyone for looking,
I truly appreciate it.



15 Responses to “Sushi Cat Sales Post”

  1. Mandie says:

    Hi Jenny, if the item came up as “not-available” I assume that means it’s been sold? I was interested in the WC scarf. Thanks!

    • jenny says:

      Yes, I’m sorry. It already sold. I try to remove the buttons as soon as things sell but it’s happening rather quickly :F

      I really appreciate you’re interest though!!!! Sorry you missed it!

  2. Rachel says:

    Yay! I just purchased the urban decay naked 2 palette. Thank you for selling these items. ^^ Hope you do it again.

  3. xMickii says:

    Is everything sold out? I tried to buy but it says that they are unable to process my request =/.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Yay! I’ve been following your blog for a while, and when I first saw your blog post on the South moon under dress, I wanted it but I couldn’t get it here in Australia! So excited, thank you :)

  5. Sewon says:

    Aw, so many lovely things listed here, Jenny! :)

  6. Eliz says:

    Wow! everything is so cute. Wish I stopped by the sale earlier :)

  7. Miya says:

    You sold the naked 2 palette?! why??

    • jenny says:

      The horror!!!

      Yeah I explained why in the posting but deleted all my descriptions as items sold to save scroll space. Basically I bought a ton of Japanese palettes soon after, I’m obsessed with matte shadows now, and I received the naked basics palette so naked2 was never getting used and I was wasting its value.

  8. ctina says:

    Sorry about all the stress. I’m sure everything will go spectacularly

  9. xin says:

    Actually I was shocked when I saw your sale post ! So many cute items ! And half was sold already when I saw your post haha But I’m not feeling too bad since I’m a size bigger. I should make a diet to fit into your next sale post XD

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