Rose of Heaven Hair Care

Tuesday March 12, 2013   

This weekend I found Rose of Heaven Shampoo & Conditioner at a Japanese Market. I had this brand’s lotion and blotting sheets. It’s a great brand if you like classic rose scents. It’s a bit like a powered rose. They main note is Bulgarian Damask Rose and they boast the use of rose honey in their products.

rose of heaven shampoo and conditioner

The shampoo & conditioner are supposed to leave the scent of roses in your hair. And honestly, it does. It does so well that I avoided wearing perfume because I simply did not need it. The hair care is silicone-free and adds a little bounce and volume to my hair actually. It didn’t smooth it exceptionally well but it was still quite soft.

rose of heaven shampoo and conditioner

Since the main focus of the line is to add the fragrance of rose I must admit I’m a bit surprised at how decent of a hair care line this turned out to be. It’s not holy grail but it is the most fragrant rose shampoo I’ve used (the scent lasts easily 8 hours) and it leaves my hair looking pretty good. I’m really happy :)


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16 Responses to “Rose of Heaven Hair Care”

  1. 3lin says:

    I always refuse to use conditional. Does it turn the hair oily after like 1 or 2 days?

  2. Samantha says:

    The only Japanese market I’ve been to since I’ve moved to the DMV is that little tiny one near U Street. I need to go in there one of these days when I’m not in a food coma (and not buying boxes of their green tea Kit Kat) and see if they have any haircare stuff. I’ve been hoarding products during my trips back to NY these past few months and that stopped being cute in December, hehe.

    • jenny says:

      I know which one you’re talking about. There’s a VERY similar one in Bethesda & then another larger one in Rockville. There used to be more but they’ve slowly been closing over the years.

  3. Amelia says:

    The smell must be intense if you didn’t feel the need to put perfume.

    • jenny says:

      It is. It would either clash if it weren’t a rose perfume or just be too much if I did use a rose perfume. It reminded me of all the times I passed girls in Japan who just were like a wall of flowers (and I mean that in the most envious, nicest, possible way.) :)

  4. L says:

    o0o0oo~ I havent seen this one before. I want to smell it! :D

  5. elaine says:

    I was actually wondering about this shampoo and conditioner because I kept wanting to buy it because the bottles were so cute! We also have Ma Cherie at our markets.. But I’ve been using Ichikami because my hair is pretty damaged and needs moisture!! Thanks for the review though! <3

  6. Lillith says:

    A fragrance that lasts that long sounds really nice ^^ but I’m always really apprehensive about rose scents… is it like the artificial rose scent you smell in nursing homes (lol best I could come up with) or maybe a better example would be like a cheaper rose perfume, or a actually a nice floral smell…I’m really curious lol. Sorry I know how difficult it must be to describe a scent.

  7. mishi says:

    Ooo, will be on the look out for this. Good heads up. Rose scented things are automatically lovely. I don’t think I’ve tried any rose hair products yet.

  8. Tori says:

    Pretty packaging is always a win <3 The fragrance sounds like it's lovely too~

  9. Dawn says:

    Hi,I’ve been looking for a good rose scented shampoo & conditioner that really smells like roses and that the scent last for awhile and after reading your blog about Rose Of Heaven I really want to try it. I went to the website but none of it is in English and I didn’t know how to buy it. Do you know if there is a website where I can buy these products in English? Thanks.

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