Paul & Joe Brush

Friday March 15, 2013   

My previous retractable blush brush from Sephora finally fell apart. It had it for years and toted it around almost daily so I knew it wouldn’t last forever. I received this Paul & Joe Beaute face color brush courtesy of Yesstyle.

Paul and Joe brush

It’s got a lovely exterior with the familiar Paul & Joe flower design etched into the side and a shiny knob for elevating the brush once the cap is removed. That’s my favorite part, the cap fits brilliantly. It definitely won’t be sliding off randomly in my makeup bag.

Paul and Joe brush
Paul and Joe brush

The bristles are very soft and have a nice give to them that makes applying blush or highlighter effortless. The open slit track where the knob is feels a little strange at first when holding it but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. :)


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8 Responses to “Paul & Joe Brush”

  1. Amelia says:

    The design looks very nice. I really like the attention to details to Paul & Joe as a brand in general.

    That is a very orange looking blush, how does it look on the skin?

  2. Honeydew says:

    The brush looks really elegant and classy! I like the design on the case.

  3. Nicole says:

    I love the design! *O* I really need to invest in some good brushes.

    Also, I just realized that your blog will be 10 this year. OMG. I remember being in my 8th/9th grade computer classes and rushing to get my work done so I’d have “free time” and could visit your blog. And now I’m out of college and am a working adult. Time flies!

  4. mishi says:

    It’s so pretty! Always want Paul & Joe stuff but when I pass by their stuff my wallet cries.

  5. cardiac says:

    Loooove the design! Never tried their brushes! I think I have to (;

  6. Tori says:

    This is really pretty & looks so sleek!

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