Spring Wardrobe Picks

Wednesday May 29, 2013 comments   

spring wardrobe

Spring Things

mint blazer (Zara)
gray blazer (JCrew)

denim dot shirt (Madewell)
blue pinstripe & dot shirt (Madewell)
red & blue striped shirt (Madewell)
sun kissed blue silk shirt (Everlane)
navy ryan tee (Everlane)
navy sweater (Everlane) *pictured here*

skinny skinny ankle jeans (Madewell)
bistro skirt (Madewell)

mountain blossom bag (Uguisu)
black flats (Payless)
hair ties (emi-jay, maison de reefur)
living grace perfume (Philosophy)

This was a long spring. It stayed chilly so even into late May this is what I’m wearing. However this week the temperatures are on the upswing from 60° to 90° so it’s likely full blown summer now. So this is maybe a look back at what I was wearing up until today. My favorite was really the ryan tee paired with the blazers. Some things will transition over into summer. I forgot to add my sweater to the photo. I quickly put everything together after getting home from work today.

I’m still obsessed with blue. I recently purchased a blue china-pattern like skirt I hope to get a lot of wear from this summer as well. It’s a mini skirt but I bought a size up so that it would be a little longer & office appropriate.

I’ve been wearing my hair up all spring and giving my eyes a break from contacts and wearing my glasses a little more often too.

Besides that I have some summer dresses still packed away that I’ll pull out. See how much I’ll wear them. Some things I pulled out for spring from last year I didn’t really wear much. That’s OK. They’re good items and I might want to wear them in the fall or next spring. Of course if they still go unworn I’ll probably donate them after that. :)


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Naive Rose Hips Body Wash

Sunday May 26, 2013 comments   

I picked up this simple body wash from the Kracie line Naive made with rose hips. It has an amazing fragrance of fruity rose.

kracie naive rose hip body wash

Lately the days have been switching between 60F to 85F back to 50F and my skin has really become sensitive to the somewhat extreme changes. I was looking for a nourishing body wash. Since this brand is targeted towards both adults and children I thought it might be exactly what my skin needs. :)


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