Spring Wardrobe Picks

Wednesday May 29, 2013   

spring wardrobe

Spring Things

mint blazer (Zara)
gray blazer (JCrew)

denim dot shirt (Madewell)
blue pinstripe & dot shirt (Madewell)
red & blue striped shirt (Madewell)
sun kissed blue silk shirt (Everlane)
navy ryan tee (Everlane)
navy sweater (Everlane) *pictured here*

skinny skinny ankle jeans (Madewell)
bistro skirt (Madewell)

mountain blossom bag (Uguisu)
black flats (Payless)
hair ties (emi-jay, maison de reefur)
living grace perfume (Philosophy)

This was a long spring. It stayed chilly so even into late May this is what I’m wearing. However this week the temperatures are on the upswing from 60° to 90° so it’s likely full blown summer now. So this is maybe a look back at what I was wearing up until today. My favorite was really the ryan tee paired with the blazers. Some things will transition over into summer. I forgot to add my sweater to the photo. I quickly put everything together after getting home from work today.

I’m still obsessed with blue. I recently purchased a blue china-pattern like skirt I hope to get a lot of wear from this summer as well. It’s a mini skirt but I bought a size up so that it would be a little longer & office appropriate.

I’ve been wearing my hair up all spring and giving my eyes a break from contacts and wearing my glasses a little more often too.

Besides that I have some summer dresses still packed away that I’ll pull out. See how much I’ll wear them. Some things I pulled out for spring from last year I didn’t really wear much. That’s OK. They’re good items and I might want to wear them in the fall or next spring. Of course if they still go unworn I’ll probably donate them after that. :)


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38 Responses to “Spring Wardrobe Picks”

  1. Kathy says:

    Your style is just perfect and darling T u T

  2. Maye says:

    Wow, everything looks so clean and soothing (in a good way).

    I wonder what you might plan for summer whe the heat arrives for sure!

  3. Kanon says:

    I’ve been looking at the grace perfume for a while…
    How do you like the scent?? I saw the package at the store
    before but they were the box packaged so I couldn’t
    try it… I wonder what it is like….

    I really love your fashion… It’s simple and chic.
    Very formal and I like it.. Reminds of Rinka so much.

    • jenny says:

      This is Living Grace’s official description:

      This fragrance was formulated to help center a woman’s mood, enabling her to fully embrace the beauty of living in the present moment each day. This ethereal, clean scent evokes a sensory experience that creates uplifting feelings of vibrancy, well-being, and clarity. You don’t wear it, you live it.

      Fresh Neroli, Lily of the Valley, Warm Musk.

      It definitely smells like lily of the valley. It’s light but floral. There’s like 8 different “graces” though. This was my favorite of them but they all have a distinct scent.

  4. elle says:

    Such a pretty colour palette! I love the blues ( >⋎< ) I also like how they're all neatly set up!

  5. slayedoll says:

    i love the relaxed and girly casual vibe your blog gives, it always brightens me up. :-)

  6. yumiko-nyandesu says:

    i guess this is okay for YOUR style…
    It totally suits someone with YOUR “idea” of fashion
    -2 kawaii scale

  7. Rora says:

    I’ve also realized that suddenly blue seems to be my new favorite color in clothing :o I always thought that blue is not my color and I should avoid it.. but then I bought few dresses in blue and those are my favorites now :’D

    • jenny says:

      Yeah I didn’t have /much/ blue in my closet until this spring. I had maybe 3 or 4 shirts in blue but I’m really into blue pinstripes and I think it branched out from there.

  8. Ria says:

    Your fold game is on point. :p

  9. cardiac says:

    Your blouses are looking super cute!

  10. Tiana Rose says:

    Hello hello! New reader here :) Madewell is also a staple in my wardrobe. I love how you style yours, very relaxed business-casual coooool.

    • jenny says:

      Hello! Thanks for stopping by! Definitely a Madewell closet over here. I wear a lot of it to work (business casual) and so I’d say that has (work) a lot of influence on my style outside the office as pictured above.

  11. Cherri says:

    I love your blog! although this is my first time to leave a comment. I wanted to share this with you because when I saw this I immediately thought of your blog! Enjoy :)


    • jenny says:

      Hahahaha! You know it’s so strange, I bought my domain about 10 years ago and back then no sushi-cat jokes were really around but that game came out and now there’s sushi-cat everywhere!

  12. Christine says:

    I found about your blog through instagram and instantly fell in love! :D Such lovely style

  13. Mai says:

    I really love how simple your selections are. They’re minimalistic, but still have a trendy edge so it’s not completely boring. Do you know of any Japanese brands that have a similar style? I’m currently in Japan so I won’t be able to shop at Everlane or Madewell any time soon :T

  14. Honeydew says:

    Your wardrobe is indeed very blue!

  15. Yen says:

    Your style is so sophisticated. A perfect wardrobe for Paris.

  16. Maria says:

    I really envy your sense of style! And I love it how you keep it simple, but very stylish at the same time :) and the color pallet is very pretty (navy love~).
    Didn’t know Madewell but I’m glad I know it now!

    • jenny says:

      Thank U Thank U! Yeah I just find it so easy to shop there. I mean they always have something I like and are extremely helpful so I basically have a 85% Madewell closet at this point.

  17. xin says:

    I love your choices (as always…)! Actually I would love to see you wearing them! I mean ootd pics. Honestly… where are the piiiics……….. crys

    • jenny says:

      Haha yeah I just really don’t try to take them anymore. I’ll get really motivated some days and think “OK I’M GONNA DO IT FOR A WEEK STRAIGHT!” but then I forget to leave my camera in my closet and then I just 100% forget.

  18. Alanna says:

    Love this post. So crisp and casual :)

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