Shu Uemura x Takashi Murakami

Saturday December 21, 2013   

shu uemura x takashi murakami

I recently tried out this eyeshadow palette from Yesstyle. It’s a part of Shu Uemura’s 2013 holiday collection called 6♡ Princess. A collaboration with Takashi Murakami. This is the Enchanted Black Parallel palette.

There are 7 iridescent and pearly eye shadows with 1 blush color. The colors are rich and vibrant. I’ve been using the gold, silver, black, and pearl pink heavily since receiving the palette. The plum blush is strongly pigmented and a little goes a long way.

Shu Uemura 6♡ Princess Enchanted Black Parallel Palette

Rich, highly pigmented colors
Long lasting
Good variety of shades
Gold and silver together in 1 palette

Glitter fallout especially with pearl pink shade (using NARS primer)
Works best with included compact brushes (and not well with other brushes)

shu uemura x takashi murakami
shu uemura x takashi murakami

Final thoughts: This is a good palette for adding a mix of colors into any collection especially mine which is mostly made of of neutrals. I have 2 of Shu Uemura’s previous holiday palettes. I personally prefer the texture and variety in those previous palettes but these offer more color choices in the eye shadow. The top 3 shades are perfect for the holidays. I love gold shadow this time of year and silver with black are perfect for New Year’s. I also liked that a single palette offered both silver and gold. These two shades are usually found in separate eye shadow palettes when given the choice. Also a good palette for celebrating Mardi Gras ;)

shu uemura x takashi murakami



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10 Responses to “Shu Uemura x Takashi Murakami”

  1. Elyse says:

    Oh man, that gold is to die for! Really, all of the shades are ones I would use! That price, though! Egads! I’m used to high-end pricing, but that’s a little too rich for my current budget. Ah well…

  2. Zoey says:

    I have this palette and I use it everyday, it’s amazing.

    Although, have you found a way to manage the glitter fallout? I’m using the Urban Decay (or sometimes the Shu version) and I’ve not found a way yet. It doesn’t seem to play well with others either.

    But at least the colours are pretty and the design on the front *o*
    I want the pink one….

  3. Barbs says:

    It looks so pretty (:

  4. L says:

    I love the illustrations from this collection but wasn’t sure about the palette colours : / It’s nice to see a review! :)

  5. zombizombi says:

    I love gold shadow. This palette looks nice enough but your hair is so cute!

  6. Winn says:

    The gold looks great on you! I chickened out of your palette since it had more dark colours but the pink one was sold out everywhere in JP. I ended up buying it on the plane(?!) but one colour was cracked… Don’t buy make up on planesssss!

  7. xin says:

    Awww I missed pics from you so much! You look great and the pony is so cute!

  8. xin says:

    … I mean your bangs. Not ponys… It’s just the German word for bangs and messed things up.

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