Getting Ready for Christmas

Sunday December 22, 2013   

This past week I ended up at Max Brenner again. I tried their “mexican spicy hot chocolate” and yeah, it’s spicy! Their hot chocolates are also served in urinal shaped mugs. It says this shape is for a “greater chocolate experience” but I just feel like I’m gravy-boating melted chocolate into my mouth. But maybe it’s just me. ;)

It’s gone from snowy blizzard to humid thunderstorm in less than a week. It was so warm last night (record high for December) that I ended up sitting outside a bar and drinking till midnight without even realizing. It’s like summer all of a sudden. But apparently Christmas Eve the high will be 35°F again and it might snow Tuesday too. The weather isn’t the only un-Christmas thing happening. It doesn’t really feel like Christmas to me this year. Not to say it’s disappointing or not a happy enjoyable one! I’ve actually been having a great holiday season! But just saying there’s a lot of changes (out of my control) that are happening right now and because of that I’m so turned around. I really can’t believe Christmas will be over in a matter of days!

I feel like I need to eat a ton of cookies and chocolates and hot cocoa and sing carols and run around frantic and crazy :D


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14 Responses to “Getting Ready for Christmas”

  1. Sidney says:

    haha the last sentence describes me perfectly right now. where is my christmas feelings? must do ALL THE CHRISTMAS THINGS POSSIBLE NOW!!! drowns self in marshmallow hot coco

  2. Sewon says:

    Ohh I’m getting into the DC area on Tuesday, and bracing myself for the sudden cold. It would be amazing to see snow!

  3. zombi says:

    Agree, it doesn’t feel like Christmas to me, either! I’m having a mug of cocoa right now in effort to feel some spirit.

  4. sukipooki says:

    I really like all the holiday decorations you have, especially the stockings! I think drinking from the “gravy boat” looks so fun! I remember the first time I tried spicy hot chocolate (it was called aztec gold hot chocolate that that cafe) and I think it was soooo strange drinking a spicy beverage! Did you enjoy it?

  5. meg says:

    Those do look like gravy boats.

    Very cute Christmas pictures! The weather here feels pretty Christmas-y as everything’s coated in ice right now. Actual Christmas is supposed to be warmer though.

  6. xin says:

    I love your christmas tree! It’s the most happiest one! Actually I like to see it every year XD Hope things will turn out great for you next year and that you won’t have things to worry about.

  7. Lolo says:

    You’re right. It just doesn’t feel quite like Christmas~ It was 85 degrees this past week….people were going to the beach hahaha

    Your Christmas tree looks sooooo cute and lovely~

  8. miya says:

    This weather is driving me crazy. I swear this is how people get super sick! Last weekend I was laying in my freezing apt with no heat or hot water and it was 25 outside and today I have all the windows open in an attempt to counteract my now fixed heater.

    Loved all your tipsy tumblin by the way. :)

  9. L says:

    Love all your christmas deco :D

  10. Cindii says:

    I love their hug mug. Keeps my hands warm, but it does feel like pouring chocolate into my mouth. Haha. I love eating there. I went to the one in Vegas. I wish they had one closer to where I live.

    I love your tree.

  11. Hanna says:

    The hot chocolate & goodies from Max Brenner look delicious & quite tempting despite the shape of that cup haha. It’s been awhile since I’ve been there! I’m really loving all of your Christmas decorations, so warm & delightful :)

  12. Miya says:

    You know, I feel the EXACT same way. This Christmas is just flying by….it hasn’t even happened yet but I feel like it’s pretty much over already! I don’t feel like I got to enjoy enough of the season yet! D; Kind of sad thinking about it being over in less than 3 days now……

  13. Anonymous says:

    Pretty pictures as usual! I can’t believe how Christmas is coming up so soon. We just had a huge ice storm this weekend and tomorrow it’s going to be -21, omg. T_T I don’t even wanna be out but I have a half day work at work.

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