Liese Hair Styling

Monday January 20, 2014   

Liese products

Tried out two of the 3 Liese products I received courtesy of Yesstyle. One for an airy style and the other for permed styles. Both are used on dry hair as “fixes!”

Liese products

Liese Airy Style Blow-Dry Water

Gives an airy volume without greasy texture
Easy to use
Dries quickly with hairdryer

Does add a slight hairspray texture

I really liked the Airy Style Blow-Dry Water spray. It does exactly what it says. The texture it leaves behind isn’t too bad. It’s similar to a hair spray texture but with more give. I would recommend this for anyone with thin flat hair like mine

Liese Wave Style Defining Foam

Easy to apply
Fast drying
Weightless texture

Best for permed hair

The perm I got in the summer is about 99% washed out however I found this product to be pretty useful in adding waves. I applied a bit of the Wave Style Defining foam to my un-styled but dry hair. I then put it up in a ponytail bun (where you create a sort of bun from only pulling your hair halfway through the tie) and I took it out about an hour later when I got to work and had these great waves that lasted all day! Usually when I do this the waves fall out throughout the day but this product added a little extra hold to them.


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11 Responses to “Liese Hair Styling”

  1. Alanna says:

    I like this range from Liese a lot . I like the straight blow mist the best :),have you tried it?

  2. Tiff says:

    Oooh I am really interested in the Airy Style water! I currently use Lucido-L products (especially the Airy Curl lotion) but I’m keen to try something new now.

  3. I got one product of Liese from my cousine. It smells so good :D

  4. エミリー says:

    Hi Jenny, I really admire your style and dedication to blogging about Japanese products. I wanted to see what you think about this chester coat from DHOLIC?
    I’ve fallen in love with chester coats and they really seem to have taken root in Japan! Hard to find in the US though ^_^

    • jenny says:

      Ugh I love chester coats! My work coat is this style. I bought it a few years ago though and haven’t seen many around the US either recently. I love how plus this one looks!! Looks well insulated too for cold cold days :)

      • エミリー says:

        I love them too! (too much perhaps) it’s super insulated! It’s made of Alpaca hair instead of wool which apparently has some benefits :) Thanks for taking the time to look!

  5. Honeydew says:

    Oh I have always liked Liese hair products. Thanks for sharing these!

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