Ordering Japanese Products on Amazon

Thursday March 06, 2014   

So I had my first experience ordering Japanese stuff on Amazon recently. I mentioned ordering a bunch of Angel Heart items earlier.

Well, they’re here! …
Some of them at least

One Amazon store called Beautyworks sent the Angel Heart Hair Wash instead of the Hair Treatment I ordered. They were actually out of the treatment when I contacted them so they refunded my money and told me to just keep the Hair Wash. OK, that was really cool of them and I would order from them again. :)

Angel Heart
Angel Heart

The other Amazon store sent me a single tracking code for my order. When it arrived there was only 1 item in the package! When I contacted them they apologized and said the other items were “lost in transit.” These items were now sold out so they refunded my money and shipping for those items. I was disappointed because I wouldn’t have ordered this body spray if I wasn’t already ordering the Angel Heart items. On the plus side the spray smells pretty good. A nice apple and does soften the skin some.

Angel Heart
Angel Heart

I get the feeling that ordering these things on Amazon can be really unpredictable. I had figured Amazon was a last ditch effort to get hard to find items and it seems proven right. Also it’s rare to find any of these items available for Prime. However, in the end, I did at least get my 1 bottle of Angel Heart Hair Wash so I’m still happy :)


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11 Responses to “Ordering Japanese Products on Amazon”

  1. Honeydew says:

    LOL seems like they keep messing up your order. I had a similar experience happen to me from yesstyle when I made an order during x’mas time just a few months ago. They actually shipped me someone else’s order instead (it was all face and eye masks from Etude House) So I called yesstyle up (through their toll free customer service line) and told them about it and they told me to keep the masks and they’re really sorry about the mistake and said they will reship my original order again. A few weeks later, I finally got my actual order shipment and I have a free one that was sent to me by mistake, lol.

  2. Veronica says:

    blast you amazoooon *fist shake* I’ve had some ebay people make my life harder like that

    • jenny says:

      Oh yeah, ebay for me is even more last ditch than Amazon ever since I tried ordering magazines from it in 2004 and it was a fake auction xO

  3. Trina says:

    Hi Jenny! I also wanted to buy the hair wash myself but couldn’t find it online. I think I’m just bad at googling haha But anyways, I was wondering where that little wooden shelf is from? It’s for the bathtub right? (:

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  5. Francesca says:

    I use eBay store Alphabeauty UK: http://stores.ebay.com/alphabeautystore/

    Stuff arrives in about a week, and they update with new release products within weeks of release in Japan.

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