Planting Seeds for Bees

Monday April 21, 2014   

Last weekend I painted the terra cotta pots; this week I planted seeds. I have a handful germinating inside as well as “back-up.” Especially since it’s raining every other day. It’s hard to protect seedlings out in the open.

DIY painted pots

store bought verses online order seed packets

Nasturtium, chives, parsley, morning glory, sunflower, portulaca, lavender, baby’s breath, zinnia, cypress vine, moonflower.

Store bought seed packets are eye-catching and full of expectations while packets ordered from the same company online are strictly business. :)

It’s funny that after hours of hard work there’s quite a bit of time that all you have to show for it is dirt. I’m feeling optimistic. As I was planting, a few stray bees passed by me. Hopefully the lavender, chives, zinnias, morning glories, and sunflowers attract more.



9 Responses to “Planting Seeds for Bees”

  1. Elyse says:

    Awwww, how great! It’s one of my dreams to become a beekeeper. Until now, I do the same as you and plant lots of bee-friendly plants. Bees are one of the most important animals on earth! Gotta do whatever we can to preserve them!

    • jenny says:

      Do you watch Elementary? If not, there’s a lot of media that shows the concept of rooftop beekeeping and I find that fascinating! Rooftop gardens are just so appealing to me :D

  2. Marles says:

    Yaay for another gal who wants to help out the bees! My bestie and I are planting a lot of bee friendly flowers and hanging a couple bee hotels in our yards to help out. It’s amazing how many people go, “Do you REALLY want that many bees around?” Um, hello, of course I do. A few is better than NONE. If bees go down, they’re taking us with them. Not many people seem to realize this, sadly…

    • jenny says:

      This all the way!!!!! A lot of people I’ve spoken to don’t even realize there’s a dwindling bee population! That’s terrifying! I wish I had more spaces with more sun so I could plant MORE of bee favorites but for now I’m eager to see how these minified versions (I got elf sunflowers and pinwheel zinnia) do in large pots!

  3. astromantic says:

    I so want to do this! But I’d need to get my own space first…

  4. Thao says:

    Good luck with your seedlings! I can’t tell if mine are dead or alive still. I see no signs of life. T__T

  5. Wendy says:

    I want to have a garden too! love how the terracota pots turned out, good luck with your garden this year. Btw, i like how your blog feels (reads :P) more optimistic these days UuU

  6. Mai says:

    Your recent plant-related blog posts have kind of inspired me. I picked up some kale seeds today and hope to plant them soon while it’s still sort of cool :)

  7. Amelia says:

    Your terracotta pot look amazing. Good luck with your mini-garden!

    I wish I had a green thumb ;_;

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