Simple Floral Arrangements

Monday May 19, 2014   

I am borderline obsessed with having fresh cut flowers in my house. It hasn’t always been that way though. I used to think flowers were only something given to you on special occasions. I wasn’t really aware of the affordable choices at most supermarkets. I thought I’d share some tips because having these flowers throughout my house have really made a big difference in my mood. And that maybe in the past I took flower arrangements a little too serious to enjoy!

flowers in the bath

I never ran out and bought proper vases. Most people only have the vases they’ve received with a gift bouquet. I have a few of those that I use for larger arrangements but I enjoy the look of various small collections around the house more. Simple glass jars I leave on the nightstand, in the bathroom, and on windowsills. Spaghetti sauce jars, jelly jars, honey jars can all be used for floral arrangements. Soaking the labeled jar in water overnight or using a spray such as Goof-Off for removing labels is pretty easy.

flowers in glass jars

Three “vases” that were once a sauce jar, a pickle jar, and a pancake syrup jar.

Choosing flowers

Flower choice can also make a difference. Sometimes I pick my favorites like tulips and roses but they can be quite pricey. So instead I sometimes buy a small batch of those then a cheap filler flower like Baby’s Breath to fill out the arrangement more. Also some flowers last much longer than others saving both time and money. Mums, carnations, alstroemeri, and daisies can all last for two weeks and beyond if well maintained.

Opting for spray roses in place of long-stem roses is a cheap alternative that still has a big payoff.

Greenery such as ceder clippings, especially in winter, last and last while adding vibrant color. Some greenery such as philodendron leaves have been known to last for months.

General cut flowers tips

I remove all leaves that would otherwise be submerged by water. Sometimes I just remove all of them for a minimal look. I then cut the stems at an angle at least 1 inch from the bottom tip. More if I plan on using them in a small jar. I recut stems at a diagonal every 3 days when I switch out the water to make the flowers last longer. Keeping the flowers away from direct sunlight helps them last longer but I just love how they look in the windows too much to always do that.

For roses I will pluck off an exterior petal or two and then carefully spread the inner petals out when I want a fuller looking rose. The next morning the roses look almost as if they’ve bloomed bigger.

Don’t overthink it

While there are definitely good tips out there I think they can sometimes seem overwhelming and make you believe that unless you have an oversized bouquet of roses and white lilies in a crystal vase on a marble table you’re doing it “wrong.” There’s no wrong way. Buying yourself flowers is not wrong. Putting those flowers in jars or glasses instead of a glass vase is not wrong. Displaying them in small corners of a room instead of a grand centerpiece is definitely not wrong. And you don’t have to spend a fortune. The $4.99 bunches of mums or sunflowers are spray roses are perfect for this style :)



21 Responses to “Simple Floral Arrangements”

  1. Kathy says:

    They look simple yet really lovely. Your photos are so nice! I enjoy reading your blog posts so much, I want to live life like you hehe ^///^

  2. Sidney says:

    you’re like a home interior pro, wow ㅠㅠ can you come help me decorate my place plz

  3. Sofia says:

    Wow, I love all the decorations (flowers AND other things pictured). Your sense of home decorating style is so goooood! I too have been getting a lot of glass jars lately, but for storing dry foods like oats or muesli. It looks nice ^^ But I might try doing something else with the jars after reading your post now!

    • jenny says:

      Oh I love how that looks too! I actually have those clamp glass jars for sugar & flour but reusing old jars for storing dried goods is smart. I think I want to do that more too!

  4. Susy says:

    all of these flower arrangements looks so prettyyy!! I love the minimalistic look of them!

  5. MajinRin says:

    simply beautiful <3

  6. anh says:

    Hi, I’ve actually been subscribed to your blog for awhile now and I rarely leave comments. I just wanted to say I’ve enjoyed reading and seeing pictures you posted. Also I have a tip for you if your interested; If you add a little sugar and then water before you put flowers in this will help buds/flowers to open.

    • jenny says:

      Oh I’ve heard of sugar but thought it was another “lasting” trick and not for opening buds! Thank you! I’ll have to keep this in mind especially for roses. I always have those flower food packets and I use those instead of the penny or bleach or million other suggested things. I think using 7up is even a thing!

  7. Joany says:

    I am a huge fan of fresh cut flowers at home as well. It’s always a treat to buy a bunch for myself and decorate my home with them. Your arrangements look lovely!

    • jenny says:

      I’ve seen more and more people just buying simple bundles of flowers at the grocery store these days. It’s nice because I feel it’s driving the stores to make it more accessible and affordable.

  8. Honeydew says:

    I think having fresh flowers at home can definitely brighten up the mood. And I agree with there’s no wrong with using empty jars as a vase. It’s economical and environmentally friendly too to recycle things!

  9. Churi Chan says:

    absolutely adorable :D

  10. Jenna says:

    I love this so much !

  11. Miya says:

    Omg. So much beautiful inspo!!! I have never thought of this as an attainable idea for my apartment but you’re right: flowers should be enjoyed even for everyday mood lifters! I LOVEEEEEE the tulips by the tub!!!

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