Moonflower and Morning Glory

Sunday May 25, 2014   

It’s been a while since I’ve updated on my potted garden. Last I left the seedlings had just started to sprout. I’ve since transplanted them outside where herbs, nasturtium, and others had already sprouted as well.

morning glory

This was the first time in a while that I started some seeds indoors. They were more of a “backup plan” but I’m glad I did it. During the time they were on the windowsill it had snowed twice in late spring.

I also started a few sunflower and lavender indoors as well. I transplanted everything but the lavender already.

morning glory
moonflower in the distance
sunflower seedling

We’ve had pretty bad storms roll through lately so I did my best to provide coverage while the seedlings were still small and weak. Don’t let anyone tell you a potted garden is easier than an in-ground version. I’ve had both over the years and there’s an equal amount of effort to be put in!

moonflower seedling

So now that there’s some real green coming up I’m starting to really appreciate the pots I painted earlier this spring. The white contrast with the green is exactly what I was going for and I’m excited to see the reds of the nasturtium mixed in later this summer.

terra cotta painted white and gold



9 Responses to “Moonflower and Morning Glory”

  1. Thao says:

    All of my seedlings died from the heat and not enough water. I really should have keep them inside until they were ready. I’m debating whether or not it’s too late to grow another batch of seedlings.

    I can’t wait to see pictures of your plants throughout the summer. I love seeing pictures of balcony gardens. And your plants look like they’re going to be a strong batch.

    Do you add any additional fertilizer or plant food?

    • jenny says:

      Sorry to hear about your seedlings. You could definitely reseed but their bloom period/harvest time might be cut a little short is all.

      I use plant food later on in the season or on old soil. But I read feeding morning glories produces more leaves than flowers so they won’t be getting any :D

  2. Loma says:

    I’m trying my first potted garden with a few herbs – 3 actually. I got lucky with one if them, but the other 2 just stopped growing. Since I’m a noob, I’m trying to figure out what I’ve done wrong. :( but I won’t give up! And your post inspired me even more! ;)

    • jenny says:

      Good luck!!! Sometimes it’s sunlight needs or overcrowding. But trial and error is a part of the process :). I’ve had the HARDEST time getting my Lavender to grow despite following all the tips :/

  3. Susy says:

    I ABSOLUTELY love your pots!! Definately a very good idea to paint them and design them just how you like! How long do these types of plants last for? Will there be a time when you would have to regrow them from scratch or do they last for ages aslong as you take care of them properly? :)

  4. Nykia says:

    I want to start planting but I feel like everything I try to grow dies, I have a issue with over watering things. :-( I would like to plant cilantro so, I can use exactly how much I need and not letting the rest go to waste.

    • jenny says:

      That’s a big motivation for my planting parsley. Yeah cilantro likes a drier soil so over-watering it might be easy to do :/

  5. Miya says:

    Really beautiful!

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