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Tuesday June 10, 2014   

Mike surprised me with Tomodachi Life and the new 2DS on Friday and I have been playing it ever since. It’s a lot like Animal Crossing without the responsibility of mayor on your shoulders. (I’m pretty sure my New Leaf town has burned to the ground by now.)

tomodachi life

At first I added my Mii and my friends and set their personalities then I started adding other Mii’s creating a Supernatural themed island. Then I just started adding people and characters I liked like Rinka and PK Subban! By day 3 I was on searching for Tomodachi QR codes or Mii QR codes and adding thier personalities myself.

The best thing about this game is how hilarious and almost creepy it can be at accurately portraying a person! To the point that I’m somewhat suspicious!!

All about Rinka!

For example Rinka is referred to as very stylish and a model but this isn’t something I set! It defers from her Mii’s height and personality that she would be like this.

And just as an FYI Mike’s mii is dating her and not me in the game hahaha

Jenny & Cas

Apparently we’re dating despite Mike being marked as my “spouse” in his Mii profile haha!

Yeah… a boyfriend who quietly watches me on the computer for hours and takes me for walks to find broccoli kinda is 100% my jam.

kyary pamyu pamyu

I came across a Kyary Tomodachi QR code and she was so cute! I scanned it and made a few changes to her mii. She really loves to sing…

The Winchesters

Honestly the accuracy in their dialogue is dizzying. And yes Dean is in his Season 8 glasses. FOREVER.

Will Graham

But by far my current favorite is my Will Graham. I found a Miimaker QR code for him online and since it wasn’t a Tomodachi QR code I had to set his personality type myself. Then no more than 30 seconds after I made him I gave him some food and he melted into the floor shrieking!!!! And he mopes around and says the strangest things. So I gave him a rent-a-dog coupon.


Though it’s not perfect it’s a lot of fun and something that’s easy to pick up and put down whenever throughout the day. I don’t miss as many Events like I did in Animal Crossing since many are repeated.

Found an Obama tomodachi QR code. He wanted a hat but I didn’t have anything presidential to give him at the time. Then today there was a BBQ event that I probably watched for way too long because you can blow on your DS to move the smoke around.

Tomodachi QR codes

Lastly here are the QR codes to some of my island’s residents!
Including myself :)

tomodachi QR code


29 Responses to “Tomodachi Life”

  1. mishi says:

    Holy crap at Will melting into the floor. What in the world xD

    I need to get myself a copy.

  2. Michelle says:

    I have been contemplating on getting this game ever since I heard about it and now I REALLY have to get it. How cute that you can blow the smoke around, haha!

  3. megan says:

    Thanks for sharing! My boyfriend and I have been playing this, and we love it! We agree that we like it a little better than New Leaf…blasphemy, I know, but Tomodachi life doesn’t feel as passive, or require as much devotion as AC does, I guess. And we’ve already played so much Animal Crossing…
    I like the PK Subban mii! My bf is pretty deeply into hockey (his team is the sabres. he knows they suck), so he’ll find that pretty funny.

    I added my mii to my tumblr, if you’d like to check it out!

  4. Honeydew says:

    This game sounds like fun! I want to get a DS for x’mas this year so I can play all my childhood games again. Donkey Kong, Mario, Sailormoon, etc.

  5. suki says:

    I’ve seen this game here and there but never really figured out what it was. Thanks for the post! I can see what you mean by things being eerily compatible with their character behavior, especially Will Graham! I also like how they disregarded your partner of choice haha

  6. Churi Chan says:

    I want this game a bit, but I’m not sure… it seems so wired xP

  7. Jeannine says:

    hahahaha please swho me what pk looks like!!
    i might get it soon~~

  8. Miya says:

    I have no idea what this game is about but this quote: “Yeah… a boyfriend who quietly watches me on the computer for hours and takes me for walks to find broccoli kinda is 100% my jam.” makes me laugh so much because I can relate so much!!!! lololololzzzz

  9. Mikka says:

    Awww, brings backs some memories. I used to play this game in my DS in Japanese a long time ago and it’s an extremely cute and addictive game. Hehe.

    Now I’m so disconnected of the game world that I didn’t even know it was coming out in English. I might have a chance to buy it. Have fun with the game and have a great week!

  10. Gesine says:

    How did you take the screenshots?

  11. Addison says:

    I added some people from your blog onto my island (Lime Island) and I wondered what you fed will that he hated. Thx! 😄

  12. Julie says:

    So, I have been hunting for some supernatural characters & you have some! That’s awesome!

  13. Addison says:

    Someone named Frally just had a fight with u but you r still not over it 😂 haha 😂😂😂

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