Inspirations in Basics

Thursday June 19, 2014   

“Jeans & a tee” doesn’t have to carry the connotation of lazy-dressing. 90% of it probably lies in the attitude of the wearer. The other 10% is likely accessories and color palette. I’ve gotten the question, “How do you wear a tee and jeans without looking like you gave up,” so, so often. For me, the color tones of a basics look are more important than the actual fit. I talk a lot about my Everlane box-cut tees. This shape just works for me in both fit and personal preference. I feel good in them. I have them in 6 different colors now. Would some suggest a more fitted tee would show off my figure better and thus, “look better?” You betcha. But I wouldn’t feel comfortable in that and I would look uncomfortable and people would see me looking uncomfortable and that’s just an all-around no for me.

So here are some inspirations from STYLENANDA using pretty basic items, some with special details and others just paired with contrasting textures and volume.

stylenanda image

stylenanda image

stylenanda image

stylenanda image
stylenanda image



23 Responses to “Inspirations in Basics”

  1. Love your style and the orange blush! 😍😍😍😍

  2. megan says:

    oh man, i love everlane tees! I’ve got a box tee and a scoop neck–both are perfect.

    I think a white tee and denim is a pretty classic look that anybody, at any time, would look great in.
    Attitude is important, and you won’t know what works till you try it. For example, that box tee and bootleg jeans might look just kind “meh” initially, but tuck in the shirt and throw on a belt and wedges, and bam! stylish, haha.

    StyleNanda looks nice, but it makes me feel a little suspicious, I guess? It kind of reminds me of forever21, in a way.

    • jenny says:

      I’ve never purchased from them so I’m unsure. I just love the photos. I like how Korean clothing sites usually offer 100 different angles :)

      • Twinkle says:

        Yes, this! And the models are moving around in outdoor/indoor situations rather than just standing in one place against a plain backdrop in a studio (although they offer those shots as well). It’s too bad I can’t fit most of their clothes. -_-‘

        • jenny says:

          Seriously!! And when you jump to a US store you’re like WHERE DA PICS!? Zara very recently started doing more motion shots this year but it pales in comparison.

          • megan says:

            Yeah, I like how Yesstyle usually has 10 or so pictures of the products, in all colors, haha.

            Asos does have their runway videos, and American apparel has started adding something similar.

            • jenny says:

              Yes! The runway videos help so much. I think asos and everlane sometimes include those. It helps give you SOME idea of how the fabric moves because listing the material isn’t always 100% telling of how it looks.

  3. Twinkle says:

    Thank you for posting about those box-cut tees! I was just gritting my teeth about paying $40/tee from some other site and I’m ordering these instead. I wanted something roomy, slightly short, and loose (but not too drapey or hella cropped) and these look good.

    • jenny says:

      ANNNND I can tell you their returns are super easy!

      • Twinkle says:

        Okay, I just bought two tees and I AM IN LOVE. If you have a referral/affiliate link, please let me know because I plan on buying a couple more next month and you’re the reason I started shopping at Everlane! :)

        • jenny says:

          Glad you liked them!! Well my ref code only works for new account’s first purchases so it won’t work if you’re buying your second order. No worries & I appreciate you asking!

  4. Tori says:


    How I miss commenting on your blog! I do read it everyday though <3

    I 1,000% agree with this. Lately I've been finding myself drawn to just wearing jeans & a tee, but I see it as having more of a classic, "grown-up" look than a lazy one. & yes, I totally attribute it to color palette and attitude, & personally, I think the looser silhouette is more sensual than a tighter one!

  5. Fernanda says:

    I’m a huge fan of jeans & tee and sometimes I sincerely think I dress better than many people at work.
    The way you style your hair can also add beautiful details. ^^
    Thanks for the inspiration, Jenny!

  6. Lisa says:

    Those are some amazing eyebrows! o.o

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  8. Mareni says:

    This particular style looks like frumpy clowns to me but I’m so eyeing that cute grey beret orz

  9. Veronica says:

    ah yes the comfy but chic line – can’t seem to stay on the chic side. i think I do until see a pic of a myself and i’m like “UUHHHHHGGGGGHllllllsfsdsdfkjslfjd”

    • Twinkle says:

      I know your pain! I’m always trying to look simple & chic… but then it just comes out looking basic-basic. Sort of like the messy bun look that looks so great on the J.Crew models; I just end up looking like my hair lost a fight to life.

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