Little Inspirations I create for Myself

Tuesday November 03, 2015 comments   

Sometimes I put together some writings and photos into a Google Doc for myself; much like a mood board. I’ve been doing it since summer. Usually when I’m either struck with inspiration or completely lacking it. Rarely while in between.

I saw this one I put together in early October. I had forgotten about it but looking back now I LOVE IT. I need it. I need some extra joy in my life to outweigh the current stress (I’ve been sick and overworked.) So here is that “mood” from October 5th.

I had a vision last night (for all intents and purposes) of my autumn “look.” Straight line smokey eyeshadow. Bright lips. Straight chin length hair. I also purchased some clear frames off ebay today similar to Mackenzie Davis’ in Martian to pair with my CK one lipstick and sweatshirt. Black skinnies, and thick glasses a lot. I want some more rounded but it’s hard to find. Maybe I should order a those ones off UO. They had these black petite round ones. But my own thick glasses would be good and give my eyes a break from everyday contacts for a while.

Images from xoVain, Ena Matsumoto Blog, The Martian movie.






New York Weekend

Friday October 16, 2015 comments   

A couple of weekends ago it was my wedding anniversary and I was surprised with a roadtrip to New York! I never got a chance to post photos (the few I have) but I wanted to do that now. It was probably one of the best trips to NYC I’ve had over the years. Maybe because I didn’t have to plan it? Maybe because it was a total surprise? Maybe because my phone was dead 80% of the time so I wasn’t always shoving a lens in my face? Probably a bit of everything.

The first place we stopped was Catbird in Brooklyn because I had a gift certificate. I picked up quite a few things with my main purchase being one of their Mermaid’s Treasure rings. The other planned stop was the Empire State Building at Midnight. He had pre-purchased tickets online so there was no waiting in line. Of all the times I’ve been in town I never visited the building. It was wonderful. Touristy but wonderful. The view was breathtaking. It was a bit chilly, dark, mood lighting, and they had a jazz player in the main hall. It wasn’t too crowded and we could just stand around until we were ready to leave on our own.

Stationary from the Ace Hotel in NYC
New York skyline and caffe bene
Ace Hotel in New York
One of the MUJI storefronts in New York City
View from the Empire State Building
View from the Empire State Building