Planning a Potted Garden for Bees

Thursday, Apr. 10, 2014 | 9 Comments   

my previous garden items

With what will hopefully be the final snow behind us, I started thinking about my potted garden for summer. Some years I put in more effort than others. Last year I’d consider it a medium effort. I mostly planted chives for chopping up for my cold soba dishes. I’m limited to what will grow in the partial-shade that is my balcony but I’m considering expanding to the other side of my house this year as well.

Plants bees like

After seeing this Save the Bees image on Tumblr I want to plant something for bees on the west side of my home. I get more sun there and also if it draws a ton of bees it will
1) not bother me as much there &
2) make people think twice about knocking on my door.


Mike likes sunflowers and I think I want to see if I can get some smaller versions to grow there. Bees like sunflowers and they also like zinnias which I adore. Zinnias were the first plant I grew as a kid. I know I want chives again, but wouldn’t mind other herbs so I might do a herb pot similar to what I had a few years ago. I won’t be doing mint though because that shit comes back every year and won’t ever die to the point you have more mint than you know what to do with!

I am always wanting new pots and containers too. Unfortunately these things aren’t cheap and I often want something different each year. IKEA is great for style + price but a lot of their items lack functionality (aka no drain holes for outdoor use!) I’m thinking of painting cheap terra cotta pots this year. I did once when I was younger and it was fun so hopefully I’m not getting myself into an art project that will be full of disappointment.

painted terra cotta pots
painted terra cotta pots
potted garden ideas

Inspiration for painting terra cotta

my previous gardening efforts


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Birthday Day

Sunday, Apr. 6, 2014 | 24 Comments   

Mike’s spinal surgery took place just this Thursday so I had a quiet Birthday at home today baking and calling family. I figured last year I got a tattoo so really anything pales in comparison to that! So I focused on making a pretty cake fit for any pastel mermaid delusional person.

And yesterday I got this huge birthday package from Anna filled with things she picked up on her recent trip to Japan. So many of these are my favorite things. Especially loving the yuzu essential oil for my aroma diffuser. It’s smells perfectly like yuzu!

A few things from Mike including Mermaid Shampoo and the “Flowers in Her Hair” Lippmann polish.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes on IG & Tumblr!


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