90’s Rehash with Calvin Klein

Sunday August 09, 2015 comments   

Is it because Friends was released on Netflix? Or maybe The X-Files revival? Or maybe it’s just been enough time that the 90’s are being welcome back for inspiration. I’m not complaning. There were a lot of styles in the 90’s that I thoroughly enjoyed. One of which was the utter softness of a Calvin Klein sweatshirt. I had mine for years. No really. I dragged it to college long after the CK hype had died down. And with the 90’s in full revival right now I saw the sweater had been re-released and grabbed one for old time’s sake. Sure I’m not going to be wearing yellow eye liner or face glitter ever again, but cozying up at home while the weather turns chilly with some Portishead in the background sounds like something I could get behind.

calvin klein sweater and makeup
calvin klein makeup

CK ONE Pure Color Lipstick “Little Liar
CK ONE Shine Lipstick “Alarm

And also Ulta exclusively sells the ck one makeup line. Which I didn’t even know existed until a few months ago. The packaging is so sleek and… 90’s. I read the lip products were pretty good and picked up 2 for fall. I really want to wear bold colors this winter.

I really like the color shine lipstick. It lasts a surprisingly long amount of time. I had it on for an entire afternoon at work before it started to finally fade. These two shades look similar in color but the formulas are very different. Little Liar applies more red-orange where Alarm applies more like a bright coral shade.


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Branching Out with Candles

Thursday August 06, 2015 comments   

So for many many years I only bought Bath & Body Works candles. The 3-wick ones because nothing else was strong enough for the open design of my house. But that also meant stalking the store for their 2 for $22 sale over and over coupled with their limited fragrance selection. After receiving some candles from Catbird as gifts I started shopping around for woodsy-based candles and saw Target had gotten these large, inexpensive, soy candles in simple glass jars.

candles from Target
candles from Target

The black orchid and amber is fantastic. If you’ve ever liked those woodsy teakwood candles found at Madewell (or UO) this is 3 times in size and easily the same price or cheaper. It fills a large room with fragrance as well.

The sparkling yuzu is nice but subtle. I was surprised to see yuzu as a fragrance but it’s really more mellowed in this candle than I was hoping. Probably wouldn’t get this one again.

Also I’m not usually a fan of Yankee Candle except for the fresh cut roses. It has a really nice pure rose fragrance. No musk or added florals just roses.

Lastly I picked this one up at Anthropologie on clearance. It has a nice marine fragrance and I like the design so much I might keep it for holding tea light candles.


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