So You’re into Hockey Now?

Nov 04, 2014 comments   

Yes and no. Yes my obsession for hockey has consumed me these past 2 seasons but no it’s not necessarily new. I got into hockey on my 14th birthday when my Dad took me to my first game. It spiraled out of control from there. I had jerseys, players cards, and tapes upon tapes of VCR recorded games. I followed hockey through high school and into college. But it wasn’t easy with the lockouts and balancing school with work. Slowly I fell behind. Any time I tried to get back into it I felt overwhelmed. Rules had changed, my favorite players had retired, and there were even more expansion teams.

But then Sochi happened. The women’s teams were so good (as per usual) and I got sucked in and took the time to figure out the new rules (icing used to be simple) and the current standings within the NHL. Getting to know the NHL players through the olympics made it easier to get to better know the teams. And so that is how I am here today. About to post some photos from a seriously fantastic night I had early last month.

Opening day for the Washington Capitals. And who did they play? The Montreal Canadiens. Yes the Caps are “my team” by proximity but the Canadiens are “my team” at heart. Pk Subban, Carey Price. Absolute favorites. So when Mike and I got last minute reseller tickets next to the Canadiens bench I knew it was going to be a great night. Honestly this was one of the best moments in my life. It felt like fulfilling a childhood dream really. I could never afford the airfare or game tickets to see my favorite franchise team as a kid. But now it was more than a possibility… it had become reality!

montreal canadiens at the washington capitals

montreal canadiens at the washington capitals
montreal canadiens at the washington capitals

Wow… I got really in-depth and emotional about hockey. I usually leave that for my Tumblr.





It’s Been Over a Month

Oct 26, 2014 comments   

I wish I could just say “I’ve been busy,” because it would be partially true. I have been. But it hasn’t been the good kind of busy. October has been a month of disappointment, loss, and extreme pain for me. I don’t necessarily want to bring that into my blog but I also couldn’t really start posting again without acknowledging it. Since my last entry I’ve dealt with a sprained tendon, flying to my hometown to visit my ailing grandfather, returning only to have my sciatic nerve become inflamed and buried deep into my joints causing pain so horrific I was forced to work at home for 2 weeks straight, I then had to start a round of steroids and other meds that made me sick every day, my grandfather’s health diminished further and he unfortunately passed, and now… now I work at home majority of the week and attend very painful physical therapy appointments twice a week. Interacting with anyone right now feels like a huge drain on the energy I have left. But you can’t just pause life until things are better. So many times I go through the motions. Sometimes I can actually enjoy things too. Little escapes or planned distractions. And I’ve had great friends help me through this month as well. Sending me snapchats of seemingly mundane things… it really helps me push through the bad days.

And as October is ending I think things are slowly getting better. The PT is showing some good results. Even if those results are as simple as being able to walk up a flight of stairs without pausing halfway due to increased pain. I look forward to tomorrow’s commute to see if it’s been made any easier after the sessions I’ve had.

I’m also excited for Halloween. Growing up it was my favorite holiday. I’ve already made up the Trick-or-Treat bags last weekend and hopefully I can make a short trip out today to pick up a pumpkin to carve.

Basically any task I can do while seated is happily welcomed.