This is Me Saying Hello

Tuesday August 16, 2016 comments   

I am typing this out and I am going to finish it and I am going to post it within a 24hr period.

Renwick Gallery piece featuring strings of light

This probably won’t be some opening of floodgates followed by post after post of new content. I’m not going to even entertain the idea. But I did want to say a little about why I had my longest hiatus ever and divulge personal information that’ll likely make me cringe after posting it.

me at the Renwick plus photos from August

My creativity is dampened. This is in connection to the chronic pain I’ve had since October of this year. When something terrible happens to you there’s this idea that it’s temporary. Because usually it is; but not in my case at this point in time. So, I’ve had a few treatments and my current treatment I like. It helps and the side effects are minimal. But it does influence how I approach my life and my personal, creative projects have somewhat suffered. It’s not just this blog. It’s literally everything. It’s hard to find that high from accomplishment right now. It mostly just feels bittersweet at best when I complete something. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to do them. I want to blog. I want to create videos and update my Instagram and have home projects again. I want to plan vacations. It’s just that currently those things feel exhausting. So I have to tackle them in a very prioritized way so that they are enjoyable.

photos from Toronto in July

But holy shit do I miss this blog.
And I miss you guys.

I have a few old posts I wrote months ago I want to put up. So I think in order to move forward I’m gonna keep things really low key. Things might be really unstructured.

And there’s not 1 thing I’m “good at updating.” Everything is subject to latency for me right now. The best way to get a hold of me right now is send my Tumblr an Ask.

My Instagram is updated pretty much each weekend.

Oh, I’m on Twitter again, a lot. Because it’s an election year. You can @ me and I’ll probably see it.

I’ve also opened up my snapchat (happiijenny) and lately have been doing snap stories of magazines (I no longer have a scanner.)
snapchat happiijenny

I thought I’d share some music I’ve been listening to lately with end of summer vibes.






In This Very Moment

Saturday May 28, 2016 comments   

collage of trend items

Since I’ve been gone for so long I thought I’d just share some things I’m currently obsessed.

A few weeks ago I finally got all my potted plants outside. While they continued to grow we ended up getting 16 days straight of rain. So staring out the window at my rainy little garden has been one of my favorite things. Why fight it.

In between the rain showers I’ve been lighting incense outside and letting it come in through the windows. With being on such a 90’s trip (for the past year honestly) I rediscovered my love for incense. Well… the cones. But those aren’t popular or easy to find anymore. Instead I found these wood bricks to be a great alternative especially since they smell like a campfire and I can’t go camping until the rain quits.

incense in a reused catbird candle case with matches

I bought a sample pack from Amazon. Great price great scents! Maybe if I’m still feeling something more “incense and less campfire” I’ll order some from Blackbird. They have some really intriguing fragrances like BLOOD COUNTESS.

Beauty-wise my makeup routine has simplified since experiencing a bad drying out spell. I discovered I’m sensitive to talc products. I never realized. I stopped wearing almost all makeup for a period of time. I attempted to purge my skin with a gentle daily peel. It helped remove some of the larger stubborn acne spots but really made my skin’s texture worse. My skin is finicky especially when it’s damaged. Focusing on moisturizing with a thicker formula from Vanicream right now. It’s the only thing that would sink in for a while. And since using it I don’t feel the need for a primer. I also want to avoid silicones and excessive powders right now.

Currently I maybe wear a bb cushion once a week. Half the time I just wear a tiny bit of concealer or just dab and blend some Mario Badescu nude drying cream over the spots. My eye makeup has been nothing but glitter for the past 2 months. I’m so re-obsessed with glitter. If I want to do more I add colored eyeliner. Pretty much everything I’m using on the eyes lately is from NYX. They’re cruelty free, affordable, and easy to find.

NYX eyemake

I’m also highlighting daily. I highlight a bit beyond the generic youtube tutorial suggestions. I like to highlight my inner cheeks, around my lip and up the cupid’s bow, on the lids of my eyes, center of lip, and around the brows. I avoid my forehead, nose, and chin. Those spots get slick looking enough. Really my skin temporarily over-producing oil in the t-zone forced my hand with getting back into all-over highlight. It seemed futile to counter-balance the shine. But when I add shine to the rest of the face it comes together as more of a “glow.”

bite beauty lip mask and pat mcgrath highlight pigment

To match this “glow” I’ve gone glossy on the lips. I purchased Bite Beauty’s plain agave lip mask after trying multiple samples. At first I thought it was glorified vaseline but then I just started missing it when my samples ran out. I love it. Add a little of Pat Mcgrath’s nude pigment on top and it gives a really nice pout look.