Ordering Japanese Products on Amazon

Mar 06, 2014 comments   

So I had my first experience ordering Japanese stuff on Amazon recently. I mentioned ordering a bunch of Angel Heart items earlier.

Well, they’re here! …
Some of them at least

One Amazon store called Beautyworks sent the Angel Heart Hair Wash instead of the Hair Treatment I ordered. They were actually out of the treatment when I contacted them so they refunded my money and told me to just keep the Hair Wash. OK, that was really cool of them and I would order from them again. :)

Angel Heart
Angel Heart

The other Amazon store sent me a single tracking code for my order. When it arrived there was only 1 item in the package! When I contacted them they apologized and said the other items were “lost in transit.” These items were now sold out so they refunded my money and shipping for those items. I was disappointed because I wouldn’t have ordered this body spray if I wasn’t already ordering the Angel Heart items. On the plus side the spray smells pretty good. A nice apple and does soften the skin some.

Angel Heart
Angel Heart

I get the feeling that ordering these things on Amazon can be really unpredictable. I had figured Amazon was a last ditch effort to get hard to find items and it seems proven right. Also it’s rare to find any of these items available for Prime. However, in the end, I did at least get my 1 bottle of Angel Heart Hair Wash so I’m still happy :)

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I Need You, Everyday! Sleeping Pack

Dec 15, 2013 comments   

I Need You Everday Etude House sleeping pack

I’ve been trying even more overnight face masks from Etude House after liking their Moonlight in Spoon masks. I got these from Yesstyle here. There are 7; one for each night of the week. Each sleeping pack has a different key ingredient. And with each different pack the textures change.

So the Royal Jelly mask has a honey-like texture while the Aloe mask has a jelly feel to it with bits of aloe to it. For each one you just add it as the last step to your normal night return. After it dries you leave it on throughout the night and wash it off in the morning. These all dry clear. You forget you even applied it until you wash it off the next morning.

I Need You Everday Etude House sleeping pack

Etude House I Need You, Everyday! Sleeping Pack

Each pack offers different qualities
Each type is really effective with overnight results
Plenty of product in each pack
Didn’t cause any breakouts

The fragrance might be too strong for some. It’s more of a perfume version of the natural scents but disappears once the mask dries. I’m sensitive to strong scents and it didn’t bother me though. :)

Yesstyle advertisement

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