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Thursday April 23, 2015 comments   

I haven’t done any formal reviews recently and I’ve had a chance to try some new things so I thought I’d share them here.

face wash, face moisturizer, and body conditioner

Natur Savon Washing Foam

Natur Savon Washing Foam moist type face wash

This is a face wash from the Kose brand line Softymo. It’s free of paraben, mineral oil, and silicone. Sounded great! My face had been clear for a while so I was willing to take a risk on a product that was free from many of the things that tend to break me out. However, I was disappointed. First thing I noticed it that it was definitely not fragrance free as the fragrance was very strong. Second, it made my face feel a bit itchy after using it. I used it a handful of times and eventually it broke me out really badly.

Natur Savon Washing Foam

Super clean skin

Itchy skin
Causes a major breakout
Very strong fragrance
Bottom line, I won’t be buying this again


This hypoallergenic moisture cream improves skin tone and complexion by keeping moisture in the skin. Dermatologist-tested, non-silicon, fragrance-, colorant-, mineral oil-, oil-based surfactant-, alcohol-, parabens- and synthetic antioxidant (BHT)-free.

A SANA line of skincare, NATURAL RESOURCE boasts both natural ingredients and being “8 free” of many common skin agitators. It’s a very thick cream and a little went a long way. I used almost this entire container. I found this to be a middle-of-the-road moisturizer. Not bad but not great either. Wouldn’t buy it again but may try something else from the brand line.


No break outs!

Leaves an all day film that gets flakey
Cannot be worn under makeup
Didn’t notice any special improvements of my skin


Lush's container of body conditioner

I got this with LUSH’s rose-themed gift set. It’s a thick lotion you use in the shower or bath. It contains “cocoa butter, cupuacu butter, almond oil and Argan oils, and the fragrant scent of fresh rose petals.” It smells really, really great and softens my skin similar to sing bath oils would but without that slick oily feeling. The first time I used this I was blown away at how soft everything I touched felt because of it. Suddenly I owned the softest PJs and softest bedding and softest couch! It does leave a slight film on the skin that I only notice while still in the bath. I prefer it’s texture to the Skin-So-Soft bath oil texture which is my usual go-to in bath skin softener.

RO’S Argan Body Conditioner

Super softening
Great rose fragrance without being too floral or heavy
Easy to use

It’s expensive D;
A little doesn’t seem to go a long way

Caress Forever Collection

I wanted to post these up too because they are cheap and easy to find plus roses! It’s a new body wash line from Caress. It uses what they’ve termed as “fragrance touch technology” to continually surround you with fragrance. And I’ll admit, these sort of do really work. It’s not an obnoxious lingering scent. It really comes and goes as you move or sweat. And the scent that stays is more subtle than when you first apply it. The body wash is quite thick and reminds me of cake batter. The fragrance is less of a pure rose and more of a deep perfume smell. It’s rich and sensual in my opinion so maybe not great for someone super sensitive to fragrance. I’m pretty sensitive to these sort of smells but didn’t notice any headaches or annoyance with it at all. I’ve been using these for weeks now. I literally saw the commercial where roses are falling off this woman and ran that same night to Target and bought a 4-pack that was on sale for the same price as 2!

Caress Forever Collection

Really works, fragrance is touch-sensitive
Even the soap is pretty in color with tons of wash-away shimmer
Rich romantic fragrance

No “true rose” scent yet
While the black packaging is meant to be seductive, I think a clear package would take better advantage of showing off how attractive the wash itself is


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What I’ve Been Up to Lately

Monday August 18, 2014 comments   

I’m just getting over a stomach flu from last week. I just wanted to share that. I also got a therapeutic (painful) massage recently to alleviate the spasm in my lower back. But I swear I’ve been up to more than just sleeping and shopping at Madewell.

So here they are in no particular order.

I made a set of mini apple and mini berry pies last week. Baking a whole pie feels like a much bigger hassle than whipping these guys. Basically within an hour I’m eating pie and ice cream. Having this one with Starbuck’s iced coffee. I was giving the brand a try. I prefer Illy’s more bitter taste for quick cold coffee.

I bought some essential oils from muji because they restocked their yuzu. Their yuzu is alright. The yuzu Anna sent me was a million times better but I can deal. Plus the other two scents I got from Muji are really great.

muji essential oils

I learned that ivy is another plant that you can propagate and grew in just water. So I clipped a few vines from the shared fence with the neighbor and started growing some in my existing topiary jars. Now I have devil’s ivy with lavender and english ivy.

muji essential oils

I found the “Harmony Aroma” body washes from Bathclin. These are really nice and different. The soap is creamy and creates a thick lather. The fragrances have a woodsy, herb note to them, even the rose version.

harmony aroma body wash

I also bought Lee magazine. It’s a casual, natural lifestyle magazine for women in their late 20’s to mid 30’s. It includes casual looks for the office, at home, out on dates, or out with young kids. I thought it might be too family oriented but it’s actually pretty balanced between family, working, single, etc. The home section is fantastic with simple aesthetics and recipes. The makeup and clothing is great too. Not too high-end but not overtly trendy and cheap.

I got to have some real German food for the first time in ages as well as remind myself how potent kirschwasser is.

Lastly I’ve started yoga. Though I feel “yoga” is a loaded word full of expectations of health, juice cleanses, studio visits, and kale chips. I didn’t start that yoga lifestyle. I just started Yin Yoga for my back and legs. Yin yoga focuses on stretching the skeletal muscles. There are fewer and easier positions. And I’ve kept doing it because I’m feeling the results. My back and legs are far less tight. I was having troubles walking recently from my calf muscles being so tight even after massages and muscle relaxers.

yoga for sleep

I do the stretches about every other night usually after a hot bath or right before bed. You keep the positions longer than in traditional yoga. So even though I didn’t get into it for the “peace of mind” you are sort of forced to relax and almost meditate as you keep some positions for 3~5 minutes.


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