I Went Outside This Weekend

Monday, Feb. 3, 2014 | 15 Comments   

Damnit another week has passed! I really tried to blog more often this week, haha. Oh well. So it’s Monday, again. Nothing like pouring rain to remind you how less obtrusive snow can be.

Sunday I went to Georgetown to return some jeans and ended up buying this gingham skirt instead. I also bought some teas from Dean & Deluca. Kusmi’s BB Detox tastes so refreshing. I don’t usually like herbal type teas but this one is just so good! I also picked up TWG’s earl grey with bergamot and rose petals. I’m on such a bergamot kick right now. I’ve used half a bottle of my bergamot essential oil in my diffuser already plus bought a bergamot candle and have been trying to buy only bergamot infused teas. BERGAMOT.

1) Black Gingham skirt from Madewell, I’ve been feeling a little bored with my clothes lately and am excited to add some pattern into my black, navy, burgundy, gray sweater rotation
2) Finally bought Oceane from Anthropologie because mermaid reasons,
3) L’Occitane 25% shea body butter because my skin is screaming & used up everything else at this point,
4) Kusmi Tea BB Detox,
5) Earl Grey Gentleman Tea from TWG (there was a special White House blend that used roses too because of the rose garden but this tea is such a splurge that I just got this one,)
6) rose and champagne flavored macarons,
7) water from Dean and Deluca (my USB humidifier has me obsessed with buying different water bottles now because I have to stare at it on my desk all day.)

Saturday I hit up Max Brenner again and then ShopHouse. I feel like I should really hate ShopHouse. The first time I tried it I thought, “Well that was nice. Probably won’t get it again though.” But then I found myself craving the stuff nonstop! Now I want it all the stupid time.

Saturday night I had the house to myself so I just continued to read a little more The Breath of All Things and fell asleep with the aroma diffuser aimed directly at my face. Honestly my face has had a great winter season using this thing. It’s rarely dry, while no matter how many times a day I moisturize, my body it’s covered in dry patches. Winter is just too intense this year.

I thought I’d recommend some music for February. First is Bitter:Sweet – The Mating Game. Been listening to em since April. The second is a random album I bought the other night! Haute Couture – French Lounge Session. I ended up on it while downloading some Lemongrass. I love it as background music for work or relaxing at home.


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It’s Still Winter

Monday, Jan. 27, 2014 | 9 Comments   

I’ve started craving a little more color in my wardrobe and went shopping for pastels this weekend. A challenge right now as every store is trying to get rid of their thick wool and black pants which is beyond tempting. So much so that I bought a new pair of black slacks for work. But I also got a light grey sweater (light grey it counts!) and a pastel blue blazer similar to my old mint colored blazer. Though it’s surprising I’m thinking about spring when it’s still below freezing most days and snowing constantly.

new clothes

new clothes

I got a few Elence 2001 products recently including this above hair mask. This line of hair products is all about a healthy scalp and breaks their line down by hair needs (such as volume.) This mask smells really good and fruity. It doesn’t weigh my hair down as much as Essential’s does but I want to try it a few more times before I decide if I like it or not. :)

Also I was looking at Artifact Uprising earlier and felt really determined to put together a 2013 book! But like many past attempts at creating these online photobooks I wonder if it would just peter out. Currently I only seem to accomplish putting together old-fashioned style photo albums with printed photos and album sleeves. And then I’m also like, “is this something I want to haul around with me if I move?” I don’t know. Sometimes I feel I’m the only person who could ever talk themselves out of documenting wonderful memories!


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