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Sunday August 02, 2015 comments   

Yes, I have some time to update! A personal update nonetheless!

Time + desire to blog = new blog post

It will probably come as no surprise, but I have a week’s worth of vacation I have to take by August 31st or I lose those vacation hours completely. I just discovered this 2 days ago and there’s no reason to waste them. So I’ll be traveling to visit family in late August. This has sort of jolted my mind back to summer thoughts. I had started to drift towards autumn with all the storms passing through and cicada’s buzzing outside.

A few photos of the flowers in my garden this year. The Sunflowers have started finishing up their season while my morning glories are just now at peak bloom. It was a rough year for gardening. Loads of pests and strong rainstorms. But I’ve seen a lot of bees come through so it’s worth it.

Mint is a really easy plant to grow indoors in only water. Just a snipping of it placed in tap water will cause it to root quickly. The trick to keeping it going is finding the right amount of light. It hates direct sunlight but needs to be in a room that’s bright at least a few hours a day or the leaves will yellow. I didn’t think much of the cutting when I started it but now it’s one of my favorite indoor plants.

I didn’t realize how often I change the space around my tub until I saw these photos. I run through a lot of little changes depending on my mood. Some of you may have seen my review of this seaweed powder pack on Instagram. I hated it. Flat-out. So the next week I bought the Big Blue bath bomb from LUSH to cleanse my palette of bad seaweed products. I don’t buy the Big Blue too often because it’s messy. It leaves seaweed in the tub. But it is very nice and mixed with their Avobomb it creates a shimmery blue-green bath.

Highly recommend the Avobomb as a non-messy but shimmery and great smelling bomb. It’s one of my favorites.

Still growing my hair out. I’ve been thinking of getting it trimmed so I’d have a blunt bob but my stylist said if I want it longer it would be best to leave the bottom as-is. I don’t want long hair; I just want hair I can pull back. It’s sort of a strange desire but I just want short ponytails right now. I know that I’ll probably cut it all off again by next spring.

Also my favorite red nail polish is gone so I bought this. I’ve been wearing shimmers since May but I’m starting to get back into more opaque colors now.


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Saturday May 16, 2015 comments   

plants started from seed indoors

Last year I did quite a big garden project. Painting my own terra cotta pots and attempting to use very bee-friendly flowers while also being realistic about the lack of all day direct-sunlight my home gets.

I planted quite a few varities and they broke down like this:

Nasturtium – A favorite of mine, always grows spectacularly well.
Chives – Hard to germinate easier to just buy as small plant at local grocery store and pot it.
Parsley – Also not easy to germinate as it too needed certain germination conditions but grew well after sprouting.
Morning glory – Vivacious in the new spot I planted it. Also Grandpa Otto variation seemed easier than others.
Sunflower – Wow these Elf ones love containers! But are bloomed out by July.
Portulaca – Usually easy but just won’t grow here.
Lavender – Wow hardest herb everrrrrrr. Ended up buying a plant and potting it.
Baby’s breath – Out of control and not at all as expected but definitely thrived.
Zinnia – Grew well but bloomed out by June.
Cypress vine – Wow this plant won’t grow here for me.
Moonflower – Started off growing strong and fast but took a while to get to climb and blooms were rare.
Four o’ Clock – Grew large with many flowers but flowers would only half open.

2014 photos

garden photo from 2014
garden photo from 2014
garden photo from 2014
garden photo from 2014


This year I planted many of the seeds I collected from last year’s plants. Morning Glory and Elf Sunflower especially. The seeds germinated easily! Money saved! I bought some new nasturtium seeds plus planted some morning glory seeds from my parents’s home. They’re pastel in color. Also got some of the four o’clock seeds from them as well in pink and mixed color.

I bought a lavender plant and potted it plus a small plant of chives, parsley, and mint. Grocery stores tend to sell them for very cheap ($1.20 at times) which is the same price for a pack of seeds without the finicky germination instructions.

I scaled back variety this year and focused on the flowers that looked spectacular last summer.

this years 2015 garden beginnings

This year’s garden includes: morning glory, elf sunflower, four o’clock, mint, parsley, chives, and lavender

this years 2015 garden beginnings
this years 2015 garden beginnings
this years 2015 garden beginnings
this years 2015 garden beginnings