Impulse Buy Makeup Reviews

Thursday July 23, 2015 comments   

I finally got around to try the 3 new Japanese makeup products I bought a few weeks ago as well as a random lip gloss.

Heroine Make eyebrow pen – natural brown
Pmel under-eye color pen – beige
Love Fille Nude Face Veil
Royal Apothic Lip Tintie – Kissed

Japanese makeup items

First the Heroine Make eyebrow pen. I’ve used this brand’s eyeliner many times over and bought this on a whim. I haven’t use anything besides the Anastasia Brow Wiz in a long time. I’ve used Japanese brand eyebrow pencils and powders a lot in the past before there were more eyebrow product choices in the US. Those brands were ok but I was always looking for a holy grail product. That said, I was pleasantly surprised by this pen! It’s not too dark or too red. It’s a more grey-brown and goes on as more of a tint rather than heavy marker. Lasts a while too.

Heroine Make eyebrow pen

Good neutral color
Easy to use

Too subtle for adding shape

Japanese makeup items

The Pmel under eye color was more of a “cute treat” when I got it. An easy cheat! I hadn’t done this trend for a while. Is aegyo sal still trendy, I don’t even know to be honest. But this color is nice under the eyes either way. It goes on so smoothly. The pen is really nifty as it sort of twists and springs open and gathering the powder from the cap.

Pmel under-eye color

Easy application
Buildable pigments

Color wears off too easily

Japanese makeup items
Japanese makeup items

You only need to know 1 thing about the Love Fille pore minimizing face veilit smells like roses. Fresh cut roses! And the fragrance lasts a while after applying too. But does it work? So far I’m unimpressed. It feels a bit drying and my makeup doesn’t look all that fresh throughout the day. Though I’m happy it has yet to break me out unlike a lot of similar products.

Love Fille pore minimizing face veil

Fragrant rose scent
Smooths out deep pores
No breakouts from it

Doesn’t add much of a lasting matte effect
Couldn’t stand up to my oily t-zone (combination skin)

potted lipstick in a small glass pot
potted lipstick in a small glass pot

Lastly a little lip gloss pot from Royal Apothic Lip Tintie I picked up from the sale section of Anthropologie. I had seen it online and nearly ordered it because the pot was so attractive. I didn’t realize at the time it was actually a lip butter and not a gloss. It’s very creamy and the shade is very opaque. It’s a nice nude “your lips but better“shade. But it’s definitely more lipstick than a gloss. Glad I got it on sale. Wouldn’t pay full price as it’s a bit boring.

Royal Apothic Lip Tintie

Attractive packaging
Neutral color

Bulky to carry around
Not as expected
Bit boring


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Rituel de Fille Cream Blush Review

Monday May 04, 2015 comments   

I really loved the first Rituel de Fille Inner Glow Cream Blush I got as a gift in early December. I hadn’t used a cream blush in a while but using powders + the winter chill, for my skin, it just felt too drying.

I was obsessed with moody plum shades and Rituel de Fille’s “Lovesick” was a perfect winter cheek with pigment that easily lasted through snowy walks and freezing winds. Dab a little on the cheeks, paired with a shimmering eyeshadow, and some chapstick for the lips, and that was my daily winter routine for quite a long time!

Then I was asked last month about how I was liking the blush and I realized it had become my favorite and I wanted more…

4 Rituel de Fille cream blushes

It was difficult to choose which shades I wanted. Outside of the official swatches there was little reviewed about them. Usually I don’t feel compelled to review any new makeup because there’s usually already 50 other blogs with swatches and thoughts and nice photos. Rituel de Fille didn’t seem to have as much of a presence unfortunately. So I decided I’d try my best at putting a review together for anyone that may be interested in these cream blushes. It’s my first swing at a video review so bare with me.

Inner Glow Cream Blush in Envious, Lovesick, Spellbound, and Rapture.

Rituel de Fille Inner Glow Cream Blush

Buildable pigments
Long lasting
Simple natural ingredients and cruelty-free
Fragrance free
Every shade is cheek, eye and lip safe
Captivating sleek packaging

Takes a few practice runs to master application

What I like about Rituel de Fille’s cream blush is how bare-bones they are with ingredients. There’s nothing extra. No fillers and no synthetic dyes or fragrance. It’s free from paraben, sulfate, phthalate, and cruelty. And even on my very acne-prone skin it hasn’t caused a single pimple. Not even questionably. Some cream blushes make me think, “Oh, is this pimple from the blush? I dunno, I dunno.” But Rituel de Fille hasn’t given me a single skin woe to question.


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