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A little update. :)
It’s Monday. I started my day with getting some real progress started with switching companies (but not jobs) this coming May. Thankfully I have the rest of April to use any extra leave I have so I’m taking a few days off for my birthday later this week. Also picked the cake I SWEAR I’M MAKING. This one. God it’s gonna be a disaster. Saturday is my actual birthday. Mike’s got some things planned for us. I like quiet birthdays. I’ve had parties in the past but I just always end up dipping-out early. Of my own parties… yeah. Then today was April Fool’s and I enjoyed losing some followers to the Mishapocalypse. I always assume it’s some poor unsuspecting Tumblr user who’s sitting around waiting for gyaru spam from me that is never coming.

Now I’m going to blog some of my playlists. I got a question on Tumblr asking if I could.

I have somewhat varied tastes. I try to feature music when I can but The Internet makes it a serious pain in the ass. I wish iTunes would just let you share for listening purposes. And a lot of my stuff is so old it’s not on soundcloud or anything.

So here is a ton of music, listed, from my playlists.

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Requested Wardrobe from Tumblr

Wednesday March 20, 2013 comments   

Someone on my Tumblr asked what I’d bring on a week long trip to Paris so I made this capsule wardrobe for it. Thought I’d post it here too since I’ve got nothing else to blog about. I’ve never been to Paris (though I have been to Strasbourg, France) but in my mind thoughts drift to red lipstick, cat-eye liner, and up-do’s with ribbons.

paris inspired capsule wardrobe





I love bringing things that can easily layer. So the silk boy shirt can go under the sweater or even the CDG tee while the sweater can be added over the dress for a red skirt look. :)

Some accompanying music…


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