Cocopalm Cleansing Gel

Aug 09, 2014 comments   

So this is one of the best things I’ve picked up all year. Coco Palm Scalp Cleansing Gel. Also known as thermal cleansing gel. A deep-cleaning scalp treatment that warms up as you massage it into your hair. You then rinse it and follow with a shampoo & conditioner.

cocopalm hair care

Cocopalm Scalp Cleansing Gel

Why I like it

The bottle design makes it extremely easy to use. The tip allows for pinpoint application straight to the scalp with an easy squeezable bottle.

It smells fantastic with the ingredients of ginger, angelica, grapefruit, hibiscus, peony, and acerola. The fragrance is made up of passion fruit and neroli. (I’m a huge fan of neroli.)

The heat-up effect is extremely relaxing.

My hair is super soft and full of body after using this. Every single time!

cocopalm hair care

I got a lot of compliments on my hair the first time I used it. Since my hair has only ever been short when using it it leaves it feeling soft, fluffy (volume,) and shiny. The fragrance is somewhat beachy and I can smell it every now and then the next day but it’s not overwhelming. I will definitely be buying more (if I’m lucky enough to find it locally again!)

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Chanel ILLUSION D’OMBRE in Vision

May 22, 2014 comments   

Purchased two of Chanel’s cream eyeshadows a few weekends ago after Karme convinced me they were the bees knees. I originally just went for the shade mirage. A neutral shimmery beige. However when I saw the gold shade of vision with its stunning chunks of sparkle I got it as well. I had been looking for a gold cream shadow to replace the Dolly Wink version I tossed months ago.

Chanel Illusion D’Ombre

Sparkles like a star (photo doesn’t do it justice)
Easy to apply
No fallout
Easy to remove
No creasing when used with an eyeshadow base

Application brush is really stiff
Some sparkles left after initial face washing

The application brush is a lot stiffer than I thought it would be. It’s ok for applying the color as a liner but I haven’t quite found a good use for it. Also there is some dreaded “leftover” sparkle after washing away the eyeshadow at first but a quick second splashing can remove that. I haven’t been stuck with glitter all over my face for days like I have been with other cream glittery shadows. If I accidentally touch too low under my eye when applying I can simply wet a tissue and wipe it away easily.

The mirage color is even easier to apply and remove and both of these are great for low-maintenance makeup days. Really glad I got these. :)

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