Trying TheFaceShop

Wednesday August 26, 2015 comments   

Wearing in the video:

I was familiar with THEFACESHOP brand through online shops and beauty reviews but I don’t recall ever using any of their products until now. I stumbled upon a THEFACESHOP while in Ottawa and bought up a ton of things! Actually, so much that I’m not going to list everything individually.

I’m currently avoiding oils and collagen in any long term skincare products so I skipped many of their skin care sets. Almost everything has collagen in it right now.

I picked up their Blemish Zero products and a ton of face masks. The Blemish Zero looked a lot like the Clinique Acne line I’ve used for years but when comparing the ingredients THEFACESHOP has aloe and less ingredients including peppermint extract which can be irritating to skin.

The Volume My Lips glosses are my favorites. They last and last and don’t feel tacky at all. I was so impressed with the fuchsia one that I went back to buy the rest of them!

The Aqua Tint Jelly is gorgeous but the taste is a bit off-putting. It’s very artificial like the taste of plastic. The Milky Moisture Tint and the Marker Aqua Tint both had artificial tastes as well. The color is excellent though.


Lightning Reviews!

Artist Touch Lipstick OR201 – Love it! Lasts, moisturizing, creamy, color payoff!

Artist Touch Shadow 02 Emerald City – Pretty, subtle, soft, a bit powdery and low pigments.

Milky Moisture Tint 03 Apple Red – Pretty! Tastes terrible until 100% dry.

My Lips Eat Cherry Aqua Tint – Pretty, deep red tiny that lasts. Tastes artificial u til dry.

You Make Me Glam Volume My Lips – Like these a lot especially fuchsia and glitter clear. Really makes lips look fuller.

Aqua Proof Marker Tint 02 Pink – Love this for natural tint when outdoors and minimal makeup.

Real Nature Masks – Liked these a lot! All the ones I tried.

Mango Seed Lip Balm – Nice! Like to apply this before lipsticks.

Clean Face Sebum Control Soothing Mask Sheet – Yeah, like it!

Milk Plus Lotion – Good lotion but smells like baby powder (ugh.)

Coral Cushion Blusher 02 Coral – Meh. A bit too shimmery and can highlight pores.

Lovely Moisturizer Mango Body Lotion – Eh, mango toothpaste-like scent. Loved at first but got tired of scent. Absorbs nice and clean though.

Clean Face Anti-Imperfections Patches – Nah, didn’t do much.

Hydro Gel Mask Sheet Vita E – Difficult to use and sliding everywhere, no skin difference.

Cream Shimmer Eyeshadow – Pointless best describes this product.


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Drugstore Beauty

Wednesday August 05, 2015 comments   

I posted all the Revlon Colorburst lip sticks I owned on Instagram last week and I thought I’d blog some of the other drugstore products I’ve gotten recently. I mostly stopped buying drugstore for a long time. I just didn’t know what was good and was a bit snobby about it after finding HG items in other brands. But I started watching Kathleen Lights and she got me back into giving drugstore products a chance again.

Just to clarify none of these break me out or else I would have returned the product. :) You know I breakout easily…

Loreal highlight series Lumi

I really really REALLY like these two Revlon True Match LUMI items. The one on the right is a primer that comes out as a liquid pearl serum. I sometimes just use these on my bare cheeks alone with no makeup or I actually use it as a primer before bb cream or even mix it in with my bb cream and it adds a subtle glow. The illuminator on the left is in shade “icy” and is a great pearl toned highlight for cheeks.

various drugstore makeup products

On the far left there are two Rimmel Exaggerate automatic lip liners. I hadn’t used lip liners since swearing off Mac a few years ago but these showed up on a couple of beauty reviews and are so affordable I went ahead and got some. A nude pink shade and a deep red. They’re pretty good. Not flawless but creamy and long-lasting. Revlon’s Visible Lift Blur cream blush is fantastic. It really does blur your pores and the shade is so build’able and natural. And then I’ve purchased Loreal Double Extend fiber mascara again and again. I always use it when I want dramatic lashes that are super easy to remove. And then the Loreal Manga Rock mascara. I tried the original manga mascara and it was OK but this one really does add more drama. I like spider lashes if I’m in the mood and this does it really well. Hard as hell to remove but still nice.

highlight powder

I got this Physician’s Formula Mineral Glow Pearls in beige for a golden powder highlight. It’s more of a shimmering bronzer on my skin. It’s pretty subtle. I probably wouldn’t buy it again but I’ve actually been using it a lot on minimal makeup days for an added bit of color and shine.

I got this Sonia Kashuk matte palette from Anupa a while ago and boy do I get into cycles where I only wear this palette! The color range is great and the shadows aren’t too chalky. They’re easier to blend than some of my other matte palettes. I also purchased this stipple brush a few months ago and, though it wasn’t super cheap, it’s really nice for applying liquid highlighters plus it’s so easy to hold not to mention sleek looking.

blending sponge

So no, I do not have a beautyblender. I wasn’t sure if I’d use it so I purchased this Real Techniques Miracle Complexion version for 1/4 of the price of a beautyblender. Just to see if I’d like the concept. I love it. I’ll probably upgrade to Beauty Blender when this is ready to be tossed but honestly if I only ever repurchase this version I’d be more than happy. It’s great for applying bb cream no matter how thick and the coverage I get when I use it is great. I don’t even remember the last time I applied my bb cream with my fingers or foundation brush. I thought using it would make application longer but it actually cuts my time in half.

tingling chapstick

So I saw this while grocery shopping last weekend and I got it because it claims to give you a tingling lip sensation much like a lot of lip plumpers out there. It’s Lip Bang’s Lip Freak Buzzing Cherry Atomic stick. This is more like a lip tint because it goes on with a fairly noticeable red tint. It smells like cinnamon and tastes a bit fruit like cinnamon cranberries. The tingling starts after a few minutes and just lasts and lasts and lasts. I know a lot of people don’t like that sensation but I love it. I’ve actually been using lip products like this to help distract me during high-anxiety situations. Such as office meetings, going to the doctors, or meeting with a large group of people. Sometimes my anxiety just feels overwhelming and is stressful but this tingling distraction helps keep me more focused and calm in those situations. Much like chewing gum does for some people.

It’s been really fun getting back into picking things up on a whim. There isn’t all this guilt if I don’t love it, returning items I don’t like is way easier, and that feeling of “am I buying the best version of xyz!?” is gone. Sometimes it feels like we have turned makeup into this constant competition of having to buy the best and only the best. Like 19 out of 20 beauty bloggers have to recommend it before you dare buy it. You know? Like I know there are way better lip colors out there than Revlon’s Colorburst. But I like them! I like the color payoff and the minty formula. I like that I can usually buy them at 2 for 1! Sometimes it feels like you’re not even allowed to buy, let alone like, a beauty product unless you’ve got a dissertation on why it’s the be all and end of of products. But maybe that’s just the bubble I got myself into over the years and am very much in favor of popping. :)


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