Misdo Bear Donuts

Sunday June 10, 2012 comments   

Some photos from Mister Donuts :)

I thought the bears were too cute to pass up even though I don’t usually get filled donuts because they are too sweet for me. The churro was nice. I wish Krispy Kreme would serve churros :(


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Japanese Grocery Store

Friday June 01, 2012 comments   

There’s something about foreign grocery stores I just love. Such a fundamental part of daily life. Different and universal all at once. Visited them while in Germany, Spain, France, and now Japan. Actually, visiting ones in different areas of the US has its own charms as well. Regional foods and so on. So here are a few shots I managed to sneak in between shopping. I picked up loads of fruit for the hotel fridge since I enjoy eating fresh fruit daily no matter where I am. :deco2:

I’m so beyond obsessed with pancakes after this freakin’ trip!

A little of what I bought.
I actually put those tote bags from a few posts earlier to REALLY good use :deco13::deco13:

I bought one of those pumpkin pastries and these packaged pancakes with butter inside them that were DELICIOUS. Ugh, but like a lot of things, I didn’t take a photo. Oh well~
I also bought strawberries and multiple huge apples.


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