What I Wore Most in Winter

Monday April 27, 2015 comments   

I wanted to post this ages ago but didn’t have the time. These are the things I wore for winter. I didn’t add the bottoms because they were literally just black skirts and black denim all day every day. And most of the tops I ended up grabbing for where black x white knit aside from the baby blue sweater that I lived in on the weekends.

winter knits and tees

Deer Cardigan – UNIQLO
Black & White Tree Sweater – JCrew
Black & White tee – Madewell
Blue Sweater – ASOS
Garçons/Filles Sweater – Madewell

Coats from Madewell (left) and ZARA (right)

Madewell car coat in gray and Zara faux fur trim coat in pink blush

The two coats were really good sale finds. I liked how they’re both similar in cut but different in overall style. Both worked with whatever I was wearing so I could choose which based on if I was feeling more feminine or masculine that day. They both held up pretty well too. And they were both extremely soft which can be a challenge to find in wool coats.

Switching gears to loungewear. I recently decided to overhaul what I wore at home. When I first injured my arm I bought 3 oversized striped tees that I could get on and off easily. But since I’ve worn loungewear day after day, week after week, and so much of it is look haggard. So I’ve gotten rid of all the yoga pants that have lost their softness. Shirts that don’t feel 100% comfortable. And anything that doesn’t match well. Pretty much everything had to go. It had been worn into the ground by this point anyway. So I ordered two striped shirts on sale and 2 more pairs of soft black leggings and this is what you’re guaranteed to see me in if it’s day and I’m home.

black leggings and striped t-shirts

And one last thing I ordered as a “treat myself” item is a bottle of Glam Glow. I had tried a sample a few times and always saw results. Since being at home my skin has freaked out due to various reasons. One being that face cleanser I blogged about recently.

Glam Glow face mask for acne

I got the clearing treatment since my lifetime #1 issue is acne. And I wish I could say, “It’s not worth the cost,” but I can’t! I can’t lie. This stuff is the fastest-working clearing product I’ve ever used and that includes prescription creams and gels. This little bottle has gotten me back to clear skin. Now I’m just working on fading the left over scars…


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St. Valentine Style

Tuesday January 27, 2015 comments   

striped shirt and solid perfume

Been wearing these 3 things lately because Valentine’s Day, February, and greaser inspiration. I picked up this faux leather coat at Zara’s on a huge sale a few months ago. It’s extremely comfortable + I sized up & up so I can wear it over thick sweaters.

Catbird’s Ghost Rose solid perfume is such a true rose smell. You can smell the sort of “green” parts of a rose in this perfume. It’s solid so it’s not very strong but it lingers on the skin. Good for applying to pressure points, you know, so when you start overheating it’ll actually smell nice ha!

Zara faux leather jacket hm pink sweater madewell striped tee

I’ve noticed as I’m feeling better and better (from back pain) I didn’t really care about what I wore. Not to say I was sloppy. My closet was still whittled down and matched up enough that I looked fine. But I just didn’t care about shopping, or wearing what I “really” wanted when going out. Mostly because I didn’t go out unless I needed. I’m already starting to forget what that was like; being unable to enjoy going out. But now I have the luxury of putting thought to it. However I keep see-sawing between jeans and skirts. I’ll go on this kick of wanting only denim then suddenly I hate them and switch to skirts with fleece tights. But all-in-all I’m not really shopping much lately. I’m happy with everything I have and would only be interested in spring things now… and warmer weather to go along with it.

Though I did buy this wool coat from Madewell earlier in the month. Finally trading in my previous one of 8 years that I got from Forever 21. I had mended it so so so many times.


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