Getting Ready for Fall

Aug 14, 2014 comments   

I’m over summer. Not in a rude way but the mornings are cooler, the flowers are wilting, and most days the humidity is gone. I don’t fool myself into believing I’ll love my summer style into autumn. Once my mind has made up that summer is passing I begin to feel strange wearing bright shades. These past few weeks have been filled with Back-to-School sales and collaborative promotions at Madewell. Much of their autumn line is already on the hangers and took advantage of the discounts.

I ended up getting a mix of summer and autumn. So instead of pairing a light blue shirt with my light wash denim I’ll opt for these deep plum soft as a bunny “sateen” jeans.

quilted skater skirt


I thought this skirt would be much too long on me (I’m 5′1″) but it’s not! The length still works really really well and the fabric gives the structured skirt a soft look.

cargo workshirt


The gingham workshirt is also another favorite of mine. Madewell brought out a new cut this season that features the relaxed look of a popover but with the functionality of a button-up. Honestly I loathe popovers because of the lack of buttons so seeing these made me SO HAPPY. The cut runs bigger than their previous workshirts too. I hope they bring more colors and patterns out in this style.

courier shirt


I love this shirt. Usually oversized boxy cuts + large chest creates a potato sack feeling but this shirt folds just right so that it’s this airy look without looking like you’re just wearing a tent.

coated roadtrip jacket


skinny skinny jeans: biker-zip edition


I really like how the zippers break-up the black space of these.

skinny skinny sateen jeans


Heaven. No really, these are incredibly soft. I’m interested to see how durable they turn out to be.

Madewell is doing a new promotion now where if you bring in any old denim you get $20 off a pair of new denim. I think it lasts until October :)

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Summer Wardrobe

Jul 25, 2014 comments   

summer capsule wardrobe

No better time to post what I’ve been wearing for summer than late July! Where many days are in the 90°’s and I’ve retreated into t-shirt heaven. Everlane’s Box Tee is still my #1 go to summer item (as it was last year.) But I have also picked up a few from Fossil’s Men’s department that are so soft and comfortable not to mention stripey.

summer capsule wardrobe
summer capsule wardrobe

- Madewell High Riser Skinny Skinny Jeans in deep blue
- Madewell Pleated Shirt Stripe Skirt
- Madewell Ponte Swivel Skirt in navy
- cut off Calvin Klein’s

- Everlane Box Cut Tee in black, white, and heather gray
- Fossil Martin Crew Neck Pocket Tee in navy stripe
- Fossil Martin Stripe Pocket Tee
- Madewell Tomboy Workshirt
- Madewell Perfect Chambray Short-Sleeve Ex-Boyfriend Shirt

Shoes (not pictured)
- Madewell red sandals
- Converse

- J.Crew scarves in dot print
- Uguisu printed scarf
- Catbird canvas tote
- BeeZip clutch tote
- Old Navy headbands
- Deborah Lippmann nail polish in Mermaid Dream & Flowers in Her Hair
- Revlon nail polish in Apricot Nectar
- L’Occitane Angelica Hydration Cream
- Madewell Text Book Glasses

summer capsule wardrobe
summer capsule wardrobe

I included the L’Occitane Angelica Hydration Cream because it has been my favorite skin care find this summer. It’s ultra cooling and makes me skin look brighter and more supple immediately. I wear it as a night cream or alone on days I go without makeup.

Some of what’s above is non-work attire. For work instead of the tees and denim I usually just wear the skirts along with other lightweight button ups that I have. I also have some black pointed flats and 2 other black skirts I tend to only wear to work.

summer capsule wardrobe

My colors have really branched out this summer passed just navy and red. Though might have a blue tone obsession now… :)