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Thursday November 12, 2009   

Took an hour lunch today to go to a new H&M grand opening ! I used to drive about 15 minutes to this other one but it was so tiny and there wasn’t much interesting in the mall it was in. Now I have one right down the road! WHOOT! :star2: AND I must say I’m loving it compared to the other ones in the DC area. Even compared to the Tyson’s Corner and Georgetown ones, this one carries more my style of clothing. (THANK GOD!) :ureshii:

Mike took a long lunch to go too and we were among the first 100 people in line which = freebie score! I got 50$ worth in gift certificates plus a t-shirt, bag, and umbrella. The lady standing next to me was kind enough to trade my M size for her S! :D It was a lot of fun because the other people in line were pretty cool and nice to talk to. Plus Godiva was passing out free dark chocolate truffles, hahaaa *_*

I ended up getting 2 new outwears! :getit: First, a parka with fur! I’ve been wanting one of these for a couple of years now, and I got it for $20 (originally 70$!) I also got a new blazer. I have one already but I liked the fabric for this one plus it’s pure black (mine has pink pinstripes) and it’s longer than my current one. :rose1:

Also started putting my lookbook together tonight! Now that I have a parka I’ve opened myself up to a bunch of new outfits I can put together! This style of coat is in just about every Japanese magazine year after year. I’m always a bit surprised by that but it’s a constant. :good::girlrage: I look pretty awkward in this year’s other trends including fur coats and leather jackets. I’ve tried on tons of different ones and they always look off on me. Oh well! Not meant to be~ :)

Poupee Today

My dressup was sorta what I wore, hahah, pretty close at least!

These new balloons are the sh*t!!



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  1. Rachelle says:

    ooo i was in H&M on wednesday. i actually shop a lot in the guy section. I got a bright yellow and green polo in S at the guy section for $5 and a cool winter hat for $7. H&M is grrrrreeeeeaaaatttt. I don’t really fit that well in the girl’s section though ;A;

    • jenny says:

      The crappy thing about a new store is no super discount section just yet! hahahahaa! Everything was the latest and greatest for the season so I’m glad they had “grand opening” discounts going on. Soon I’m sure I’ll get to see those red $5 tags hanging :DD till then I’ll have to go to the other h&ms for super sales, ;_;

  2. emm says:


  3. emm says:

    omg not first
    either way congrats on the H&M and jacket :D

  4. kamille wong says:

    wooo~ i love great bargains! That blazer looks like it would go with anything… and yeah what the heck is up with H&Ms, I only really shop at the junior section. (: you should come to vegas to shop with me, hehe.

  5. Veronica says:

    Haha rock on, lady

    Oh my goodness, I have been looking for a good parka FOREVAH – even found a fur neck lining at a thrift store for a couple dollars to add! :D

  6. Shirley says:

    I haven’t been to H&M in forever!! That must’ve been fun :D
    And the lookbook looks great! I would love to do the same…but my magazines can’t bear to be cut up…

  7. Yi Lin says:

    oooo i wish they had H&M in australia! liking the balloon that your poupee is holding :)

  8. Jennifer says:

    Ahh, I wish I went to the opening of H&M here in Orlando. I wanted to skip school for it but I was way too busy that day but yay you got a $50 GC! :D

    I love the parka, I wish it was colder here to wear those types of coats and that blazer is like the perfect blazer to dress up or dress down! Great buys!

    Hells yeah those balloons are awesome. When I saw them, I was like F YEAH BALOOONS!

    • jenny says:

      Yea I about fell over when I saw some random poupee holding those balloons, LOL
      I enjoy wearing winter clothes sooooooo much! I used to wear flip flops year round growing up in MS. And you’d wear a “winter coat” like 5 days out of the year! :(

  9. Cindy says:

    Such fantastic finds! I keep hoping one of these days I’ll get an H&M.

    I adore your look book, you really inspiring me to do something similar so I’ll stop paring the same ole things together all the time.

    The balloons are seriously the bomb!

  10. cin says:

    what a perfect opening!! FREEBIES :DDD

  11. Zoraida says:

    I love your parka! It’s amazing that they never go out of style.

  12. Kettu says:

    Wow it is so cool idea to put together a scrap-look-book!!

    Kind of inspired me at the moment~ xP

    I’ll take the opportunity to also say hello,
    I am one of the latest additions to your blog readers army ❤

    Love reading it ❤ ❤ ❤

  13. Dezzy says:

    Wow that store looks seriously kool!
    And lucky you that you been one of the first peeps to be there :D go you :)

    the lookbook looks seriously kool and quite useful, i might put one together myself so i can keep track of what i want and what not, what i already have and what not, great idea ^___^!

  14. Lissy ✿ says:

    I wish we had a HM here too!

    THOSE BALLOONS ROCK I WANT TO COLLECT THEM ALL :D [they are so expensive though T_T]

    While I was reading this entry my partner was behind me looking at the photos and he asked me if you were Japanese! ^_^ [I told him you are American so now he knows lol]

    Just thought I’d let you know! :D

  15. fleur says:

    love those printed stockings/leggings with the brown boots!

  16. Tori says:

    omg so amazing!! :)
    Is the new H&M out on the street? Reminds me of NYC!! I used to work literally 3 blocks from a huge one on Lexington Ave & asdfghjkl@$& I MISS IT!! :(
    Fabulous gets as usual too! I’ve been looking for a coat like the one you got but sadly no lookalikes anywhere near me, mou~
    Your outfit is tres cute too~ I love how you worked those tights! ;)

  17. Hachi says:

    You scanned and printed.

    Are you going to the Jimmy Choo launch?

    • jenny says:

      As if I had the stomach to cut them up! LOL
      Nuuuu, I can’t be there. :( I have a friend visiting who’s into luxury brands only so I’ll be at Saks looking at waaaaaaaaaaaaay outta my price range Jimmy Choo’s wishng I was at H&M where moderately priced Jimmy Choo exists, hahahaaa!

  18. Syd Syd says:

    That’s awesome that you were one of the first 100! How lucky! I wish we had an H & M where I live :'(

    You found such great stuff! Makning a lookbook isn’t a bad idea..maybe I should make one too if I have time. :D

  19. ashica says:

    Love the bow t shirt + the tights (where are they from?)!!

    I wish I had an H&M close by. I have to drive over an hour for the closest one :(

  20. Lorik says:

    yayyy~ i love H&M~ I remember as a kid we would buy from there..Hennes och Mauritz..well my mom would, and my sister and I would think of it as a boring store…and now, I am completely obsessed!
    I love the jacket! it looks so cute and cozy~~~
    They just opened a new store twenty minutes from where I live…we already had one that’s 20 minutes away, so I’ll stick to my old store~

    • jenny says:

      The first time I ever saw H&M was in Germany nearly 9 years ago! I STILL think those H&Ms were better than any US one I’ve been to! :D I can’t even imagine how much better actual Swedish H&Ms were/are!!

  21. miamy says:

    ohmygod! the black blazer’s a total steal! I think it looks really good with just t-shirts underneath.. and it reminds me of Jun of Vivi magazine.. (i love her style!) ohh yes, Im in love with ur floral leggings! :OO Recently I bought one of those black leggings in Vivi’s November issue and I think it’s really

  22. Karen says:

    wow, great looks. you really have a talent for recreating those styles. you even look like the models in the japanese magazines. at first, I thought you were actually japanese!

    • jenny says:

      Haahaa I’m gonna blame my new mascara on this because I was wearing it for these and you’re the second person to say that on this entry! LOL

  23. Charl says:

    Oh woowww, your lookbook looks wicked!!! I’d love to do the same, since even though I love cutting out of magazines, I could never cut out of my japanese mags, i pay too much for them! lol!

  24. kikay814 says:

    lol i love how your poupee flower tights are so much like your ones in real life ;)

  25. Karen says:

    *prays H&M would open their store in Singapore*
    *prays that I would be notified if that happens and I’ll be the first 100 to enter the first H&M store in Singapore*
    *prays that there will be freebies for the first 100*

  26. Fai says:

    I love H&M!! I’m very excited about Jimmy Choo for H&M. Will check it out soon!

  27. Lexxii says:

    Oh soo lucky on the free stuff. I couldn’t go to the grand opening here. But I think it is kind of weird that they do it on Thursdays.

    I like your lookbook idea too. I should probably do something like that too. Cause I always feel like I need to buy stuff. :B

  28. Maikue says:

    oOH!! that green jacket/coat looks like the one i saw on the arishop site!!!

    what a great find!!!

  29. mikey kun says:

    cool freebies, I’ll be going to my H&M store to get some mst haves.

  30. Alice says:

    :O Lookbook? I LOVEEE lookbook! I can’t wait to see your lookbook page. Btw, this is the first time of me commenting on your site :] Nice to meet you I’m Alice and I adoreee your blog :D

  31. Sumie says:

    i really like your hair this way & h&M stuff suits you very well(actually i like it more than f21 on you)^^

  32. Becca says:

    so adorable and a STEAL for 20 dollars!!! that blazer is also to die for.. i’m a sucker for blazers. so cute!

  33. Bonnie says:

    omg i was just at h&m today (: you were first 100 ?! LUCKY. h&m has some real good things !

  34. Caitlin says:

    Great post, as always. :D

  35. Linda says:

    ahhhh H&M!!!
    such cute clothing~

  36. Mochi says:

    LOL I found a picture of boa wearing the same sparkly shirt you got :)
    she was modeling f21 clothes
    i guess that one was sans pocket though haha

  37. Vira says:

    Yay! That’s great that you have that place much closer to you now. I wish I had an art supply store that carried the things I need closer to my house.

    p.s. I love your hair! I had mine like that for a while-loved it-but i got bored and changed it quite a few times, and now I’m going to have to change it again soon. lol

  38. Meru says:

    Whoa, how awesome that you got to go to the BRAND NEW store! :D It’ll make shopping more convenient for sure!

    What exactly is the lookbook, btw? A portfolio displaying the styles/pieces you love? ^_^ It sounds cute.

    • jenny says:

      It’s coordinates I scanned in from magazines that use key items I already own! It’s to help curb my spending on new items and give me new ideas on how to wear things I already have! :)

  39. Vicki/Sesame says:

    Wow the actual lookbook looks really nice. I bet you have a nice printer. Is that on cardstock?

  40. kamille wong says:

    JENNY! i saw this and thought of you. I think i am getting the black one (:

  41. yumeko says:

    ooooh lookbook is totally cute!!!

  42. Sylvi says:

    hey! i thought id show you this picture i found of BoA wearing the same sparkle sweater from f21 that you recently bought!

    • jenny says:

      Whoa! You’re the second person to comment this! Haahaa I’m glad I got the top already b/c I’m starting to think it might be selling out now! Haahaa

  43. Bianca says:

    I’m so proud that you finished your lookbook. I’m still putting mine together. Its hard when you have two wardrobes in two different homes. haha

    Love the coat, its my favorite color gah!! I want it so bad! I saw one at Akira that was the same but it was nearly $400 x_x And the jacket is soooo Non-no! work it girl! You know you do! You’re such an inspiration!!

  44. Daniella says:

    Store openings are always a lot of fun! There are so many great deals, but sometimes it gets a little crazy.

    And it does suck when the cute trends just don’t work for you, don’t they? I have such a long torso, a lot of tops just look stupid, so I feel your pain, lol

  45. Malin says:

    Congrats on getting H&M so close to your home! :D I’ve never been to a store opening, but it sounds fun to get some freebies! :D

  46. Ys says:

    I love the new Poupee balloons they are gorgeous :D

    I don’t like H&M. Everyone seems to love it but they just never have the clothes I like hehe. My sister swears by it but it’s just not for me.

  47. Mariah says:

    hello Jenny :D you always have the best stuff!! Where’d you get those tights?!?!

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