Happy Memorial Day

Monday May 31, 2010   

It’s already 5:00 on Memorial Day holiday :( :kanjicry:
Back to the same ole grind tomorrow. At least it’ll be a short week now! :grin:

I got out to the nature trails today. *_* I think I want to start visiting them more this summer. :twinkle: Despite my paranoia of contracting Lyme disease :dizzy: haahaa~ I just love to walk. :biglove: Usually I just go to a mall or a shopping area but that always has shopping temptation. I really enjoy walking for hours downtown on the National Mall but I only have time to get out & do that on weekends and I don’t really do it spur of the moment. :( So the nearby trails might be a good option. Plus I love the quiet & nature :D

I got the July issue of PopSister last week. :ureshii: It really is a lot better than June’s. :ohyeslovely: Especially the 90’s LA Casual and street snaps! :updiamond:
Here are some of my favorite looks from the July issue of PopSister. The street snap section is also fantastic! Hopefully I can sit down and scan in some more later this week. :good: I need to sit & scan in a bunch of looks for my lookbook for summer clothes too.

Click for larger pages~~

It took me a second to realize her hands are all down her pants! gaaaaahahahahaa! Nice~
Gonna go out for froyo now I think~~ :P


I figured I’d cut some old jeans into shorts to wear when walking the nature trails…
haaaaaahahahhaaaa! :gigglewakuface:
They came out shorter than I had planned for hiking though :orooro: haahaa~~~
Happy outcomes~~~~~~ :haha:
Figured I’d share~~ :)

Yea these jeans were like 4 sizes too big, was gonna donate them but now they can serve a purpose~~ hooray~


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35 Responses to “Happy Memorial Day”

  1. neechee says:

    Awesome looks *-*
    i Love that magazine.

  2. aww they have lots of nice outfits

  3. I love the images! The girls are so cute!

    xox, Michelle

  4. kit_beauty says:

    like it @

  5. thx for sharing jen!

  6. Charlene says:

    I LOVE the first two pics. The hairstyles make me melt. :3

  7. Sara Mari says:

    I know it’s Memorial Day, but it doesn’t seem like it very much haha! I guess it’s because I am still adjusting and I don’t work/have in-class classes. But I hope you had a great day! I just went shopping haha!

    I also liked the 90s vintage section in Popsister, it was very cute. Your outfit choices are great, I really love your first and last choices. Those would be so fun to wear!!

  8. isabelle says:

    love the outfits!
    & love how the shorts turned out.
    every time i cut my jeans to shorts, they always turn out really ugly, lol.
    also, i love your legs!
    so kawaii, haha.
    have you still been dieting?

    • jenny says:

      Awe thanks! Yea I was really delighted to actually LIKE my shorts outcome. I seriously was just expecting fugliness but didn’t care b/c I’d just be walking in a forest with them.

      Haahaa diet? Oh no, thank god! Not since last August \:D/ I don’t know how I did it last year but I’m glad it’s over XD

  9. Veronica says:

    OH man 90s!! We should watch Clarissa, Daria, Hey Dude, The Craft – there must be like a billion other TV shows/movies that can become our style muses *hahah*

    Great roll-up shorts, oh I wish I had skinny legs like youuu~

    • jenny says:

      Hahahaha THE CRAFT!! You know I had 3 other girlfriends… and of course we watched that movie constantly & all picked a character that was “so me” gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha!

  10. Zoraida says:

    I was still a lil’ kid in the 90’s so I grew up with Rugrats, Nick Jr., Recess, Boy Meets World, Full House, Saved by the Bell and Sabrina the Teenage Witch! lol and I hardly remember people dressing like *that*!

    I love your shorts, you’re quite crafty neeee :3

  11. Dar says:

    That girl with the purple shirt? The third picture? She seems to be enjoying herself too much. Although her outfit is nice.

  12. Tori says:

    Hope you had a great weekend, bebe~! It does go too fast ;o;
    I definitely agree, the new issue of PopSister is WAYYY better than last month’s! I absolutely adored every outfit in the ‘Used Mix’ section & Ami & Aya’s spreads ❤ I think they make a great addition to the magazine’s ‘Hara’ side of Shibuhara, haha~
    I’d love to see your picks from the street snaps section & yay for finding a use for your old jeans! I’m loving the oversized shorts look for this summer too & w❤c bag in the background ftwww ;D

    • jenny says:

      Ugh ‘Used Mix’!!! Used Mix is always so awesome! Did you see scans of the Used Mix mag Aya & Ami were in? FANTASTICAL~~

      I’ll try to scan in the street snaps asap. They did a whats in your bag with each one as well!

  13. Thanh Thao says:

    Lovely summer looks! I wished I had alll the pieces to recreate the looks! :-))

  14. Stella says:

    I order popsister as well..i cant wait to get them soon…YAY!

  15. Genevieve says:

    Def watch out for Lyme! I’m sure you’re well aware now how that really messed up my life! x_x I’ve learned to live with it now but sometimes I still feel like I’m about 85 years old x_x

    I’ve been debating on cutting some of my old jeans into shorts, too!

    aaand I’ve been meaning to ask you when the bookstore has new mags! I always forget! My fave time to load up on them is summer so I can browse them whilst at the pool ^_^

  16. heartofpearl says:

    aww jumpsuits are soo cuute!

  17. heartofpearl says:

    ohh it cut off my comment oops!
    i wrote i also really like ur DIY shorts! looks perfectt
    and reminds me i have lots of things i need to alter~ でも、めんどくさい~ょ=。=

  18. Deso says:

    Oh you are so resourcefull to cut your jeans that you don’t wear! I’m thinking of doing the same to a pair of my old jeans that are too big on me for some reason.
    It’s great that you want to get out to the nature! It is so great, I love to walk for hours outside, and just enjoy the beautiful sights. And the occasional deer ofcourse (:

  19. Miya says:

    Way to reuse+recycle!!! I’ve recycled the bf’s old tshirts into UO-esque oversized tank tops (in the style of Obesity&Speed)…they were so easy (no sewing!) and looked really rockerish.

    Thanks for the lil taste of outfits from popsister! :D
    May I ask~ what is your “lookbook”? Is this an online thing? I tend to make these myself lol but it’s usually in a notebook/sketchbook…I’m a crafter so I enjoy the collaged-type books people put together XD so much inspiration!

  20. Ys says:

    Those shorts look great :) I am so crap at doing stuff like that so well done you :)

    Definitely go hiking. I love a walk :) That’s partly why I’m moving to where I’m moving cos the walks there are gorgeous :)

  21. Lanna says:

    I am loving those first 2 popsister outfits:D thanks for posting them.
    I love going for a walk in forests ,it’s just so relaxing wondering around a forest for a day.I live near a big one in the uk and my friend and i just go up there for a couple of hours,walk around and climb a tree:D

    Cute shorts too,i have a pair very similar however i was not crafty like yourself..i brought mine like that.I think i like yours more.

  22. cin says:

    hahaha i didnt notice her hands XD
    i love the first two outfits and the can can hat+salopette one :D its so cute~
    btw great job with the shorts! i should do something with my old clothes now that i don’t have uni~~

  23. Cindy says:

    Walking the nature trails sound so lovely, wish I had some that close to me. Window shopping IS hard indeed!

  24. tutti patuti says:

    i love the first two outfits..
    hahaha window shopping never works for me . it’s either i have cash or debit card.. i ended up shopping either way

  25. PetSugar says:

    love these pictures!

  26. Jelena says:

    Well… I bought this one: http://www.dbeautyshop.com/products/Geo-Angel-Green-Color-Contact-Lenses.html I hope that all will be right… do you know this model? do you have them?

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