All American Bikini

Thursday June 03, 2010   

I snagged the bathing suit I’ve been really wanting on Tuesday! :biglove: Got it for $5 off too~ Glad I waited I guess! It’s one of the American flag/Stars & Stripes types from Old Navy… :fleetheart:

Glad I went Tuesday to buy it and didn’t wait until today. It was storming so badly earlier…
So we just stayed in and made curry. :okicon:

haahaa from tonight~ :rainyumb:

I picked up 2 anklets last weekend~ ;) They were 2 for the price of one. :ruru: Suddenly I became obsessed with finding anklets! Sometimes in summer I just want to wear flip flops, especially for long walks. :facepalmcry: But flip flops can be so boring and I thought a cute anklet would sorta “dress it up” a bit, hahahaaa! The one on the right really sparkles in the sun! :star:

Oh, oh oh~~
I took these last week (or the week before?) and I’ll share em tonight since I don’t have much to talk about. :blushingcute:
These are the contents of my makeup bags. Yes, BAGS. And each has a sorta different level of made-up, hahahahaaa! :iiface:

I won’t list every little thing but if you have a question about something or the brand feel free to ask~~ :skipping:

The Work Bag
This makeup bag I bring to work with me. It has the most basic and necessary items! Mostly for fresh, not overdone looks.

I admit I have 2 cases of eyeshadow at work in my desk. :wakuwakuheart: They’re basic shades in brown, light pink, and a few blues. This keeps me from having to bring a bigger bag in. :fleetheart: And yes, I do take 5 minutes to apply my makeup after I get into work. It stays fresh and gets less greasy throughout the day that way (the train ride is sorta rough on my morning make I guess, LOL, because I’m always rushing!!) :deadtired:

I periodically switch out what’s in this main bag. :good: Sometimes I just get really obsessed with a shadow color or something so I turn it into my daily look.

The Glitter Bag
This bag is mostly for any glitter/sparkle makeup and small extras like Sephora freebies.

I sometimes bring this bag into work with me too if I feel like having more fun with my work make for the day! :lovelymake: I used to try and not wear glitter to work because I’d get mixed comments, :;_;: but I’m over it now so I often bring this in~ :upheart:

The FULL ON bag
This bag has everything I need when I go full 100% make. :cutesy: It contains my lash glue (and all the crappy ones that come with the lashes that I never use, LOL) and other things like gel liner and color palettes! :twinklepink:

The Past Collections Bag
This is the largest makeup bag. I don’t go into it very often. :rejected: I tend to put makeup I’ve stopped using (usually because I find something I like better) or makeup that gets messy :madmark: in this bag. I have some loose glitter dust items in here because they’ll spill too easily in bags I move around a lot. :stressedmind: This tends to be where things “go to die” too. :eep: I’ll go through it once a month or so and toss out any makeup that’s past its prime. :ng: Right now this make is all still good, just not used very often… :F

There are a few things I don’t keep in bags like my lashes and BB Cream and so on~~ :rose2: I keep them in my medicine cabinet and on my vanity in my closet :doubleheartbeat:

Surprised at all the makeup? Or were you expecting more? I’m surprised but then again sometimes I feel I don’t HAVE ENOUGH! gaaahahahaa :crap: consumerism is such a hard disease to shake huh! :ng:


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66 Responses to “All American Bikini”

  1. Dena says:

    Wow! that’s quite the collection, awesome~

  2. Veronica says:

    Haha best post ever – I just love looking in people’s bags – any kind of bag, totes, work bags, makeup cases – etc.. it’s just fun :)

    I hear lots of good things about NARS, but haven’t gotten anything yet – want to try some stuff out at Sephora!

  3. Anne says:

    Actually i’m not surprised.
    on soompi i’ve seen people post so much more that its crazy.
    one drawer is all one type of make up. they stock up on make up.
    one girl had a drawer just for contact lenses.

  4. Hana says:

    I am glad I am not the only one with multiple makeup bags!! Also, your bags are so cute. (from the glimpses I can see of them). I wanted to thank you as well–I tried out BB cream because I saw you mention it a few times in your posts and I am such a fan of BB cream now. I really really love it.

    Also, anklets are awesome. But they never fit me–same with bracelets. Even in Japan I have a hard time finding a size that is snug and not falling off my bones :(

    I had a question for you–would you be willing to do an interview for August or September? I do an interview each month of people who I find inspiring or who have great style or something awesome about them that catches my eye––that link can show you past work I have done and how I word things. I know it is quite far in the future as I already have the rest of the summer months booked but I would really appreciate it if you would :)

    Let me know! Feel free to email me any questions if you have them.

    • jenny says:

      Awe I’m glad you’re liking the BB Cream!! I think iot’s the closest thing to base I’ll ever wear XDD

      I totally get you on the bracelets thing. Even these anklets I tried on in store and they fall really low on me. I have like 2 bracelets because so many just fall right off =_=;;;

      Awwww I’m honored you want to interview me!! I’m kinda shy though & get nervous bout doing that stuff. You’re the second person to ask this week though so maybe I should man-up and be more confident ’bout doing these. I’ll need to think about it :P

      • Hana says:

        I have resorted to getting custom made bracelets in some cases–so I rec that!

        I`ll ask you again later then, okay? I am glad you will think about it though! No need to be shy since it is through email. But I hope you will consider it! :)

  5. Tasha says:

    hey, i was just wondering what blogsite this is. cause i want to start blogging but i want it to be on this blogsite cause it has cute little symbols that you can do haha. can someone please let me know? that would be greatly appreciated :DD

    • jenny says:

      It’s not really a blog site. It’s a domain I purchased & installed the application wordpress on. You’re probably looking for something more like or (which has great free icons you can use in blogs!)

  6. Anne Robin says:

    Those anklets are so cute!! (^//^*)
    I’ve been sercetly waiting for this kind of post for a long time without knowing it I think. I ♥ looking at your stuff. lol.

    What is the name of the black eyeliner pencil you use for everyday? I’ve tried so many and can’t find one that I love.

    • jenny says:

      Anna Sui & it’s the best waterproof pencil liner I’ve used so far! It last all day and I only notice a little transfer (to the top of my lid) after about 10 hours of wear which is pretty good compared to other pencil liners I’ve used.

  7. Becky says:

    That bikini is so cute~! And such a good price too~~
    I like anklets. Especially in the summer time when you can wear them with flip flops or sandals or what not.
    You’ve got quite a collection of makeup there! I don’t usually bring much out with me… Only basics like powder, blush compact, rose water mist, the lip colour I’m using that day and lip balm. Otherwise I just keep it organized in large drawers according to the type of cosmetic it is XD

  8. Deso says:

    Hm not sure if you have mentioned it before, but I was wondering what BB cream do you use?? :)

    Wow so much makeup!!!!!!!!!! Lol, I swear the only place i’ve seen so much make up before was at the store. :P
    I love the make up bags though very cute! And you are so organized with it too.

  9. Courtney says:

    Such a gorgeous anklet set~~
    Wow, so much make up! Your make usually looks natural and light, so I’m a little surprised. :) I knew you had glitter, but whoa!! I think it’s awesome, though…everything’s better with sparkles ^_^b

  10. chocoNIKKI says:

    Hi!!~ This is my first comment!
    I’ve been lurking around your blog for ages, but didn’t know when to post! T^T;;
    Wow, I really envy all you makeup!
    Comparatively I have really little (about 5-10% of yours..?)
    And fake eyelashes = so hard to do! =O
    I’m always amazed by all the gyarus (and you) who can do it almost effortlessly! (or so it seems)~

    • jenny says:

      Well hello & nice to meet you! Yea I used to not have so much so I feel really lucky now to have these collections XDD

  11. maky says:

    Hehe, I feel better about my makeup collection now that I know I’m not the only one! I have the same UD eyeshadow primer and the Maybellene double extend mascara♡

    You have a lot of pretty eye and cheek products~ it inspires me to experiment more. XD
    I would love to see your eyelash collection, too!

    I’m so jealous of your huge magazine collection! My bf makes me throw them out/sell them when they build up, and my mom threw away my collection of ollllllld egg mags. ;_;

    The bikini and anklets are cute♪

    Are there any special cosme products you’re planning on buying on your next Japan trip?

    • jenny says:

      Awe not your old egg mags!? I know holding onto mine doesn’t really benefit me in any way but I just can’t bare to toss or sell them just yet. I have years & years worth now.

      Ah yea I’m definitely looking forward to buying nearly ALL the CandyDoll products and every type of eyelash product including Dolly Wink, EYEMAZING & D.U.P eyelashes! Also want to grab some Melliesh products too! I really want to pick up a couple of lash cases including DollyWink’s

  12. Ivo says:

    Wow. You have so much make up! And I have exactly the same badgal mascara as you :D

  13. Leanne says:

    Wowwwww *_________* I hope to one day have as much make-up as you! How does the Stila all over shimmer liquid look? Is it like a sutble shimmer you use on your cheeks or all over your face? I’m sort of looking for something that’ll make me look dewy but glowy? Haha, does that make sense :P

    • jenny says:

      On the cheeks or eyes it’s great but I find all over to be a bit much unless you want that more bronzer gold shimmer look. I’d recommend their “High Beam” for all over but subtle! I used to have that & it’s really great.

  14. Melissy says:

    I love all your stuff. ;)
    Ahh you have such good taste in buying things!! :)

  15. the bikini looks really cute like it!

  16. Miamy says:

    wow, im amazed at how u classify ur make up! haha, what i have is a large make up bag with everything in it and I will just bring necessary items in another smaller pouch like when I go for a short trip or something. :D oh btw, I love that make up bag with little red hearts that u bring to work!!

  17. stella says:

    hey,,! so many mke up. i still need to buy more :) always dont think is enough for me .haha

  18. Sara Mari says:

    Oh I’m a bit jealous of your teeny bikini. After being morbidly obese you just can never have a bikini body. Anyway, there is something very endearing about the bold American theme of the bikini, I bet it will stand out on the beach! ^^

    Are those all magazines I see behind you??

    Wow, you have like 5x as much makeup as I do! That’s very nice how your organized it into different look styles.

  19. cin says:

    uuu love the bikini~ i still need to work on my body to be able to wear one XD

    and i thought i was the only one with multiple make up bags! i got so many pouches that i started dividing my make up around but i still dont use them enough :p

  20. Haley says:

    What type of eyelash glue do you use? So far I can’t find any that I really really like.

    • jenny says:

      It’s just some cheap “LashGrip” stuff. I really like it, it’s stood up to pretty severe winds.

  21. rene says:

    YES! Surprised with all the makeup! love your first makeup pouch! I’m using my cher pouch now too! it is so roomy! Love all the side pockets.

    Love the ‘belt’ detail of the bikini! I’m so inspired to color my hair to match the bikinis i have for my bali trip! do u think i should? keke!

  22. sidney says:

    lol i’m kidding, i promise~ being a college student i use something until it’s gone, even if i don’t like it (you understand, i’m sure~ haha). i guess foundation is the only exception just because i’m so worried about my skin breaking out, but…aah makeup!! D:
    you definitely inspire me to own more stuff, though! hahaha is that a good thing? oh well! :D (especially blushes. i keep wanting MOAR PINK with blushes, but none of the over-the-counter stuff looks good enough…)

    & your bikini is SO CUTE. i need to go swin suit shopping, but i’m not looking forward to it…urk :x

    • jenny says:

      No worries, I didn’t even have the amount of just 1 of my current bags during college (oh being broke is no fun~~) But you’ll get there someday and you’ll know it was all worth it ;D

  23. Jasmin says:

    Oh i really like your handpainted glowing effects ^_^
    It might be a simple effect, but i still did not get it …as always with all simple things xD

    …to get a perfect make-up is a solo science :P

  24. Savannah says:

    Kind of off topic, but do you ever have people call you a weeboo? If you have, how do you deal with it? XD

    do you get offended or do you just laugh it off?

    • jenny says:

      Haahaa I think it’s funny you asked this on an entry that doesn’t mention anything Japan related. No, I’ve never been called a weeboo, but I have gotten negative comments about liking & being inspired by Japanese fashion before. I just laugh & laugh! But then also there’s a part of me that really pities that person. They must be really unhappy and angry all the time and I feel sorry for them. They live with such obvious insecurities and closed minds that they feel the need to judge people so harshly. I couldn’t imagine living my life in such an unhappy manner ;(

      • Savannah says:

        ahah I know it’s kinda ironic that I wrote this in an entry with no japanese things. XD

        I was just curious because lately a couple of my brother’s friends have learned of this term, and call me it ALL the time. At first I thought it was funny, but now it kinda frustrates me when they say it. I was looking at some of the fashion blogs you read, and my brother’s friend walked by and was like “oh you looking at ASIAN clothes you weeboooooooo???” :/

        So I was just wondering how you deal with it! ahah.

        • jenny says:

          Oh it’s your brother!! Haahaa that’s completely different! Brothers & especially their friends will always find something to make fun of you for. Being a jerk is sorta their specialty!

  25. Genevieve says:

    Wow, you really go all- out huh? I wish I had patience to put more makeup on! My “daily look” usually just consists of cover-up, mineral veil & blush! sometimes mascara, but not that often lol.

    I love to look inside people’s bags at what they’ve got! great post :)

  26. Tori says:

    That bikini is so so CUTE~!! Love the marine colours! ❤
    The anklets you chose are really gorgeous too~ love the one on the left.
    & BAG CHECK!! You’re so organised, I’m jealous! XD

  27. Thao says:

    Wow. I am most definitely surprised. I really did not realize that people have more than one make up bag. I thought all you need was one bag to hold them all. ^^;; But your system makes sense since you wear make up just about daily and you can just make a quick grab for what you need that day.

  28. Bibi says:

    Random comment but I love how organized your bookshelf is! And I have the same magazine holders, too bad they don’t sell that design anymore, it was the best one.
    Anklets are so cute. My mom loves anklets. You can never have too much makeup. You’re makeup collection is well organized though. love love love it!

    • jenny says:

      Ugh yes! I LOVED that design! I actually have the even earlier version in blue! Now their new designs are so unattractive I just buy the white ones and draw on them with sharpies :P

  29. Sumie says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh where did you get that geisha comb??
    it’s soo lovely^^

  30. Thanh Thao says:

    Your makeup collection is so awesome!!! You might have more make-up yourself than our local drug store :-))) So cool! i wish I owned so much for myself, too, but I’m a poor student XDDD

    The bikini looks so cool, too! I bet you will stand out going to the beach or pool with that! :-))

  31. Ys says:

    Wow that is some serious make-up! ;) You’ve got such an amazing collection. My make-up bag is rarely touched. I only have eyeshadow, lipstick/balm, mascara and eye-pencil hahahaha. I do try to wear mascara if I go out and about into town or visiting people but the eye-shadows only used for “special occassions” hahahahaha. I really suck don’t I? ;)

    I love how organised your shelves are. I want shelves like that :D

  32. Brenna says:

    aw Jenny ! thanks for sharing your makeup knowledge!! :)

    Such a cute pic btw, I can really notice your lashes. Which ones are you wearing in that pic? :0

  33. ana says:

    oooh! alot of makeup thats cool :) but I love the way you have all that makeup organized into bags and their own categories.

  34. Ain Parfait says:

    That bikini is so cute!
    And I love your room! Its so neat and colorful and all those magazines *_*!

    Your makeup is also so neat.. I’m inspired..!

  35. Lee says:

    Hiya Jenny!
    Have just been catching up on some past entries! Please come be my stylist!! lol
    Your looking as gorgeous as ever girl!
    Much love!

  36. Joey says:

    love love love anklets!! that and rings. my two fave jewelery.
    they make legs look sexy. =)

    and whoa.. thats a lot of make up!!

  37. isabelle says:

    just thought i say love the new layout !

  38. kimmy says:

    wow, so many makeup lol~ >

  39. Marta says:

    Hey sweetie!! Remember me??
    I finally created a blog. I’ll write it spanish/english. I hope you follow me!!And leave me comments!!

    Thank you so much. I send you my love.

  40. Lo says:

    Wow!!! what a make up collection!! ^_^ really cool, loved ur cher make-up bag :D hope u had a nice weekend ;) TC

  41. Gomu says:

    nice bags~~*

  42. Vicki/Sesame says:

    How do you like the Etude House Code B eyeliner? Can you compare it to any other gel eyeliners because right now those are the type I like best. ^^

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