Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Stud

Tuesday April 26, 2011   

I was able to get that tank top I was talking about regretting not buying this past weekend from H&M. :deco13: SO LUCKY. Couldn’t find my size at first but then Mike spotted a group of them in a different area of the store! :deco9: Honestly he finds most my clothes lol. :P It’s easier when you have someone helping you. :ok: I know I’m really lucky. :deco3: Not only does he come with me shopping, he helps and rarely complains. :deco10::suki:

These are the two pairs of shorts I had in mind for this top! They don’t look it, but they can be a bit difficult to match with. The patterns mostly. :deco13: The floral coolotes are from WONDER ROCKET and the heart jean shorts are ZARA. Ah, add in my YESSTYLE wedges and :deco11: fuuuuu bring on summer!! ::9:

Or throw in some white ruffle socks + floral coolotes + lace ruffle tank + wedge shoes!

A bit summertime 森ガール eh? :sunny: A tiny bit :P :deco15: I got these coolotes for ¥500 last summer. It was some special 1-hour only promotional sale item! Hahhahahaa! How could I resist right!? But really I had very little to match with them for summer outfits. :deco13:


I purchased some new piercing studs this weekend to replace my originals. :ok: The ones that were originally used were a larger size gauge and a bit longer in case of swelling. They were catching on my hair and clothes and pulling at my healing ears *ouch!* though.:drops::ng: So I bought some new, more earring-like studs that I’ll leave in for the remainder of the 8 weeks of healing. :deco13: I was told I could change them out after 3 weeks anyway! :ok: But I wanted something I could leave in at all times still. You know, not cheap ass Forever 21 earrings just yet lol. :ng:

They’re simple. I’ll admit they had prettier ones for $50+:deco13: but I was being cheap. :) I think these were like $20. Titanium. I just love them though x) :deco3:


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76 Responses to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Stud”

  1. amber says:

    i loooovee your coordinate with the kankan hat!!
    & your zara shorts, i think i remember seeing the post where you just bought them :)

    simple studs are so rare these days, yours are cute!

  2. amber says:

    i loooovee your coordinate with the kankan hat!!
    & your zara shorts, i think i remember seeing the post where you just bought them :)

    simple studs are so rare these days, yours are cute!

  3. Willa says:

    Gyahhh! I LOVE those Zara shorts! It’s so freaking adorable!
    I’m glad that you got that beautiful H&M tank top!

  4. Veronica says:

    I love that coordinate! Weeee

    • jenny says:

      Thank you thank you!!! Seriously I don’t want to be like last year just wearing black skull tank top and shorts again day after day x(

  5. zoraida says:

    i love your earringsssss hahaha

    yeah, i can see how those patterns are hard to match with =_=;; i’d have trouble too… but luckily you don’t have that problem anymore! i have a floral skirt that’s kind of hard to match with but .. i guess i can make do.

  6. Nana says:

    Those shorts are so adorable! You’re lucky you have nice legs to wear them! You’re so lucky you can wear cheaper earrings while your ears continue to heal.. It saves money ~~

  7. Theda Bara says:

    That looks like the quintessential coord for summer, very cute and stylish!

  8. Cassandra says:

    Those heart print jean shorts are sososo cute~~ I couldn’t find them on the website, but I may have to convince someone to take me to the store to have a look around- they seem so perfect for summer! I remember changing my earrings for the first time after getting them pierced- it feels really weird, doesn’t it? At least you can collect more cute studs :)

    • jenny says:

      I’m sorry, they’re from Zara last summer :(

      Yeah I had my first set of piercings done over a decade ago so I can’t remember how any of it felt! LOL

  9. Tori says:

    Awh, I really like your new studs ♥ I think they fit you somehow~ dainty, simple & pretty :3
    That tank you bought is lovely too & so versatile! I could see it with a pair of flare-leg denims too + those glorious wedges ♥ You always discover the best YesStyle finds~!

    • jenny says:

      Why thank you :) The others were so long and would stick out a bit (blegh unsightly.) I think I’d actually wear these a lot even after they heal tbh!

      Yes, yes! Isn’t this a nice tank?! The lace + buttons are a bit chic so match it with my black silk pants, black chain bag = not so romantic but more cool!

      Please don’t mention flare denim *puts hand up* I really want a pair but have sworn off “long pants buying” until September LOL (we’ll see how long that lasts!!!)

  10. Cat says:

    Hey, I came across you blog and it’s beautiful. I love the layout!! Could you please tell me what program you used to make it? Thanks

  11. Fatiha says:

    love the tank top from H&M hehe so cute!!
    it seems like you’re really excited for summer! especially for the clothes ~ ^_^
    the studs are gorgeous! maybe cheap, but still, it has its own charm. i don’t really remember how much healing hurt… my parents got my ears pierced when i was really young.. Maybe 1 or 2 years old?
    anyway, hope it heals soon ~

    • jenny says:

      Yea it’s been a random 80 degrees here this week so I’ve had “full summer” on my mind. It’s cooling off though so I’ll be back to wear my sweaters & cardigans soon enough :)

      Yea I had my first set done when I was like 13 so I don’t remember how it felt at all!

  12. Jessica Ann says:

    Hi Jenny ^^

    The coolotes were such a steal! *A* I have the tendency to buy pieces one year, and not know what to do with them until the next. My mother nags me all the time about that problem, but those clothes actually end up being solid pieces in my closet!

    I absolutely love your new piercing! I was thinking about getting a second lobe piercing as well, but my current ones are mega uneven :\ (I had mines pierced during infancy)

    Hopefully your ears heal soon and the snagging discontinues!

    • jenny says:

      It’s great you end up using the items yo buy. Sorta like you slowly build a wardrobe around them :D

      Thanks with the ears, yeah the snagging as stopped now that I have these shorter posts in. The other posts were really heavy duty “for real” pro-piercing and not just regular ole ear piercing :P They told me to change them out after 3 weeks anyway :D

  13. Ash says:

    I really love your new studs! Where’d you pick them up?

    • jenny says:

      Piercing Pagoda hahahaa! They were the ones you buy when you go to GET pierced. They were in the little piecing mini guns and everything so she just took them out xD

  14. Mandie says:

    Those heart shorts are amazing! Did you get them from ZARA recently? I adore them. *_____*

  15. Amelia says:

    love your top and the zara jeans :D

  16. Shirley says:

    I always drag my boyfriend shopping with me and he finds a lot of stuff for me too! I’ll be looking for something and give up but he always flags down the employees and makes them look everywhere and even call other stores! It’s a little embarrassing but really sweet hehe :3

    I love the coordinate you came up with!

    • jenny says:

      Haahaa I understand that! Mike does the same sometimes & I’m really like “oh no, no really I don’t need to buy anything anyway!” But ut’s sweet like you said!

  17. Emy says:

    H&M has such cute clothesss this season! I just bought a bunch from them tooo!

  18. Vermillion says:

    Lovely coordinate!! I love the patterns of those 2 shorts.

  19. Leslie says:

    I’m excited for summer and summer coordinates too! Your mini star stud is beyonddd adorable. :)

  20. ava says:

    Those blue Zara shorts are so cute! I love the little hearts

  21. Thuy An says:

    Summer outfits are the best!! I really love the wedges ♥___♥ they go with your hat and shorts so well. I’m so jealous you have a Zara near you. The best we got so far is H&M and they’ve recently just opened (FINALLY) this past year!

    • jenny says:

      H&M is great too though, cheaper but often same quality of clothing. Zara can sorta rub me the wrong way. Higher prices but the quality isn’t so great sometimes.

  22. lissy says:

    so wish summer was coming, but it’s winter D:

    • jenny says:

      I was sorta begrudging oncoming summer since I’ve gotten to like my winter clothes so much! :X But what can you do~ seasons change. It shouldn’t be 80F outside right now but it insanely is here! But next week 50F again so back to sweaters for a bit longer :)

  23. Oreri says:

    I looove those shorts! And the wedges! And your earrings! Going crazy right now. Can I stole everything from you? :) xoxo

  24. Amy says:

    SO CUTE. But that lacy part at the top of the tank top worries me. I’m not a big fan of undergarments being revealed….. This happens a lot when I find a pretty lace top.

    Also, I died when I saw those wedge shoes! ~~~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ ♪

  25. sukipooki says:

    Omg what a cute white top and Im loving that heart patterened baby blue shorts! Super adorable! Seems like you’re all ready for the nice weather that’s coming up! =D

    • jenny says:

      Definitely getting prepared!! Though our dead heat doesn’t get here until August so I’ll get to enjoy tights & cardigans with these outfits for a month or so longer :)

  26. ShuShu says:

    aaaah i love these shorts *~* and the outfit is great, i really like your style

    ShuShu ♥

  27. Meow says:

    The studs are very cute! I love the star motif too! =D

  28. ada says:

    Hey inspiration!
    Whuuuuuu must buy this top!
    and the coordinate, u matched it perfectly :D :x
    What about floral wreaths? Are u up to them?

    • jenny says:

      Floral wreaths? Like a headband?! Ah haha they’re really pretty but I wouldn’t wear them here. Maybe only in Japan xDD Like Liz Lisa style or more mori girl look :P

  29. Bebi says:

    Such lovely clothes. You really have good taste!

  30. Sah says:

    What a lovely coordinate *-* And this blue short is just AWESOME! Oh, I have the same problem with my piercings, that’s why i’m currently not using them ^^”

  31. Jheri says:

    You put together such cute outfits! :D I’ve been wondering — have you ever tried your hand at making your own clothes before? Like simple dresses and tanks? It would be interesting to see what kind of things you would create.

    • jenny says:

      Ah, I took “home economics” in high school, hahaha and made a few things there. But I’m not very good at it. I can only mend clothing, sew on buttons, that sort of thing =Y I’m terrible at pattern making ;__;

  32. All those pieces are sooo nice!


  33. Sara Mari says:

    I’m glad you could get the tank top you had been wanting, it really does work well with the floral skirt!

    I agree, its good to have quality studs for piercings, I basically can only wear gold studs anyway….TT

    • jenny says:

      Ack my old piercings used to be like that! But in recent years they seem ok with cheap junk now. I worry my new ones will be sensitive but so far they’re good with titanium at least. We’ll see how they do with super cheap nickle earrings after they heal *gulp*

  34. Rubi says:

    It got so warm all of a sudden, right? I love how easily you pull outfits together! so pretty :D

  35. Huynh says:

    I love how you can put pieces together and make cute outfits :) And the heart print shorts are so cute xD

  36. Ys says:

    That top is gorgeous, perfect for summer :)

    And the studs are so cute. So tiny and adorable :)

  37. luluboo says:

    those heart shorts are amazing! i want some for myself. your coordinate is so lovely too~

  38. rene says:

    happy that you found the tank! it is beautiful!

  39. Courtney says:

    I CANNOT put into words how much I love the summer outfit spread you have here. SERIOUSLY! I love each and every piece of it individually and together! And I love how it’s a little mori but not 100%. And mori for summer is SO hard anyway! (At least I feel!) I would love to “copy & paste” purchase it! haha The hat and shoes tie the whole thing together and make it very darling.
    New studs are cute! Glad you like your second piercing!

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