iDarkroom, Camera+, and Diptic Apps

Wednesday April 27, 2011   

I know I said I was gonna do a full overview of apps I use but it just fizzled out. :deco13: So here’s 3 apps I’m using often for photos!


I use this 9 times out of 10 when taking photos. Usually I just take photos with it but you can edit and add effects too. I find that part of the app a bit cumbersome. :deco13: But for taking photos it’s great because it separates focus and white balance. Also there’s a timer and burst mode too. I’ve tried out similar apps but this has been the best for me. :ok: I set mine to save directly to cameraroll which is a nice feature. :deco12: It’s $1.99.


I used to only use Cameratan. But after a recent update it loads so slowly now I went out looking got other similar photo effect apps. One of the many was iDarkroom. I like it and use it a lot now. :deco3: It loads quickly. Is simple but not too simple. Wish it had slightly more color effects. But I use this for all the bokeh effects lately. It’s $.99.


I mentioned this one before. :deco11: It does a nice multiple photo layout thing. Has 19 various layouts to choose from. You can either snap a photo or choose from your cameraroll. There’s a very basic “effect” option where you can change hue, saturation, etc but nothing fancy. You can also change the border color. It’s $1.99.


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  1. M says:

    i can’t do app reviews because android doesn’t have a screen capture function!

    no lies.. it’s very complicated if you attempt to screen cap and even then it doesn’t work hahaha
    they are not a screen capture bunch

    • jenny says:

      I really thought ppl used an app to take their iPhone screen captures or something then one day I accidentally did it myself hahha for a second there I was really confused xP

  2. karme says:


  3. kamille says:

    Thank you Jenny! been looking for an app… because cameratan keeps freezing and lagging on my iphone. It got on my nerves!

  4. Vermillion says:

    Thank you for your reviews ^^ I’ve been hunting for new camera apps.

  5. Ash says:

    Thank you for this. Planning on getting an iphone after an upcoming move and am glad to get some iphone camera recs~

  6. Cindii says:

    Ahh, I want the Diptic app, but for what it does it’s not worth that price.

  7. Fatiha says:

    thanks for the info ~ i’ve been wondering about what apps you use for taking your photos w/ your IPhone! hehe
    it sounds like the idarkroom app would be most efficient for me! it seems like you’re really happy with it, so i might check it out!! ^_^

  8. Shmuberry says:

    omgggg thank you for this post, I’m in LOVE with idarkroom now!!! :DI have sooo many photo apps: I like Cameratan, it has a lot of effect but it’s long to generate the effect… I like to have instant preview~ Have you tried Labelbox? It’s quite nice for labels on photos :)

    • jenny says:

      I have Labelbox!! I usually only use it for photos I send to friends but I posted smtg a little bit ago where I used it. Yea Cameratan used to be super fast but latest version sucks :(

  9. kanon says:

    Oh yes :)
    your overview of iphone apps is very helpful :)
    i’ve been using the Cameratan app after reading your
    overview & diptic also xDD

    im interested in the IDARKROOM app now.
    might as well try it today…

    do you have any recomendation for game app too :D?

  10. And I continue to kick myself for not getting an iPhone. woes~ I’m always so jealous of everyone with such awesome iPhotos. These apps look so fun, and they make your photos look lovely!

  11. Mei says:

    i wish i have an iphone now :|

  12. Tori says:

    Uwaaa, thank you for sharing these~! ❤ I wondered where you got that super-cute heart filter from, hehe~

  13. Sara Mari says:

    I have an andriod so I have to use different apps than these, but I really wish I had one with bokeh!!

  14. Betty says:

    Your apps make me miss my iphone! I’m slowly bidding my time until my contract runs out so I can get an iphone^-^

  15. lissy says:

    woo thank you so much for these :DDD i find this one really good ‘美图秀秀’ some asian editing shit (Y)

  16. Oreri says:

    Thank you for these reviews! Pretty helpful because I don’t like the built-in camera app :D

  17. Loni Fay says:

    Cool if only I had an iphone :(

  18. Stacey says:

    I started using DipTic when you last wrote about it and I quite enjoy it. I haven’t gone too fancy with it yet though, but I’m hoping to once it warms up!

  19. Winnie says:

    Oh, times like these I wish I had an iPhone. One day…

  20. Ashley says:

    Hi! I came across your blog recently and it’s really awesome. You’re super cute and interesting (umm not in a creepy way lol) It came up when I was looking for a circle lens review. Anywayss~ Sorry I should probably be commenting on something more recent but I wanted it to be something relevant. Your pictures look so good and I’m debating getting the iphone 4s or just the 4. Yours look so nice that I was thinking about just going with the 4 but idk what do you think??
    Bleh long comment sry

    • jenny says:

      No, no it’s OK to comment here! :)

      Well; I of course have the 4. I’ve never used the 4S so I can’t really compare, only speculate. I will say for web photos the 4 is more than enough but if you want something for printing larger photos, etc, maybe the 4S would be a better choice. Is the 4 cheaper? Probably a little but enough to not get 4S? I dunno, Siri looks cool though xDDD

      • Ashley says:

        Ah thanks! :D The 4 is 100 dollars cheaper but yea maybe it’s worth it to get the 4S. Hehe yeaa I was looking up videos of people asking Siri random questions, it looks kinda entertaining :P Well whichever I get, it will be a huge upgrade and maybe I could start my own blog, graciasssssss~ :)

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