Lots and Lots of Rain

Thursday April 28, 2011   

I think a lot of people can relate to this sight right now. :rainy: That huge band of damaging storms that swept the US has finally passed us today. I kept having to rush upstairs and unplug my desktop PC. Working off my netbook for a while as the storms passed one by one. But the weekend should be really nice now. I’ve mostly kept inside this week except for work so I’m anxious to get out.

One thing I won’t be doing this weekend is buying any more clothes! I feel I have mostly everything I’ll need for the rest of spring and even summer.

When Mike got home today we went through our closets before dinner. We did an overhaul, BOTH OF US! I finally got him to donate the stuff he no longer ever wears. We came up with 6 bags of donation clothes! He had a shirt in there from 10 years ago This really was a shock he joined me with the overhaul, see!!

Three bags each! Plus I have a small box of “exceptionally lovely” clothes I’m sending to my sister. Then a few things I think I’ll sell here. The COLU/BUZZ SPUNKY overalls & W♥C leopard skirt & a W♥C-like cream colored skirt. I’ll try to work on getting those up soon. This is my final overhaul. I have nothing left except what I’m currently wearing and a few dead heat summer items from last year I’ll wear again this year.

I knew I’d have to do one final overhaul for summer clothes but I didn’t think I could do it so soon. But looking through everything I have now, and still like from last summer, I realized I had more than enough to dress properly throughout the hottest months already!

I’m not delusional in thinking I’ll never have to do another overhaul again. I mean… clothing gets old, needs replacing, etc. I have a cardigan I should toss because it’s looking worn but I just love it too much. You know, those things will always happen. But I swear I don’t want to do these triple bag worth overhauls every few months anymore. It’s too wasteful. I really want to stick to my quality over quantity mentality I’ve had through most of winter. I was good at sticking with it and it made me really happy. It made getting dresses easy as fuck too, LOL. Ah ok, so that’s that. Gonna take it to donation bins tomorrow! I’d like to only have to do this twice a year in the future and only fill 1 bag then.

I’ll end it with some eyecandy from a Korean bakery called Shilla. I’ve been there a bunch of times before & mentioned them here. Anyway they have amazing cake slices, cookies, etc. sweets and cafe food! I bought 3 cake slices on my birthday (few weeks ago) but forgot to post them The cheesecake was AMAZING. Tasted so much like my grandmother’s homemade NY Style cheesecake!


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58 Responses to “Lots and Lots of Rain”

  1. Lokkita says:

    Wow, 6 bags… That’s quite a ton! Where do you usually donate your old clothes?

    • jenny says:

      The city has these huge donation bins all over. Some are Goodwill or Planet Aid, etc. It depends on where we are going so it varies. There are some new ones though just a few blocks down in a shopping center we’ll take these to because the bins are big and convenient location but I forget the charity they belong to atm.

  2. zoraida says:

    wowwwwwwwww 6 bags!!!! that’s quite a load!

    those cakes look so delicious. nom. does one of them have whipped cream with cocoa powder sprinkled on top!?! O_O

  3. Willa says:

    O: Those cake slices look awesome!
    So many bags of clothes! I recently did a closet cleaning and I got rid of a big box full of clothes. -__-

  4. Wow that’s amazing! And so great that you got him to do it too! I recently did an overhaul too and got rid of a HUGE bag of clothes… but I feel like I did too much ‘oh… I could use this again… I’m sure!’ and now I just have a bunch of stuff that I think I could use… but probably wont. I hate parting with stuff!

    Glad the storms passed you by without any damage! I heard that they were pretty scary!

    • jenny says:

      Mmmmm I feel like that too sometimes. Like I think “oh I COULD wear this if…” but I found when I kept those items I never did wear them. This time I was really harsh and it was hard. But if I didn’t feel immediately “excited” to wear it, like a newly bought item, I bagged it. Because I have enough I would happily wear to fill up a week’s worth of coordinates. It’s still always hard to let things go. Feel so guilty and wasteful.

  5. Fatiha says:

    the storms were horrible!! I was in class all day today, and i saw it raining pretty hard… glad it wasn’t that bad though!

    & even though I love going shopping… I never seem to have enough clothes to wear! And it’s mostly a lot of clothes i’m definitely not fond of anymore! so there won’t be any leftovers for me to spare this time.. hehe
    It’s wonderful that you and Mike are donating your clothes ~ & 3 bags each.. that’s a lot! ^_^

    the Korean Bakery sounds great!! someday, I’ll have to go visit DC and devote a whole day of the trip to eating.. ~

    • jenny says:

      A whole day to eating?! Just one day?! Hard choices! Lolol just kidding. That’s a cute idea though xD

      Yeah I tossed my final guilt items. The ones I just look at and think “why did I buy this?!” or “I used to wear this every day lol what happened?! I hate this now!” lol.

  6. sidney says:

    Omg haha I want to like call dips on one of the wc skirts buuuuut I am so budgeted I probably can’t afford it! But WOW good job at being able to clear out that much clothing!!!

    Oooh shilla, I think that’s a chain of bakeries, I know I’ve seen one here! Its also the name of a korean dynasty :b

  7. mishi says:

    Hmmm it’s been raining like crazy over here too… really annoying.

    6 bags! Y’all probably have so much space now haha (obviously)

  8. 6 bags! after clearing them you would have space, will you be tempted soon to buy more things? :P

    • jenny says:

      Actually the opposite! Now I don’t have all the clothes I love buried under clothes I hate so I feel I have so much I’m eager to wear unlike before!

  9. Amy says:

    You getting rain is lucking! I woke up this morning with SNOW!! ‎(╬ ಠ益ಠ) Seriously, really hate how late Spring is this year.

    Omigosh, is that W♥C leopard skirt you’re planning to sell the really frilly? I’ve been searching for that skirt for FORRREVVERR. So cute, seriously.

    I’ve been watching how much sweets I’m eating. Since Easter just passed and my stomach is full of chocolate eggs, I think I should consider having a healthier diet for the next month. (Also to get in shape for summerー♪)

  10. Veronica says:

    Way to go! Wow! I wish I could give more stuff up- can’t keep
    Holding on to stuff I never wear >.

    • jenny says:

      Yea the only reason to hold onto it is because you love it & wear it constantly but I always want to hold on b/c of memories or a slight chance I MIGHT love it in the future (which is nonsense.)

  11. Charlene says:

    So many cloooothes, I’m sure someone will be happy with their purchase when they dig through and find your items, haha. And omg SHILLLLLLLA ~ HEARTS. Can’t wait to go next Monday for my birthday bingsoo hahaha.

  12. Those cake slices loooook soooo delicious!!

    yummy! i want some! :)


  13. Meow says:

    Wow 6 bags of clothes to donate! I should do an overhaul for my wardrobe too. I have clothes that I have worn for over 10 years! D=

  14. Tori says:

    Jenny, you inspire me sooo much ♥ I want to be just like you when I grow up, haha! But seriously, that mentality of overspending as wasteful is a great one to have. Literally, does a person need 5 pairs of denim cutoffs? XD I think I am going to try to do what you did by whittling my s/s wardrobe to just a few key pieces to not keep buying~ though my one vice is shoes & I just can’t give that up!! *fail*
    Those cake slices look yummy tho~ you have a ton of great little eateries near you! ♥

    • jenny says:

      Hahahaha denim cut offs!!! I found shorts I thought I had ALREADY donated!!! I was like “wtf, look at me sneaking these back into my life!!” So this time they WENT!

      I think shoes are a bit different because I HAVE gone back to some after a year of not wearing. So lately I’ve been doing like 2 year limit. I did finally donate some boots lately I just haven’t worn & looked cheap anyway. One thing I did was trash half my flip flops *cries.* I read a good article that suggested it and it seemed right. It felt good to just see 2 pairs in the shoe closet hahahaaaa!

  15. Linda says:

    ahhhh, the cakes look so cute and yummy! :D

  16. Aoko says:

    I recently did a closet cleaning too. I try to make one every year but, I must confess, I do have some clothes from when I was young I don’t wanna give away T_T! It’s just that children’s clothes are so cute and they are full of special memories that I cannot give them up (´;ω;`) !
    OMG! Those cake slices look yummy ♥!


    • jenny says:

      Yea the memory-related clothes are really hard to toss. I have a bunch of t-shirts from high school & college I just couldn’t toss. So I keep them for random times like camping or painting.

  17. omg I miss sweets so much ; o ; I haven’t had any for a few months now! lol

    Even though I might have all the clothes that I need for summer, I’m still buying more! I’m so impulsive~!

    Glad to hear everything is okay with you guys!

  18. Suzu says:

    wow i wish i had enough clothes to be able to donate that much in one clean-up ! i really admire your clothing purchase/managing mentality (?) ~ i would definitely adopt something like that when i get older as well :) Jenny, you and your blog is always a great inspiration for me ! it makes me happy that you’ve been updating everyday lately ~ it’s always fun to get to read a new blog entry after long tiring days ^ ^

    uwaa i would really love to purchase the cocolulu/buzz spunky overalls ~! i’ll be waiting for you to post them up x)

    • jenny says:

      Ah I feel bad I didn’t get a chance to update last night but I’ll blog tonight and usually I miss Saturday for blogging xDD! Thank you for all that, I really appreciate it. I really didn’t think that blogging about these things would be interesting let alone inspiring. I’m glad :D

  19. lissy says:

    6 bags omg!
    i love korean bakerys :D

  20. Mako-tan says:

    Wow, now that’s an overhaul. (o_o ) Now that you mention it, I should look through my closet, too. My mom always says I have tons of clothes, but she never realizes I wear only a few from that…

    OMG, for how much are you going to sell that W♥C leopard skirt? I always loved that, but using shipping services to buy them is way too expensive… (TAT );;
    But soon I’m going to have money, and oooh I’d really like that skirt! xD

    You’re such an inspiration for a better, less-consuming lifestyle, idk. (u///u )

    • jenny says:

      I really appreciate your interest in the skirt but they’ve already found a new home, sorry! ^^;;

      Ahhhhhhhhhh less-consuming lifestyle, yes! Wow, an inspiration?! I feel I struggle hard with it a lot hahahaaa! I really want to buy less. Not because of money but because too much of a good thing leads to bad feelings for me and guilt when there’s excess.

  21. mika says:

    Waah! Lucky to get so much rain! It’s been so dry here, i’d love some rain!

    6 bags! That’s so many! I think even after a long time the most I’ve ever had was two. But that’s so great that you donated them :)

    Those cakes look absolutely amazing and the one has strawberries on it! I guess that’s the cheesecake? Looks amazing~ I want some lol

  22. Cindii says:

    That’s great that you’re donating all those clothes. I need to do that. I have so many clothes that I don’t wear.

    OMG those cakes!! DROOL.

    • jenny says:

      Yeah, it always surprises me when people just throw their clothes away?? I just can’t process that (except for really worn bad clothing.) All my clothes are still really good condition so it would be a waste not to donate. I only put a few things aside for my sister if I think she’ll like the style and find them easy to wear (she’s an extremely low maintenance girl.)

  23. yumi says:

    aww…i hope all the rain goes away and you can see more sun!

    happy late birthday. The cheesecake looks amazingly delicious. Something worth trying. I’m glad you liked it.

    Interesting blog. =)

  24. Jaydi says:

    Those cakes look sooo yummy ~
    I love my Mum’s NY style cheesecake!

    Can’t wait to see the W♥C items you’ll sell! I bet they’ll be snatched up fast, haha :3

  25. Lorena♥ says:

    Argg here is raining a lot too! what I hate is that it comes along with a terrible heat (> .

  26. Lorena♥ says:

    oops I used the “forbidden” character & cut my comment tehee, said my mom keeps most of the clothes I give away or her bff daughter & that cakes look yummmmmmmmm LOL :P

  27. bubi says:

    wah! so many clothes donated. i think it’s nice that you donated them rather than just tossing them. too many people take perfectly good clothes that others would be happy to have and just waste them. :'(!

    colu overalls?! as in the pink ones?? wahhhh no way!! i will have to keep my eyes peeled.

    • jenny says:

      I just can’t understand how people just throw out perfectly wearable clothing ;_;. I mean really :(

      Ah yes those ones! I need to weigh them for shipping purposes then post them up!

  28. Ys says:

    Ahh those pictures made me so hungry! You’re making me want to go out for dessert one time soon ;)

  29. sukipooki says:

    Reading your post reminds me, donation pick ups at nearing my home soon meaning that I need to raid my closet and take out all unloved clothing too! Sigh, if only mummy doesn’t go through them, which makes the process twice as along (not to mention I get scolded for “perfectly” fine clothes that Im not wearing *tsk tsk waste*) Oh and speaking of the rain, I hear you, Vancity’s only gotten 3days of sunshine and were back to rain already!

  30. Courtney says:

    I love these cute bakeries. We have some near here as well. :) Somehow they always come out very fluffy and nice~

    Yes! I love donating clothes. It’s so good to be left with just your favorites and I feel good that my old stuff is going to someone who will appreciate it more. ‘ w ‘ I already gave away a big bag of clothes, some shoes, bed sheets, towels and toys this summer but I think I’ll have to go through and do it again soon!

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