The Melting Pot

Saturday April 30, 2011   

Well I’m up all sky high off watching Doctor Who. lolol It’s getting late but I wanted to post a few snaps from Friday night at The Melting Pot. It’s basically a fully fondue restaurant. It’s like right by my house but in the 5+ years I’ve lived here I never went. :deco13: I only toyed with the idea and laughed it off as just a poor leftover relic of the 60’s. lolol AH BUT IT WAS PRETTY FUN!

The lighting is really low. :deco13: The place is basically a date night haven. So the pictures aren’t so great. :deco13: It’s a really nice setup though. Romantic lighting, cool layout & table set ups. A bit like a more spacious Cheesecake Factory.

This is one of the few places I actually still had room for dessert! Basically you choose a four course meal. A salad, cheese fondue, entree, then dessert. But neither of us are big cheese fans so we skipped that. :P

OK so this is what I got…

Spinach Mushroom Salad
Fresh spinach, baby Portobello mushrooms, red onion, chopped bacon and Roma tomatoes with a warm Burgundy Shallot Vinaigrette.

Pacific Rim Entree
Teriyaki-marinated sirloin, white shrimp, citrus-marinated pork tenderloin, breast of duck, breast of chicken and potstickers

Entrée Cooking Styles
For cooking your entrée

Bourguignonne (this is what you cook it in)
European-style fondue in cholesterol-free canola oil / 0g trans-fat oil

Cookies ‘n Cream Marshmallow Dream
Dark chocolate topped with marshmallow cream, flambéed, swirled together and garnished with crushed Oreo® cookies

Mike got the cajun entree which I liked a lot more…
The French Quarter
Filet mignon, breast of chicken and shrimp all seasoned with Cajun spices and served with Andouille sausage

The salad was SO FUCKIN GOOD! :deco11: That’s not usually something I often think and I LOVE salad. Mike said his was the best he had ever had too.

The entrees were good. Cooking it is a bit cumbersome. It takes a while to finish eating really. :hungry: We were there a long time but it was a nice time. :deco2: It’s great because we weren’t in any hurry and if you’re looking for a long dining experience this is perfect! There are different batters you can dip the meats and veggies into, etc. Sauces too.

However, we both agreed we aren’t used to eating such oily foods anymore. :;_;: It tasted fine but just… well it is all cooked in frying oil and that’s just not something I eat on a regular basis. :drops:

Cut to dessert. FAN-FUCKIN-TASTIC! :deco10: :deco10: :deco10:

These are the dippers you get…
Fresh strawberries, bananas, cheesecake, Rice Krispies Treats®, marshmallows, pound cake and brownies for you to dip into any of our decadent chocolate-fondue creations

Aside from the marshmallow dippers, these were so GOOD and decadent with the dark chocolate, marshmallow melt and cookie crumb fondue pot, hahaha. Apparently you can get endless dippers! :!?: Until you run out of fondue of course. There’s a small & large order though which is great. :up:

Probably will go back. :)
Wonder if it’s too doucey to just order salad and the “large” dessert????? :?: ::9: LOOOOOOOOOOL :deco3:


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43 Responses to “The Melting Pot”

  1. M says:

    that sounds great
    i’ve never been a fan of fondue either
    there’s a chocolate fondue place here
    but i’ve never been hehe

  2. lissy says:

    sounds so yummy
    cheese fondue…..i would still go with chocolate fondue :D
    mmmmm chocolate~

    • jenny says:

      Yea it’s strange they acted like you HAD to get the cheese one so we asked and nope, you don’t HAVE to order all 4 courses at all (thankfully!)

  3. Jenn says:

    Oooh I’ve heard of the place, but I’ve never been. It sounds like a lot of fun! Cute outfit too. :)

  4. bubi says:

    the salad definitely sounds appealing. even though i’m not a big mushroom person, i always like spinach salads more than the average lettuce salad. and ofc dessert. Q___Q

    cute outfit, too! ♥

  5. ctina says:

    I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but here you go.
    All the food sounds soooo good!!~

  6. Theda Bara says:

    I’ve only been to the Melting Pot once-when I was a petulant thirteen year old, and my mom’s boyfriend at the time was trying to do something nice for her and her kids. You’re right in that it is a laid-back, slow experience. I still remember it being a lot of fun, and something completely new to me.

    Your outfit for the evening was lovely, casual but with an air of elegance{the hat is definitely a nice touch and what completed the coordinate-imho}

    • jenny says:

      Thank you so much! Yeah they seemed to separate couples from family groups so I only saw non couples when I went huntin for the restrooms zD

  7. Mika says:

    Cute coord!
    There’s a Melting Pot near me, too, but I’ve never gone. I’ve heard a lot about it though, mostly from people who have had an anniversary there. Must get a boyfriend before I go there it seems. T.T It looks so delicious, I think I’d go just for the dessert anyway.

    Ah, your tumblr spam is making me want to watch Doctor Who. I think I might do that one of these days~

  8. Ria says:

    Love your outfit. I’ve never been there OR to the Cheescake factory those are two big hyped places I’ve never cared to go to but the deserrrrttt that sounds amazing.

  9. Tori says:

    omfg Melting Pot is my FAVEEE~~
    It’s so amazing how you don’t feel full after eating all the courses, y/n?? It’s the only restaurant I ever have room for dessert at & the dessert course is the besttt.
    You should def go back just for the salad & dessert, haha~! ;Dvv I’ve been JUST for the dessert before myself~
    I love you in that hat btw ;D

    • jenny says:

      Thank you I’m so happy to hear you’ve been just for dessert!!!!! Yeah usually I never have dessert room but I dunno. Either portions or the long prolong periods of letting dinner settle as you cook it really left room in my belly for dessert!

  10. Leslie says:

    The Melting Pot is so good! I’ve had that chocolate fondue before, too, and it’s SO SO YUMMY. :) I didn’t know you could get endless dippers, definitely something to think about for the future! I’m not a big fan of cheese fondue either, but the chocolate fondue makes it all worth it. :D

  11. Marina says:

    Haha! Me too, I’m so happy Doctor Who is back! Even my sister was looking forward to it – she blames me for making her a fan.

    There’s a Melting Pot near me too, I haven’t gone yet since I didn’t know what to expect. I was also afraid that I’d make a big mess of things.

    • jenny says:

      Lol so many friends “blame” me for their DW obsession too!!!

      Hum, it was a little messy but it’s expected and the tables are easily cleaned :D

  12. Betty says:

    It’s not douchey at all ordering salad and a large dessert! I order appetizers instead of entree all the time just cause I can’t ever finish an entree >.

  13. Marina says:

    Haha…I’m so happy that the Doctor is back (and Rory!). Even my sister was anticipating it last Saturday. She blames me for making her fan. Even though she’s seen a few episodes of the 10th Doctor before Matt Smith took over as the 11th Doctor, she’s seen most of the 1st season. I wonder if the 11th Doctor will be her Doctor.

    There’s a Melting Pot near me, but I’ve never gone. I’ve been curious but afraid to go because I thought I’d make a big mess!

  14. Linda says:

    ahhh the food sounds so good! :D
    & i love your outfit! where did you get the cardigan?

  15. Oh! There is a Melting Pot in my town too! ^^ I’ve never been to it and I can’t even see inside of the restaurant since their windows are SO tinted! ^^;; but now that you’ve spoken about it, I’m interested in going!

    I love your coord! I need to buy a hat… everybody has a hat now! But I think I have such a big head… so hats tend to make me look like an alien! haha~

  16. chenyee123 says:

    Hi! ;’) The dinner sounds cute and nice having such yummy desserts! Dark chocolate goes well with anything! I like them a lot too ~
    I would order just salad and dessert though, if I’m alone or just with a friend…

  17. Alisa says:


    I just wanted to say that your blog is super super awesome!!
    And your outfits look always perfect!!

  18. JL says:

    It sounds sooo delicious! I’ve never tried fondue in my life, but always wanted to! >.

  19. Mina says:

    First your outfit very nice has a vintage feel, also the Melting Pot hmmmm maybe I should try that with my friends.

    Also Doctor Who Series 6 Episode 2 was soooo good, especially the ending I was like what is going on here? “The Silence” very creepy (0_0) can’t wait for the next episode YAHHH!

  20. Veronica says:

    We were gonna go there for Valentines last year! Looks really fun :)

  21. Ys says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of an all-fondue restaurant before. The dessert sounds yummmmmmy. I’m the same as you, though, oily food makes me feel so sick these days.

  22. sukipooki says:

    Wow this place looks fabulous! The idea of cooking my dinner in pure oil doesn’t appeal to me but the idea certainly does, seems fun and sort of reminds me of chinese hotpot hahaha gotta cook your own food before you can eat, probably the reason why Im not a fan unless I go with bf =P

    The dessert sounds delicious though! I have an all-you-can-eat place here in my city downtown but the service is sooooo slow that you can really only get two fillings in, but then again Im STUFFED already =P

  23. Fatiha says:

    goodness… all of this food sounds so good! hehe very tempting ~ it really does sound like you and Mike had a good time there! and a perfect place to waste time while eating food… ^_^
    must have been absolutely wonderful! are there any other places you’ve been wanting to go to for food?
    i must admit.. desserts are my favorite!

    hehe your outfit’s really cute too! love it!

  24. omg i’ve been meaning to try the melting pot – you’ve just convinced me!! haha…now i’m hungry x_x!! love your cardigan – is it from urban outfitters??

  25. Jenii says:

    I’ve been meaning to try this place but the wait is always forever! Great to hear reviews about it – especially about the eating/cooking. Tom & I eat fairly quickly so maybe…we’ll have to muster up some patience to eat here XD

  26. Cindii says:

    OMG I love Melting Pot – way to pricey for me to eat here more than once a year. I enjoy the experience of of the cheese and chocolate fondue. Yum!! My bf took me here for Vday and got a private room.

  27. Courtney says:

    Yup! I like that place a lot though I haven’t been since I was young. I’d like to go again now that I have a date. ;D I remember it being a little $$ though but we’ll see~ Reading all this made me crave it now haha

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