Weekend Look & Some Ranting

Tuesday May 03, 2011   

:deco15: Border Dress – H&M
:deco14: Jacket – Express
:deco9: Shoes – Airwalk
:deco7: Necklace – REVROSSA CLARITY
:deco14: Socks – F21
:sunny: Bag – Marc by Marc Jacobs

I think Veronica mentioned something about the maxi dress being paired with sneakers & a military jacket which I thought “Oh! That would be a cute laid back weekend look!” :deco8: It was a little chilly out Saturday. I ran a bunch of errands including getting that issue of Sweet from the market. For once I got to the market early so it was too crowded, haha *was nice.* :deco7:

Wore some new little floral sneaker socks from Forever 21 and also put on some chopped up Dolly Wink No.01 lashes as accents. It was the first time I had used them in this way and I was really happy with the subtle results. :deco2:

Shu Uemura eyeshadow. I’ve been really obsessed with this combination lately; mint & gold. :deco9: I tried it with a pink last week which looked nice too but I just keep going back to mint. Guess it feels extra spring to me. I’ve also had red nails for 2+ weeks. WAS REALLY OBSESSED WITH IT. :deco10: But the upkeep is especially difficult with red. So Monday I switch it out finally. Now wearing Brisk Blue lol.

I’ve been using Brilliant Brunette and I’m nearly done with my first bottles of the shampoo & conditioner. I took this photo so I could compare it to the one I took before I started using it. My hair looks the same LOL. No change really. Almost looks more blonde at times now LOL. :deco13: But I’ll wait and take another when I fully complete the bottles. Just saying *disappointed so far LOL*
OK, so, this week has really sucked thus far. :drops: I had some mild food poisoning :deco13: since Sunday night so I worked at home Monday. Then today the trains were running crazy late. :mad: After it finally showed & I got on it randomly stops in the middle of nowhere. :dizzy: It was stopped for what seemed FOREVER. I was just repeating Judas and trying to catch up on comment replies so I didn’t notice for a while. The conductor comes through and says a sewer main busted and flooded the tracks so we couldn’t move forward. They reversed all the way to the previous stop which is a dual stop for both commuter trains and the metro/subway (yeah it’s complicated and we have multiple modes of train transportation.) :deco13: Anyway LONG 2 HOUR STORY SHORT I finally got back home and worked from home again. :mad: Which is frustrating because VPN is so slow to work on. But I did myself a favor yesterday and copied off the files I needed to work offline. Soooo glad I did that. :deco8: Ah but my digestive tract is still all asdfjkl; :angry: so fml & this week lolol



57 Responses to “Weekend Look & Some Ranting”

  1. mishi says:

    Love them US trains haha

    I like your eyeshadow colors :D hmm it reminds me of winter~ like an ice princess or something ^^

  2. M says:

    aww feel better
    i hate commute troubles

    • jenny says:

      Thanks. Really hate when the train pulls this bullshit. But what else can you do except become a farmer where your commute is stepping out the front door lol

  3. Tori says:

    Food poisoning is dreadfulll~ I really hope you star feeling better soon bb :(
    Your eye makeup is gorgeous though~ I can’t even tell you’re wearing those Dolly Wink lashes at all! D:
    Let’s hope the rest of this week passes by nice & fast~~

  4. chocoNIKKI says:

    *woot* I got to know about your update so quickly this time because I finally got twitter (late to jump on the twitter bandwagon… -o-;;)

    Oh~~~ I loveee the maxi dress look on you~! Somehow it matches your hairstyle to make it look more casual-cute~! ^^b hehe~ I also love your eyeshadow, tempts me to get some mint green since it’s one of my fav colors… But I fail at eyeshadow anyway…! T^T;;

    And seems like your weeks been crappy too (I had my first iphone stolen last week!)~!

  5. Veronica says:

    You look darling! I love it!

    Gugh, I hate commuter crap like that :(

    I’m so sorry you got sick! We’re finally recovering from being under the weather, I probs got Andy sick *eeep*

    • jenny says:

      I’m glad mine isn’t contagious at least. And I still felt good enough to work. Just felt like my insides were dying of course lol

  6. Willa says:

    Cute outfit! :D
    I love those sneaker socks that you bought. They’re so cute!
    Aww, sounds like you had a bad start of the week. Hopefully it’ll get better! ^^

  7. bubi says:

    i know i could never work a maxi dress, but you always renew my love for them. i see them and go “OH GOD I’M TOO SHORT D:” then i see you in them and i love them again … sigh. the look is so simple but it looks really cute. ♥

    even though the shampoo isn’t working (i would know … i have reddish brown hair, and i tried the red shampoo, but it did /nothing/?!) your hair still looks great.

    i hope your tummy feels better. :(! hopefully it will pass quickly.

    • jenny says:

      I’m 5’1″ (155cm) so if you’re any shorter I really bow my head to you and concede. I know how hard it can be to find bottoms that fit without dragging :(

      Ah thanks!!! The blonde shampoo version worked almost magically so I’m a bit disappointed this had no affect. I guess deep down I’m still the super blonde I was as a child. Genetically at least lol

  8. monicalee says:

    I love how the eyeshadows turn out!!! The colors are so subtle and blend naturally! You did a good job applying these colors I think. :)

    • jenny says:

      Ah thanks! I used to wear bright colors often but not lately. So when I do wear them I don’t want it to be TOO loud especially since I often wear it to the office.

  9. Oh man! Sounds like such a crazy time for you! T o T Glad it’s over!!

    I love that eyeshadow! I never thought those two colors would look good together but you blended it so well! The Dolly Wink lash looks great with it!

  10. Katie says:

    Hello! I’m a recent fan of your blog :) I really love your coordinates! And now I have to try out that eyeshadow combination.

    I was surprised to read you’re a fellow DC resident. I guess I never expect to find out people live nearby. What market do you get your j-magazines from? I had no idea there was a place for that sort of thing around here o_o

  11. jiajia says:

    omg…i love your jacket

  12. Gloria says:

    Your makeup looks really pretty. It’s an eyeshadow combo I never would’ve thought to put together but they complement each other so well :)

  13. Janet says:

    I love mint and gold together too! I’ve tried the John Frieda poo’s (blonde, brunette and red), the blonde works the best, the brown didn’t do much for me either but I liked the scent the best and the red was pretty cr*p all around, heh. Hope you feel better!

  14. zoraida says:

    i hope you feel better soon!
    and that your week picks up~

  15. Jenny says:

    I love that outfit. I saw that dress the other day at the store but it was white (and a little dirty). My husband wouldn’t buy it for me though :(

  16. Sidney says:

    you are really good at wearing colours~ the most daring thing i use is a really light pink or a very toned-down gold. nothing amazing hah. ALL NEUTRALS FOR ME but uuuugh that mint + gold combo you have going…just looks so cute!

    • jenny says:

      I used to wear colors like crazy but then I got into neutrals and now I’m a bit nervous about doing colors sometimes ;_____;

  17. Miyake says:

    I love the the accent lashes, they look so natural. Perfect for a casual everyday look ♥

    Hmm.. the JF shampoo sounds disappointing.. but maybe it takes a little while for the effects to be seen? Like it’s buildable or something like that lol. I’ve tried JF shampoo & conditioner too (the brilliant brunette liquid shine series) and the results were greaaaat :D! It made my hair soft, shiny, vaguely smell like Bounty and my hair didn’t feel greasy at all after 2 days. I want to rebuy, but the only thing putting me off is the price -_-

    • jenny says:

      Thank you! Yes, I have been trying to do more natural daily lash looks. Sometimes I think I’m going the natural route then I realize they’re very va va voom =___=;; which is OK too but I want to try something different lately.

      Yea I’m only half through the bottles. The Blonde versions gave me obvious effects after just 3 uses so it has me worried I haven’t seen a change with the brunette yet.

  18. Oreri says:

    Tour iPhone case is yummy! Nice outfit and makeup!

  19. ada says:

    ugh mostly in my country public transport is a shit :(

    sweet floral socks!!! how cute :D
    and the combination with mint and gold sounds nice, must try it!

  20. Charlene says:

    Loving the maxi dress on you with the sneaks. :) And I’m such a big fan on mint/ pink and pink/gold haha. I’m sorry for the unlucky days. We always get those kinds of things in batches. It sucks. -_- Hope today is better aside from yucky weather!

  21. Theda Bara says:

    The weekend outfit is indeed adorable and comfy-looking =D

    I hope you get well soon!!

  22. Mei says:

    cute eyeshadow color . love it ! I haven’t used any make up yet -_-“

    • jenny says:

      None at all? :O That’s good though especially if you’re still young :D Wait until you NEED it :D (or want it too, of course :P)

  23. Jane says:

    Aw man, I hope your tummy feels better soon! I hate when I have stomach problems messes up my whole entire mood. >:

    The socks are super cute, so you. :)

  24. Huynh says:

    Cute outfit :) and I hope you feel better. I got food poison once that lasted a few days. What was worse was that I was going home from Vietnam aka long hours in a plane. Food Poison + Jet lag + time of month = fml xD
    My city doesn’t have trains or subways but sometimes I wish there are because to get around my area you need a car.

  25. Cindii says:

    I love your makeup! Very nice look. Sounds like you’re not having a good week so far. I hope your tummy is feeling a lot better.

  26. hiika says:

    so sorry to hear about all the previous ickiness! Hope you’re feeling better now though~ But in your weekend casual snap, you look so stinking cute!!! Makes me want to just grab you and give you a good cuddle hahahaha -gets banned for sounding like a creeper XD- I’m not a big fan of maxi dresses myself since I’m tiny and feel like I’d look stumpy, frumpy, and pregnant (dear god) but you look adorable!

    • jenny says:

      You won’t get banned. I’m too lazy for that lololol! I’m short too so I’m glad I don’t come across as a preggers troll in it xD

  27. Ys says:

    Oh no I’m sorry to hear you’ve had food poisoning :( Do you know what it was you ate that upset you?

    Your eyeshadow looks amazing. I wish I could apply make-up so well!

  28. Courtney says:

    Sorry for the shitty week but your make looks really nice!!

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