Two Japanese Body Scrubs

Friday June 28, 2013   

Body Scrubs. I use em multiple times a week. They can soften skin and combat swelling caused by water retention. These two Japanese brands are “hot” versions with pepper extract to heat up the skin and promote circulation. I received them both courtesy of Yesstyle. Both of these are types to be used during a bath or shower so that you can rinse the product off.

Japanese body scrubs

Gingerer Body Scrub & Bath Salt


The Gingerer Body Scrub from BCL is a salt based scrub. The ginger lemon scent reminds me of cypress trees. A very rich and natural fragrance.
The product can be a bit hard to get out but it’s a softer, finer scrub. It glides on smooth over the skin but quickly changes to a sticky massage type texture. I didn’t really notice a heating effect but it softens skin really well. This one felt more like a relaxing body scrub than others I’ve tried.

Esteny Body Hot Massage Gel

(Ultra Super Hard)

My two favorite things about SANA’s Esteny Body Hot Massage Gel were the scent and the texture. It’s a sweet ginger chili scent described as “hot and spicy ginger and red pepper.” The texture is like molasses mixed with sand and it made leg massages so much more effective and easy. It also gets hot but not as hot as other brands I’ve tried.


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11 Responses to “Two Japanese Body Scrubs”

  1. lee says:

    I have recently discovered that I like the hot sensation of these types of products so it is nice to see dome reviews on them. Thanks.

  2. cardiac says:

    I looove a good body scrub!

  3. Kate says:

    I love the Sana Esteny things! Heating gels are where it’s at.

  4. Noora says:

    I`d like to try body scrub(s) with this heating effect, I have only tried regular ones. :–o May I ask you which specific scrubs are your personal favourites..? : )

  5. Rora says:

    I’ve been thinking about trying out some of those scary (! :D) Japanese scrubs. But I guess I’m still too scared of them :D so I would also like to know what is your ultimate favorite out of all the “hot” scrubs you’ve tried?

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